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  1. A 'last week tonight with John Oliver' video about transgender issues in America. (Does someone know how to embed a youtube here?)
  2. *crickets* *tumbleweeds* So ... About that gay marriage ruling ...
  3. We have a Lert though, for what that's worth. Or we will have when clan actions unlock for me in like 2 hours.
  4. I really like the second pic. Somehow those colorful socks are just 'you' in my mind. Also, the slightly-inward-turned-feet are cute. All in all, very happy for you having such a good day.
  5. Having clear goals set is a good thing, it'll help keep you focused and motivated.
  6. Steps forward! Very good. You're always moving forward. Good girl.
  7. The difference is that I was the one who made the decision, and I still stand by it. I'm a bit better now. Yeah, still sad, but that's to be expected. As per above poster, I don't think I'll ever fully get over it - if my past relationships are any indication. Thanks for the kind words all.
  8. So after three years (give or take) of a long distance relationship I am single again. When I came home last week from visiting her in the US again I just realized we weren't working, weren't compatible. Eh, what can you do. ... This feeling of unmotivated directionless empty apathy will pass, right?
  9. Is .... is this ... the correct measurement of bun? Like, how does one measure the quantity of bun? By cup?
  10. Looks like I missed all the excitement too. Kinda glad I did. I know I wouldn't have responded nearly as politely as Bun did. Also thanks to Solono for dealing with the troll effectively.
  11. Every long journey starts with a small step, yada yada blah blah. You know I'm proud of you, hon. Keep on doing what you're doing.
  12. *much hugs and positive thoughts sent Alesia's way* Sharks are survivors.
  13. Not really - YOLO is often used as an excuse to do something stupid, while your advice is more to make use of the one chance you have to do something worthwhile.
  14. Well, 'read this thread', for one. It shows your friend first-hand what kinds of problems trans people get to deal with, allows your friend to get into touch with several trans people, and your friend can always ask for advice in this thread. I know Bun would be more than happy to help another fellow trans, and so would everyone else. Personally I have no idea what the culture and situation is in England, but in the end the only person who can make the choice whether or not to push through with the whole trans thing is your friend. Not you, not Bun, not Verity, Alesia or me, only your frie
  15. First time checking in in about a week. I've traveled over to the US for my 3 week vacation, rode in several AFV's (including a Chieftain Mk X and an Easy 8 Sherman) and fired some of the most awesome guns ever built~ Bun: I am incapable of giving any financial support, but you know I love you to bits and am very excited about the way things are going for you~ You have all the mental support that I can spare. Between you and Verity taking up all my mental support I am very glad I am capable of so much of it.
  16. That's great, Bun! A big step forward. I bet hearing your mom say 'My girls!' felt real nice.
  17. Found this, it reminded me of this thread. It's about fat people getting skinnier with hard work, but the message is valid for this thread as well - Working on yourself is hard and painful, because you are both the sculptor and the marble. Also, a Sesame Street Game of Thrones parody. Because why not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhWUFXvaZjo
  18. Things like this really put my own issues into perspective. All the strength to you and yours ...
  19. ... Thank you very much for the kind words. Don't really know what to say, your words kinda overwhelmed me a little bit. In a good way, mind you. Anyways ... I have an update and a message from Jaap for all of you. (Again, translated by me) "Sight is back the way it should be, although I have to start looking at getting glasses. That's one thing I realized at the optician. I haven't looked up anything about MS myself. Don't have the head to, yet. It feels a bit like I've made an emergency stop, the semi is moving again but there's a lot of mess to clean up in the traile
  20. That is a very american concern. We're fortunate enough to live in the Netherlands, where this is no concern. There is absolutely no financial reason for a doctor over here to prescribe a certain drug. Over here they have all the more reasons to just prescribe the proper ones. Drug companies sponsoring doctors is against the law over here. That actually does make me feel a bit better. Thank you.
  21. Thank you both for your kind words. I've decided that I'm just quietly going to learn what I can about MS and watch him carefully, and for the rest just treat him normally, just helping when and where I can. I can figure that being treated like a sick person is some times even worse than the disease itself. It's still early, and even if this turns out to be a bad kind of MS, there's still time left in him. So, I'll just go on and try to be the best son-in-law that I can be. That also describes my mother, btw. Literally. She's 60 this year, but physically very infirm (Had he
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