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  1. Normally I’d look around but Recon mode ended on NA this weekend. The other issue is that the meta took several days to solidify which can be a challenge. Maybe next time?
  2. Quite the opposite, though. The 3 map rotation removes some of the randomness from the usual rotation. Last iteration was 2 vision centric maps — so if you played an LT you were guaranteed a 66% chance of a Prok or Mali. This go around 3 heavily brawl maps. People I know played their heavies to try to rack up marks so they wouldn’t get LT maps.
  3. I actually liked the last iteration of maps better than this set-- they had much more vision/flank opportunities. Contrary to the rest of the people here, I loved Outpost, as my numerous 8k+ spotting games on that map show. This set are very much heavy-centric. Volga is easily the worst, for the reasons @GehakteMolen outlined above. Foothills is one-dimensional - the city is key. The 1-2 line needs SUBSTANTIAL rework. As it is, it's basically Overlord beach where you go get stalled without advancing opportunities and without a way to exit. The mid is denied by the camping TDs near base. P
  4. Pretty much everyone I play with runs Vents/Turbo/VStab, with the vents and turbo slotted
  5. Have you actually played them all or looked at that comparison you linked? The armor is worse. The penetration is worse than all but the IS-7 (on the premium round, to be clear, which is the only round that matters). The mobility is inferior to the 277. and similar to the 5A. The 277 is a clearly better single-shot package, only conceding gun depression but being much better in all regards. The 5A is most comparable, but that's a mediocre single-shot Tier 10 heavy anyway, so being as good as a bad heavy doesn't mean much. The IS-7 gives up speed, but has screw-off armor. The single-shot Cz hea
  6. Dual Modification II: +3% engine power or +2% top speed. For speed-capped LTs, I took the top speed boost. For most I left it alone. For the RhmPzw which is ludicrously overengined to the point of tipover, the engine power hit made it more comfortable, and the speed boost to 77 is awesome. The T92 at tier 8 also benefited from the top speed boost. Dual Modification IV: -3% reload time vs -3% accuracy: I personally took accuracy in most of my lights. I've already sacrificed my DPM, I just want to hit the shots. Dual Modification VII: +2% VR or +2% camo. This is VERY tank dependent. Th
  7. The autoloader is what makes the tank. If you want a single-shot 440 alpha gun at tier 9, there are far better options (T-10 notably). Similarly, the WZ-111 5A, 277 and IS-7 are both superior to the single-shot Vz.55. The key to the Cz heavies is to bang in 2 shots in a limited engagement, then reload. You're not slugging it out shot for shot, you're drawing a shot and smacking 880-980 when you have it, then pulling back to reload. It's about spike, not consistent DPM.
  8. I wasn't going to bring it up, but I can make a gif of it if people want...
  9. The RhmPzw 3 marked with field mods and full stealth alt with full firepower. 46% camo and 523 VR on a tank that goes nearly 80, and a gun that fully dialed in picks on EBRs decently.
  10. Rheinmetall Stealthwagen 3 marked— first tier 10 LT 3 mark with this build. It’s hard to argue that this tank with field mods is a bottom-tier LT. It is probably a better all around light than many although it certainly isn’t as good at pure spotting as the Manti or T-100. With alternate config it does better on closed maps the Manti, and with field mods you can get your camo up to 46% or so.

    1. hazzgar


      Are the reqs at least lower than the t100lt? Since that has rather low reqs

    2. sr360


      On NA, they're about 3400-3500 combined, lower than the T-100's 4100 or so combined, and the lowest for any T10 LT. However, those are easily reached if the tank is set up correctly. Most players seem to try to run it like a bad medium, hence the low reqs.

    3. hazzgar


      3400-3500? LOL Need to check EU reqs

  11. I for one don’t understand why people are still grinding. I have 2000 universal blueprints and 100+ of each nation. In 2021, it is insanely easy to jump straight to the end of any line you choose to.
  12. Because I've seen you do well in tanks like the Skoda/TVP. This is a fast heavy with a fast spike. You can just do disgusting things in it.
  13. This line screams out for skills like yours. Sadly, the HT gameplay has moved away from me so much that I don't much enjoy this line.
  14. @GehakteMolen it's a tank that's incredibly powerful with just a bit of positional awareness. If you're being easily penned it probably means you're sloping down. If you position yourself sloping up between shots and make sure you're not heavily angled, you're impervious to most tanks. About 10 degrees sloped back gives you ~340-350 effective, which still means JPE and 268s can pen, and 121B/M60/5A/277 are 50-50 or 40-60 to pen, but the slew of new tanks with 300-315 premium pen you can just laugh off. You also don't want to be too close. In the right spot you can just shrug off tanks like cra
  15. It depends on the class of the tank. You get 2 options, both of which are different from the primary slot. The LTs get mobility and firepower as options. Mediums get scouting and survivability, heavies get mobility and firepower, and TDs get scouting and survivability (woulda been nice to have mobility available to TDs).
  16. Depends on the tank. They’re super strong in some cases, eg a boosted CVS on a Bourrasque or Bat-chat, or a boosted Vert stab on a 13 90/105, boosted rammer on an EBR or a boosted turbo on a fast heavy such as Chieftain or Vz
  17. I did not play the 9, but from what I'm hearing it's strong. The 10 is... fast. Mobility is comparable to a WZ-111 5A, just a tad bit behind the 277. Armor is also 5A-ish, but the 2x490 clip is devastating in the right hands.
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