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  1. I mean, my numbers in the IS-4 (the only tank I played much) were better than ever, but the WR was shit and even good games (5-6k combined, which happened pretty frequently) never caused me to feel much of anything. Outside of rage and ambivalence and a short moment of fun when tooning with rex I did not enjoy myself. Game is just not fun.
  2. Well, that was probably one of the fastest uninstalls I have done. WG has managed to make soloplay and high tiers thoroughly unenjoyable and winning is now based on who camps more. How did they screw the game up this badly?
  3. Sigma nerf ruined the game. Another sigma nerf with 1.0 (I swear this happened) made it nearly unplayable for me. The IS-4 got buffed only because equipment gives it extra HP now. Tier 10 is the worst it has ever been. +4/-2 mm was better than the current iteration on NA. Aggressive play has never been less rewarding and it ruins any enjoyment I might have gotten out of coming back.
  4. stares at rex Maybe? Would have to reinstall... lol i watched some EU friends stream the last crapaign and I still am impressed at how bad most people are at teamplay / calling
  5. What tiers are you playing now? And how are you adapting to the meta? I found myself even more inconsistent than before, where either a match is superdupercum or complete potato, at least for T9/10 (T10 is complete cancer now). Consistency seems be knowing the passive spots for farming, which I never enjoyed...
  6. Almost tempted to reinstall to play with rex also hi guise
  7. Sure, though I think in this case there wasn't any bottlenecking going on. That said I can't wait to see how GN and other proper reviewers go over them. It was interesting, so I decided to share it is all I've no idea about NV gimping their GPUs. I could see it being an accidental thing with drivers but the platform is so new and AMD gave third party developers so little time to optimize etc, I expect the 1060 to have normal results again soon enough.
  8. One of the first videos showing some gaming performances for the lowest level Ryzen 5.
  9. Good luck in collgage joy! And if you don't mind, pm steam name pl0x
  10. Heya Never, I vaguely recall https protocol being implemented on forum, is that going to be back? Right now everyone is using unsecured logins.

    1. Tigeh


      \o/ question. it's half-half working atm.

      is that quarter working?

    2. ALEKS


      Добрый день. Подскажите как написать разработчикам ВН8???

  11. Anyone else getting unsecure webpages when logging into the forum? https somewhat works but all the links go back to an unsecured format.

  12. Goddamn you Kitten, how dare you be extremely busy with work and research all the time, I want my bloody windows 8 values now
  13. It's merely a worse version of a pre-existing heavy tank with APCR
  14. You're missing the point -- AMD CPUs are no longer gimped in WoT, like they have been for the entire lifespan of the game thus far
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