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  1. A 'last week tonight with John Oliver' video about transgender issues in America. (Does someone know how to embed a youtube here?)
  2. *crickets* *tumbleweeds* So ... About that gay marriage ruling ...
  3. We have a Lert though, for what that's worth. Or we will have when clan actions unlock for me in like 2 hours.
  4. I really like the second pic. Somehow those colorful socks are just 'you' in my mind. Also, the slightly-inward-turned-feet are cute. All in all, very happy for you having such a good day.
  5. Having clear goals set is a good thing, it'll help keep you focused and motivated.
  6. Steps forward! Very good. You're always moving forward. Good girl.
  7. The difference is that I was the one who made the decision, and I still stand by it. I'm a bit better now. Yeah, still sad, but that's to be expected. As per above poster, I don't think I'll ever fully get over it - if my past relationships are any indication. Thanks for the kind words all.
  8. So after three years (give or take) of a long distance relationship I am single again. When I came home last week from visiting her in the US again I just realized we weren't working, weren't compatible. Eh, what can you do. ... This feeling of unmotivated directionless empty apathy will pass, right?
  9. Is .... is this ... the correct measurement of bun? Like, how does one measure the quantity of bun? By cup?
  10. Looks like I missed all the excitement too. Kinda glad I did. I know I wouldn't have responded nearly as politely as Bun did. Also thanks to Solono for dealing with the troll effectively.
  11. Every long journey starts with a small step, yada yada blah blah. You know I'm proud of you, hon. Keep on doing what you're doing.
  12. *much hugs and positive thoughts sent Alesia's way* Sharks are survivors.
  13. Not really - YOLO is often used as an excuse to do something stupid, while your advice is more to make use of the one chance you have to do something worthwhile.
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