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  1. Just testing some lower-tier howitzers. The Jumbo Sherman and BUGI's lower caliber howitzers are mostly useless now, unfortunately. Both were fairly fun tanks.

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    2. Hellsfog


      ah, shows what I know.  At least tell me it comes with a derp so I'm not entirely clueless


    3. sr360


      Yeah, appears to have the standard US 105 mm, but at tier 4 that might actually work.

    4. echo9835


      I never really had much trouble with the 168 pen AP, even against tier 8s. I  generally avoid fighting tough targets from the front with it and focus on chunking 300 hp off of squishy tanks. I never really shot HE out of it before, so the HE nerf didn't change my playstyle at all.

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