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  1. Rheinmetall Stealthwagen 3 marked— first tier 10 LT 3 mark with this build. It’s hard to argue that this tank with field mods is a bottom-tier LT. It is probably a better all around light than many although it certainly isn’t as good at pure spotting as the Manti or T-100. With alternate config it does better on closed maps the Manti, and with field mods you can get your camo up to 46% or so.

    1. hazzgar


      Are the reqs at least lower than the t100lt? Since that has rather low reqs

    2. sr360


      On NA, they're about 3400-3500 combined, lower than the T-100's 4100 or so combined, and the lowest for any T10 LT. However, those are easily reached if the tank is set up correctly. Most players seem to try to run it like a bad medium, hence the low reqs.

    3. hazzgar


      3400-3500? LOL Need to check EU reqs

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