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  1. http://m.startribune.com/trump-to-bar-transgender-individuals-from-armed-forces/436728443/?section=%2F I'm sitting here at my desk, with loads to do but no will to do anything except wonder how completely screwed I am.
  2. Hello everyone! I've been taking a brief vacation into the past of late and accordingly haven't been getting those wonderful email updates for the thread. Sorry that I'm a little behind, but I wanted to weigh in on a few things. You seem to write things to this effect quite frequently, Alesia. I have to wonder what always seems to lead you here almost as though this were some sort of foregone conclusion. You have so many options in life, and I don't think it's a good idea to always assume that whatever might go wrong next will just invariably drop you this low. It seems t
  3. Some stuff which might be of interest to those following the stories of the minor characters on the sidelines: TL;DR: Everything is as perfect as can be. Had ice cream while surrounded by adorable puppies.
  4. They have. SOCv7 is far, far less restrictive in pretty much all regards.
  5. Just returned from my friendly local medical facility! I've got a referral to a therapist, and the enthusiastic support of my primary care provider. I'm absolutely ecstatic over how well that appointment went. I know this is about to get immensely more complex, seeing as I live and work within a giant bureaucracy, but this moment, right now, is simply amazing.
  6. Some very exciting developments: Earlier this month, a document finally made it clear of government bureaucracy: AFPM2016-36-01, Air Force Policy Memorandum for In-Service Transition for Airmen Identifying as Transgender. As an active member of the United States Air Force, this is of immense importance to me. Earlier today, I spoke to a chaplain, discussing at length my identity, experiences, and anticipated challenges. All in all, I felt this was an extremely productive and uplifting experience, and I left with more resources and aid than I began my day with. I've just scheduled an a
  7. I'll admit, it's pretty polarizing. I suspect that having grown up eating it, I've acquired a bit of a tolerance. It's pretty nice with butter.
  8. Grumbles about how you don't understand the joy of shovelling a driveway while eating buttered lutefisk
  9. A minor technical point: I suspect I was insufficiently clear earlier. There's no surgery involved here. Nothing more dramatic than holding a little estrogen tablet under one's tongue every morning needs to happen. Puberty doesn't have to be a 1-time thing. As someone who's had a slight hormonal imbalance for years, I can attest that it takes remarkably little to get started, as well. The rest of your post ties back into your first, and I'll address that when I'm not at work.
  10. I'll preface proceeding with this line of inquiry by noting that this is largely irrelevant to the larger question, which will require a more thorough answer. That said, I'm enjoying making this case and will continue. Consider the situation of a cis woman who can't have children for reasons beyond her control. Does that make her breasts defective? I certainly wouldn't say so. Consider that from a biological angle, anyone who has had a hysterectomy is in essentially the same situation as, say, Bun. There is no appreciable functional difference at that point. Does that make a s
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