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  1. First time on Metra, it is weird compared to the CTA. My fellow chicagoans will know what I'm taking about. 

  2. 14/20 place in the WGLNA scavenger hunt, got me all the prizes hehe. 


    1. Tedster59


      Grats.  meanwhile, I put in the bonus code and didn't get credit for it 

    2. SoliDeoGloria


      I submitted withing 20sec of the 5th code and managed 154th. Nice job.

    3. PumpkinSpiceOctavia_


      That sucks Tedster =(

      Also yeah Soli I was surprised I managed to get 14th place, I could have sworn more people were faster.

  3. What is your steam name fellow poni

    1. Luna
    2. PumpkinSpiceOctavia_


      Ok sent a friend request , steam name is Card176 

    3. PumpkinSpiceOctavia_


      Wow only 3 friends on steam , unless I keep getting the wrong person. 

  4. http://imgur.com/a/rBvqb

    My new mech keyboard! It is a Cooler Master Storm Quickfire XTi with MX Greens, apparently they were only given to reviewers because CM only lists Reds, Blues, and Browns on their site.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PumpkinSpiceOctavia_


      I do have a K70 with MX Reds, but it is not the RGB version

    3. MAJEST1C


      RGB is so much better. I have the K95 RGB, will upload some pics after work. My only issue with it so far is the software.

    4. PumpkinSpiceOctavia_


      Yeah I heard the software is sub par. The XTi is completely plug and play, no software for all the lighting or macros. CM has a video tutorial on how to do all that stuff too, it's pretty cool. 

  5. Atlanta style pew pew http://imgur.com/Hu41gjI,oKBVN1E,yg4JPar#0

    1. jimjim975


      How much dmg did you do?

  6. Bromwell is 10/10, so much fun

  7. Thinking about getting a corsair k70 mechanical keyboard. Found one for 94.50 used with shipping.

    1. FreddBoy


      If you can, ask the seller what games he liked to play, in order to roughly work out which keys have had a hard life.

    2. Shackram


      I have one, it's quite excelent.

  8. Anyone happen to know how I would edit the textures and whatnot of WoWs to make it clay ships?

  9. Got the JgPantherII and I like it.

  10. I'm surprised that I can still get surprised at this game sometimes.

    1. Inciatus


      I'm surprised you are still surprised that the game can surprise you.

  11. So tech guys quick question. Currently using dual band wireless pcie card with 3 antennas, any dual band RP-SMA antennas can replace them right?

    1. Haswell


      You can use a stick of tinfoil and it would work.

      It's an antenna, it's literally a stick/strand of metal.

    2. StephenHawking


      Use a festivus pole

  12. Accidentally removed CMOS jumper yesterday and spent 2 hrs and 40 mins to fix it today. I feel silly.

  13. 4 vs 1 in my SP on Westfield. 2 died to natural causes, aka gravity, while the other 2 died due to man.

    1. PumpkinSpiceOctavia_


      It all happened very suddenly as well.

  14. Just started up 9.6 and wow the friends list revamp

  15. Plays Insurgency, hears a ton of "ALLAH U AKBAR!", immersion.

    1. Cunicularius



      didnt they take that out?

      or you mean voice, i disabled voice

    2. Rexxie


      the first thing I ever heard on voice chat was I DICKED YOUR MOM LOL and then voice was never enabled again

    3. Cunicularius
  16. Spamming KV-1 for maximum free exp farm, I feel filthy.

  17. Just played 2 games of Winter Mode and it is so much fun

  18. Goodbye RAID 0; hello MX100 512GB SSD

  19. Goodbye Samsung 2 TB HDD on life support; hello in roughly 20~24 hrs Crucial MX100 512 GB SSD

    1. Evelyn


      rip disk space

    2. PumpkinSpiceOctavia_


      Don't worry comrade, my Samsung's twin brother has it covered!

  20. One of my HDDs is dying and the worst part is that both of them are in RAID 0, fuck me.

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    2. Gandaran


      Why did you choose raid 0 in the first place?

    3. PumpkinSpiceOctavia_


      It was like this when I got it 2-3 years ago. But yeah I am considering getting a MX100 256 GB SSD since I can get it for $101 on Newegg.

    4. Folterknecht


      Do that and get rid of that RAIDd0-nonsense

  21. Anyone know how I might be able to convert my $25 Amazon gift card balance into two tokens for the WZ-111?

    1. Tedster59


      you can't. amazon payments doesn't let you use amazon gift cards

    2. Tedster59


      only way I can see it done is through a trade if you haven't put in the code.

    3. PumpkinSpiceOctavia_


      Yeah I was like "Lets see if putting activating it on my acc works!" and now here I am facepalming.

  22. I underestimated moving my PC to a new case. Took me about 4 grueling hours to finally get it done.

    1. ViktorKitov


      I always get picky with the cables, otherwise its a 40 min job.

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