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    Locking this thread as it gets more spam than the rest of the forum combined...
  2. Penning HE shots don't guarantee crits now, though.
  3. So, here's the secret to rapid Battle Pass points: play tier 6-7s, especially LTs and fast MTs/TDs. The games are over faster, if you know what you're doing, you're placing top 3 XP consistently and winning more often, and when you get to 100 points you get an extra 15 points. If you spam 15 Type 64 battles in a day, that's 115 points right there. Repeat with 12T, T21, CromB, Rudy/34-85M, and they add up fast. Also, if you have some Tier 8-10s close to the point limit, keep them there, and just hit the point limit once the marathon goes live for easy cheap points.
  4. I had a vision/camo setup on the StdB, so 1-2 line is where that package can be put to work. Going to the mid in a soft tank is less effective since I'd just be visioned by the Manti and picked off by TDs. The hill is tactically less useful since the exit can just be farmed by keeping vision on the paths across the tracks. The Manti did make life tough for us, but getting him out was the key to the map -- on NA at least there is almost always the bulk of the HP sitting 1-2.
  5. Consensus is try to skip it now. There is no consistent way to get crits now.
  6. On the contrary, seems excellent. Mobile, decent DPM. You can always bolster camo with LNES, because it has good enough gun handling that you don't need gun mods. Maybe rammer/LNES/turbo would be a decent build.
  7. With my loadouts, I'm showing 6.78s reload for 3,451 DPM and 499 VR in gun build (bIAU, bVents, bRammer), and 7.75s reload for 3,019 DPM and 557m VR in spotter build (bIAU, bVents, slotted regular optics because bOptics are on another tank).
  8. Collected all 18 elements in about 4-5 hours of play. Good bonds/min ratio.
  9. I got Steppes both games. I brought a VERY heavy lineup (60TP, Maus, v4, E3, Kran, 430U, Type 5). Probably can bring SC instead of one of those. Camped the boxes and v4 on the West, Kran overlooking the trench, 430U watching him, E3 on the ledge. Block the approaches with flamethrowers and put rockets in the corner. The enemy teams pushed scattershot in both and I jumped into whatever was the frontline tank and dismantled them In the first game, their 3 Leos rushed in and got picked by my flame/E3/Kran. Down tanks, I sent my v4 to their cap while my 60TP held their slow tanks from going b
  10. I won both my games playing as the strategist in 1v7, and won everything in 7v1 playing vision mediums...
  11. Only played 1 so far, Mines, and I slow played almost too much, won with seconds to spare despite a big tank advantage. My thoughts: Gun turrets are great, I'll try rockets next. Watchtower/AT guns are good defensively but not on attack Agreed, the AI is TERRIBLE. Like 35% pubbie bad. I'm wondering about taking an LT to get early vision/passive scouting for my turrets and arty. Yeah, you need armor for the most part And I agree, can't see how I'd win a 1v7
  12. Solo? Probably not. The thing about playing MTs as LTs is that if yolo'd, you can actually fight back. If lit, you can bounce a hit or two with your armor and you have a real gun. Yeah, sure, you've sacrificed your DPM for camo, but even then it isn't bad firepower. To be fair, I wasn't thinking about the Prog, more about facehugging to draw bounces from the K-91 and preventing a clean shot from the Char. It was mostly instinct at that point!
  13. The thing to remember about marks is that it looks at combined assist plus damage. People focus so much on the damage part that the assist part often goes unnoticed. @CraBeatOff and I have been lately marking mediums with only about half the expected marks value coming from damage, the rest coming from assist. "HOW?" you ask... well, my replays are linked below. In short, we use the alternate config to have a "gun build" and one for a "scout build". If you get into a game with no/few LTs, you can switch to scout build (typically optics, low noise exhaust, commander's vision), and combine
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