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  1. What the hell do you guys do on that green hilly map with a ton of mountains in your artillery? Like I already didn't want to be playing this vehicle class, now I have to deal with the map too.
  2. Oh man! I lost the CDs for RA2/YR years ago and was so sad I couldn't reinstall them. This is great.
  3. I just got into AW a few days ago and I've been playing on a casual basis. I have a couple of tier 4s and a slew of tier 3s in pursuit of the MBT lines. Naturally I've been looking at the "end results" of the lines I'm grinding up, as far as tier 8 tanks can be end results. When I saw the T-90's stats I had to do a double take. Why is it so much better than every other tier 8 MBT? The listed stats are ridiculous. It has anywhere from 50-100 more penetration and damage as other MBTs while having the same reload time a HEAT round with almost as much penetration as the other tanks' AP
  4. The XM800T is a special kind of fun that I haven't had since they took the T-50-2 out of WoT.
  5. Interesting. Guess I'll give it a miss, then; driving the T-54 makes me wanna die (I've played almost a thousand games in my Type and another 300? in the T-54). Maybe I'll go for the Ru 251 instead.
  6. If I loved the T-50-2 like a baby and immediately sold the MT-25 upon its arrival and vowed never to drive that abomination but still had a 3 skill RU LT crew, should I get the T-54LT even if it's not the same style? I'm asking you because I can only imagine you held the same love for our dearly departed. That was second line I ever went up and I was so sad they removed it I pretty much never played an LT for fun again.
  7. Any quick thoughts on the T-54 Ltwt? I remember you used to be really big on the LTTB and really low on the Ltwt.
  8. You basically have to turn into the bombers as soon as you see them approaching and hope the guy is a retard. Honestly, it works like 90% of the time. If you wait until they're dropping shit off your bow then yeah, you're boned.
  9. Yea, but you have to go to UC hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Seriously though you'd think it'd be included in the tuition. Can't really complain because it's 1/2 - 1/4 the price of any other gym anywhere in town, though.
  10. I have to walk for 20 minutes to get to my uni gym that I pay 300/year for. My fibre connection only gets up to 7-8 megabytes a second when I download. I have too many video games.
  11. I've been trying to play my M60 again. It's going a lot better than when I first got it, which I attribute mostly to Poltto's replays and my own realisation that I can't play it like a default medium. Gotta be sneaky snake or hope for freak bounces off the turret/tracks, which happens more often than you'd think but less often than you'd hope for. I like it, it's teaching me how to play soft mediums. I'm only on the Indien Panzer and the Chi Nu so I don't have any experience with the other soft mediums, but I try to think of it as a shitty fat Leopard 1.
  12. That's why you're not a game designer and why WoWP was garbage, and also dead. I don't know if you can't see that or if you can and choose to ignore it.
  13. But seriously, it's WG's shitty physics. It's why people sometimes explode 200 feet into the air when ramming a house.
  14. I was gonna list a few Ratatat songs I really like but the list got so long that I decided I'd just make this post instead. Ratatat dabes.
  15. I definitely wouldn't. I usually stop playing Battlefield games the moment I unlock all the guns and stuff. Nothing left to do at that point. Did they? I haven't played since like, 8.6 and I came back a month ago. That would be super sweet if it's true.
  16. Rexxie your lakeville spot is fucking absurd. I was there in my Lorraine today and dumped my entire clip from 225 metres without being spotted. I didn't know the Lorraine even had camo, let alone enough to not be spotted while firing from that distance. It was great.
  17. That's what I'm doing. Just gonna chain 50 120/Lorraine games until I win 15, then go ahead with all my quints. I think it should be really easy to get 75k with like 25 tanks worth of 5x over 4 days. Probably only need 1 day, really. I don't know why I even care though, the CNK looks like garbage and a tier 5 is never going to make a good crew trainer.
  18. Maybe not, but me hitting a guy 8 times shouldn't do 310 damage. That's silly.
  19. I actually bought back my IS to play it (very first line I went up) and hated it, ended up just selling it again. Your mileage may vary. I'd just focus on your current vehicles if I were you.
  20. The Yubari might be really fun, but I wouldn't buy any of them if you were looking for credit generators. One's tier four and the other two are DDs.
  21. They're gonna buff the M60 too right? Right? Fuck.
  22. Let me tell you right now that as a "heavy player" you will probably suck ass at mediums initially, or at least I did going from IS-7/T110E5 to M60/140. My first exposure to high tier mediums was my M60 and jesus christ I did (still do) poorly in it. It's almost a completely different game. I highly recommend starting with the T-62A/140 because they're basically the 'default' for mediums. I really recommend watching replays.
  23. I'm the least consistent player ever. I have 9 games where I play at like 1600 wn8, and then 3 games that bring me up to 2350.

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