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  1. Do you have a minute to talk about MasterCard?
  2. Yeah, it is about 5% better than the A46, which exists only for me to 3 mark it.
  3. A tense fight in a Fury turns a likely loss into a draw.
  4. And it got nerfed 2 days before release M24E2 Super Chaffee. Changed Stats: HP: 670 660 Gun: 75 mm Rate of fire: 15,65 13,91 rounds/minute Damage per minute: 1 799 1 599 Damage per minute for HE shell: 2 894 2 573 Reload time: 3,84 s 4,31 s Aim spread: during vehicle movement: 0,10 0,13; during vehicle rotation: 0,10 0,13; at maximum vehicle speed: 5,60 7,28; at maximum vehicle rotation speed: 4,80 6,24.
  5. Yeah the mod config is mandatory on a 279e. I actually splurged on the bond version of that because I have more bonds than I know what to do with...
  6. Given that I play in toons always with an LT, I run IRM/Rammer/Turbo. Fantastic TD.
  7. I've used both Binocs and optics, either one works. Yes, the E25 sits and shoots, but the narrow arc and fast traverse means you're turning constantly. I like your setup (vents/rammer/optics), although one could also make a case for IRM to boost the turning speed further and get the 1/2VS. I think the V/R/O setup is tops, though.
  8. I would think that the 50 100 is now an oddly positioned tank -- it is outclassed by the Somua, which has a 5-round clip and some armor without losing much in mobility, or the Lorraine which has a 4-round clip and faster reload with more mobility.
  9. The last part is not strictly true anymore since the Improved Aiming Unit now exists.
  10. Yes, they are. The choice depends on the scout and what how you choose to play it. LNES on an EBR for example, makes the EBR better able to execute a spotting run without being spotted by the inevitable enemy EBR. You could go with rammer Vents optics, but that would be a combat build which loses vision— that might work for some, question of playstyle. The 100LT is super interesting. It doesn’t need VS so I run it with CVS ioptics and ivents. I need to look at the Ranked map pool, because CVS is very map dependent. One could use rammer or LNES instead, but I’ve been enjoying randoms with CVS. 13 105 needs IVS and iOptics. I run turbo as 3rd to give it the pep, but LNES or Vents are valid. Manticore is VS and Optics to begin with. Rammer helps but the DPM will still be abysmal. CVS or Turbo or LNES are also valid options. Sheriderp is optics IVS IRM for the double gun handling boost, or vents for optics if you want to go all gun. I haven’t played around with the 132-1 or Rhm yet.
  11. I dropped optics as I rarely solo tier 9 these days, and often have a vision tank in toon.
  12. Chimera loss turned into a draw. Could have been a win, but couldn't find arty in time.
  13. @PityFool this is my best T92 game to date, and my second highest XP all time game
  14. Turbo50 is the only correct answer.
  15. I like it. It is objectively worse than a 50-2 or 64, but it is a T6 LT which makes it strong in-tier. With my Manticore crew in it, I can still massively outvision a bunch of tanks. I have replays recorded and uploaded in my channel (link below)
  16. Hey now, my replays get HIGH single digits viewers! (I mostly archive them for myself, to be honest, but still...)
  17. No, no, no! Optics are mandatory, because you can easily hit 500 VR with food and a good crew, and it has the camo and mobility to make that work. The bloom is so low that you can easily drop VS if you wish to emphasize something else. The problem with running GLD/IAU/VS is that you've basically become a one-trick pony. I run IRM/iVents/iOptics, but switching out IRM for turbo or VS or IAU are all viable options. At your usual engagement ranges, the final accuracy shouldn't matter. Having said that, there are players who've made a gun centered tank and made it work, but I feel that is down to their skill rather than the equipment loadout.
  18. For a different setup than my usual CVS-heavy loadouts, here is a game where I rock the LNES on the tier 8 EBR to great effect.
  19. Platoon carry at tier 9 featuring @CraBeatOff complaining about the 132A while dominating in it.
  20. So... what equipment am I dropping turbo for?
  21. A game @PityFool will appreciate, vision domination in the T92 on Lakeville
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