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  1. I love all the people in tier 9s with sub 500 battles on my team. 10/10 great game

  2.  Welp I think its time for another four year break. Fuck this MM 


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    2. Wanderjar


      ah well that sucks then. see you in another 4 years

    3. sohojacques


      Even if nothing had changed in four years (it’s completely changed, obviously), your recent stats are always going to take a serious hit after a long break. 

    4. Cool_Man


      My skill has not taken that big of a hit. Teams were just melting too fast for me to do anything.

  3. Feel free to send me invite if ya catch me on xP
  4. My recent is above 1900 so if that is okay add me?
  5. I just came back from a "short" break and all the peoples I platoon with I can't seem to catch them on. rip † ;-; So looking for new people to platoon with... pls. I play mostly tier 7 and up. East... West? Don't care. I am on between 3 pms to 12 ams most days. I would prefer at least dark green recent to pontoon with you. Pm in game or tell me below if I can add you to spam friends list
  6. Teach my how to triple my wn8 pliss also a bump.
  7. Not meaning to be rude but at your skill similarly will most likely end up dragging you down. Also Im willing to help ya, feel free to pm if ya catch me on.
  8. They make decent meat shields if you push them a bit. Sometimes I can get them to shoot me till they're blue when I push them around.
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