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  1. We all met quicky at tankfest too. WG banned me for a week for this. They jelly
  2. Just got mine today. 5 battles and a 20% win rate. 450 ish avg dmg
  3. Jellies virginslayr made ftr yesterday In other news Steel Horse joined us. Welcome fella
  4. Thanks NeverWish, you padded my stats <3
  5. I am back just to say thank you for making Orzanel a patron. May I suggest EJ too. He is running an epic challenge with a reroll to play only the Leo1 (he free xped via team battles straight to the leo) so his avg tier is TX EJ doesnt always talk but he has an extremely aggressive playstyle which is fun to watch and of course he has a uber high WN8
  6. I have an idea. I think the site is quick start where people donate for projects. Maybe never could come up with some options and we could donate to see one of them happen. I would quite happily give some cash for Never to build a monthly clan stat table. Along with the stats there could be a list of donators or clan tags. Let's say 10 usd a pop. Just an idea. Sure u guys can think of something better
  7. That's a fair point. Neverwish shouldn't suffer due to some bad apples. I will donate this weekend.
  8. Not in this case. I have been here for ages and not one issue until recently. I could point out the faults easily but I will stop there... Not all the mods are baddies though.. Some are actually decent but they are not around as much these days
  9. I would donate but recent moderation decisions have put me off TBH.
  10. I will be in my padder account by the weekend. Am looking forward to being with the jellies Operation e50m grind will commence on my return
  11. May I nominate orzanel. He plays mostly TX and interacts with the chat all the time. He is a UNICUM of course playing at 4000+ wn8 in mostly mediums.
  12. they jelly of JELLY mate Do u have to pay for the change? Normally u shouldn't. Btw you guys wanna play team battles to earn crew XP and credits without effecting your stats?
  13. Ok, started the amx 12t project. Again nub crew and no prem consumables. Tbh I think it's easier to pad. Will be even better when I get sixth sense
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