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  1. First impressions from the Sandbox. Being Sandbox, all these are subject to change, of course. There are 8 ranks of modifications, which require an elite/premium vehicle to unlock. Each rank of upgrade gives small constant, passive bonuses depending on the "role" of the tank. For example, the Leo1 ("sniper medium") gets small improvements to engine power and dispersion - a total of +3% engine power and -4% dispersion on movement for 8 ranks. The EBR105 "wheeled light tank" gets 6% traverse speed increase, and so on. Each rank also gives you an additional benefit Rank I: alterna
  2. Oof, this is complex. It appears that it will take a fair bit of grinding to unlock all the modifications for each tank, or else use free XP/convert. Basically this is another way for them to drain our free XP. On the other hand the bajillion 100-200% XP boosts sitting in my depot may see a use finally. And yeah, new players will be left even further behind.
  3. Tier 9 lights in the current EBR meta are frustrating. Enter the stealth build, with which I just easymode 3-marked the WZ-132A. I had previously played it when grinding to the 132-1, at which point I had left it in the low 80s on marks. Outfitting it with CVS, optics (later bounty), and LNES, and here we go... Courtesans of the dee pee gee may sneer at the 1500 dpg I got, but 2600 spotting per game is crushing. 40% camo opens up the map.
  4. OK, full stealth build is LEGIT. Just raked up an insane session with a full stealth WZ-132A for another easy 3 mark.

    Here's a sample game-- I uploaded this with my first try at commentary.


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    2. sr360


      @Balthazars The WZ-132A is not bad for the build. While the gun is much less usable, it basically leads to a different style of play/shooting. Whereas the 54LT can still do a limited run-and-gun due to its excellent stabilization even without a vstab, the 132A has an advantage in alpha. That led me to use my camo to set up shots for when I needed to. With use of double bushes and careful judgement of distance, in my last 25 games I averaged a little more DPG in the 132A than in the 54LT (1,473 vs 1,389). I also tended to take more kill shots because I can reliably take out <300 hp tanks (1.28 KPG vs 1.14), but similar assist (2,599 vs 2,423).

      I think 40% or so is the breakpoint. Beyond 40% you can really start doing some fun stuff.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      CVS in vision slot, iOptics, and low-noise is what I run the T49 with basically since I first came back to the game and it's fantastic.  Just have to actually aim a bit more, which is frustrating sometimes, but the point is that i can take the time to do so and then delete heretics like nothing

      Honestly, my only complaint is that I can't shove a turbocharger on somewhere.

      Also, your video - the in-game music is very loud and covers up a lot of what you're saying during the countdown, just FYI


      e: to add to the camo value discussion, this is what I get in the T49 with this setup, which I think is serviceable in 99% of situations where I'm up against another scout or medium provided i don't play like a dumbass


    4. arthurwellsley


      Watched the video and enjoyed the gameplay. The commentary is decent but you have the volumes set up all wrong. The game sounds dominate far to much while your voice on the commentary is far too quiet. Good try, excellent content, but please re-align the voice volume as compared to the game volume. Looking forward to the next Youtude video. Thanks

  5. Breaking the 10K spotting barrier again, this time on Lakeville
  6. A trio of extremely well played T8/9 EBR games
  7. Another 274a game that's even higher XP, but still not an Ace And a crushing drive in the Super Pershing
  8. A huge super chaffee game for the 3 mark... And a big Object 274a game that's not quite enough for an Ace
  9. Easy 3-mark on what I dubbed the T-54 Stealth Fighter build. Here was my 3-mark game And my stats for the last month in it...
  10. Presenting the T-54 Stealth Fighter build (T-54LT with CVS, iOptics, LNES)...
  11. Yeah, that's the recommended Manticore setup. bounty or improved optics & vents are even better. You want to outspot the EBRs, let them die, then work the game.
  12. Prok bush line is a special case as Overlord Prime showed in his deep dive. The issue with Prok bush line progression is that you need a combination of higher view range and higher camo than the opposing light tank to make that progression work. OP demonstrated that a base camo value of 19.5% would negate opposing CVS users -- an EVEN90 with a base value of 22.12% easily outstrips that. So an EVEN sitting in the bushline can only be proxy spotted. Optics+CVS would probably let you spot the enemy 432 or T92 before you spot him, but that's a specific situation. In my experience, the EVEN90
  13. Back in the day we ran speed governor+cyclone filter and ran it for the full match without breaking the engine.
  14. If played well and set up correctly. Many folks just default to optics/rammer/VS for all tanks including lights, but depending on the inherent characteristics of the light, the setups can vary significantly. My EVEN90 runs CVS/turbo/binocs, the 432 CVS/optics/rammer, T92 CVS/optics/turbo, T49 IAU/optics/VS, T54LT CVS/LNES/Optics and so on...
  15. @CraBeatOff and I theorycrafted a new build for the T54LT, which I'll be trialing: CVS/iOptics/LNES for an invisible anti-EBR90 vision domination tank. Let's see how it goes. And here's the first session in it...
  16. @PlanetaryGenocide the Battle Pass gives out bounty Improved Aiming Unit, which is devastatingly effective on the T49 and Sheridan. Crab and I have been using it to great effect.
  17. Yes, or Orlik's + another scout medal, or Pascucci's plus another scout medal. For Coalition 13 57 is a beast. For block, E-25 is also an option for block since it mints confederates/high calibers/tank snipers/top guns
  18. Bounty IAU is a mega game changer. It is such a versatile piece of equipment -- you can use it on sniper tanks to improve long range accuracy, on brawler tanks (such as Russian or Chinese heavies) to more reliably hit weakspots at close range, or in the T49 to get some insane shots off.
  19. Yeah it did get buffed. Now it has 390 VR and 4.79s reload, and accuracy is 0.34 (from 0.37). The problem is still 200 alpha, 205 pen rounds with 962 m/s shell velocity. The premium round is HEAT, with 255 pen and 870 m/s shell velocity. While it has 500 less DPM base, the Lis' 320 alpha 252 pen 1569 m/s rounds are far more satisfying in that role.
  20. I'd try CVS/optics/LNES or CVS/optics/vents and go full scout. Screw DPM, that extra shot won't matter as much as the extra spotting. Bounty equipment preferred.
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