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  1. The Skoda T40. Such a meh tank; and a fantastic Char Futur 4 game, and one of the incredibly rare occasions where I get to carry @CraBeatOff and @1stTanks
  2. Tier 6 has a large number of YOLOs. Here's a bunch of them at me in one game.
  3. A couple of 1700+ base XP T5/6 games as I go for the Vasily Storozhenko missions.
  4. So the last post was a close loss in the Char Futur 4, this one is one where I was able to close the game out and clinched the win
  5. Yeah, every time I open somebody else's replay, the game resets my settings to default. I didn't notice that at first, my bad. I actually have a max sized minimap since I play on a 34" ultrawide.
  6. For those who want to see the Char Futur 4 and its 4 sec between shots reload... Would have been a great won, instead it was a close loss.
  7. Oh right... that's how I did it. Doh. I mixed it up with the 260's 4x mission.
  8. This is best done with a lower tier. Given the way HP scales higher tiers will have exorbitant dmg requirements — the above mentioned Tortoise would require 10k dmg, and for some tier 10 TDs if would be north of 10k. Best candidates by tier are Super Hellcat— 3200 is easily doable UDES or ISU-152 — a good Bush Kemp game can get you the requisite 5-5.1k dmg E-25 and SU-122-44 are doable but a bit harder— I think their requirements are closer to 3.5-3.6k — I did mine in the 122-44.
  9. I like his double barrel insults— Trumptard lib lame. Got both sides of the political spectrum covered.
  10. So who's ready to do a trial of drinking bleach... for science?
  11. Testing out the Senlac and the T54E1 heavy...
  12. We will see. I’m on call next week and my state is bracing for the surge. Having said that we acted early and decisively and current projections show that we will have hospital and ICU capacity to spare, and in fact we are sending excess ventilators to NY. We are now universal masks-on at the hospital, but PPE remains critically short and we have been instructed to reuse masks and certain other PPE
  13. While tanks are a problem, at least my experience with the game mode this season was the absolutely terrible meta it fostered on the NA server. At the lower ranks, it meant insane one sided zergs with 10-13 tanks all going one way with nobody wanting to scout or hold the other flank; meanwhile that Zerg sometimes came to an end when running into the enemy team’s zerg because nobody wanted to take the first hit. So the game devolved into either — one side has vastly more tanks and just runs over the other; or the number of tanks are closer, nobody wants to take a hit, both teams sit there and get bled by arty and HE spam. I don’t think the tank fixes are necessarily going to fix that problem, unfortunately. The problem is the reward structure, and I don’t have a good way to fix that. If you prioritize winning then even solid performances on the losing team will be penalized; whereas if you prioritize individual performance then nobody will do game winning moves for fear of losing advancement (which is honestly even now the case) I do think role XP was a decent idea, but I am not entirely convinced that every rank has a balanced role. I got frustrated and for division 1 mostly ran arty (campy games meant arty was extra strong) and feel like arty’s role XP is unduly exaggerated. I suppose I have more problems than solutions, but maybe that implies that Ranked is an inherently flawed game mode...
  14. Those rapid new tests are out. Problem is the rapid "point of care" tests can only test one person at a time and there aren't enough test kits to go around. The tests which can run 50-100 people at a time are still in limited enough quantity that not everyone who needs a test can get one. We have those at my hospital but testing criteria are still not as loose as they should be. The other problem is that we should have had the tests months ago. That would have been the best strategy for containment. Getting sufficient testing capacity in April or May is woefully inadequate when community spread has essentially become established.
  15. Its worse than that. There are a ton of people out there who have characteristic symptoms but due to the utter failure of the CDC and Federal leadership to ramp up testing, there are just not enough tests to go around. We are only testing people who are sick enough to be hospitalized or who are otherwise high risk. People want to be tested, doctors want to test patients, but there are just not enough tests.
  16. Thanks for doing this Kolni. The mechanics are unfixable, but I completely agree with your other criticism. I guess my mindset is somewhat different -- your basic philosophy seems to be go to the biggest mass of HP and bludgeon them down, whereas I tend to head towards key map points and deploy from there. Some it is absolutely crutching on platoons (because friends make the game worth playing) and some of it is comfort/familiarity with spots. Some of the struggles you noticed were from playing high gun dep tanks and then taking a 277 to the same spots and not having that same -8 to 10 degrees to work with. I'll probably rewatch your video again to focus on some points I thought key, but I do appreciate the feedback. Cheers and stay safe!
  17. Virulence means the ability to infect, not the ease of transmission. HIV is a virulent virus, in that it evades host defenses pretty easily. What you're thinking of is infectivity or transmissibility.
  18. I'm not a virologist, but I haven't read whether SARS-CoV-2 will be more akin to measles, HBV or poliovirus, where prior exposure/vaccination confers immunity, or rhinovirus where there are multiple strains circulating and you don't have cross-immunity, or influenza where it is constantly mutating to evade vaccine protection. I don't think there's evidence that it lays dormant in a reservoir like the herpesviruses (notably HSV, CMV or VZV)
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