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  1. I underestimated moving my PC to a new case. Took me about 4 grueling hours to finally get it done.

    1. ViktorKitov


      I always get picky with the cables, otherwise its a 40 min job.

  2. This theme will take some getting used to

  3. Moar of the same MK8T9-D3NA7-DHPDK-UHFGV-NKB67 MK8TR-5H9CB-277KP-P5NHA-UY466 MK8T2-6C5U7-9WV5G-KUYHH-GKY7A Another GRID Autosport 6Q9K8-ZLI0E-4ICR2
  4. steam key for GRID Autosport YXGB2-600RD-3RJYJ
  5. I just did mine. A santa hat on top of a thinking cap, madness!
  6. More Invite codes from the Intel thing MK8TU-STRGK-C5MEE-HNGWT-NUFBD MK8TC-U8UFN-6XT8W-9AW94-TC3T4 MK8TR-GS8K7-X9RR6-F28X4-HRBAD Invite only 7 days of premium 1k gold Valentine II tank.
  7. Invite codes from Intel Software Starter Pack Valid until the 30th MK8TR-VZFWA-GAUZX-B4BCE-BU6H9 MK8TU-BD33V-P6K3X-4KAFR-YWTW6 MK8TF-2F4WT-7HVUH-6799B-292WD
  8. Installed my Corsair H80 liquid cooler for my CPU. It was a bit of a tight fit, but it works!

  9. I love my SMG Infil, Cyclone with SP ammo, Ext Mags, and 1x red dot. Also have maxed motion spotters so all the assists. I think the HA's overshield is more rage inducing since it is essentially a I-Win button and the infil's cloak is unreliable at best.
  10. I have stuff you might be interested in jostie
  11. Definitely rage sole the VK 4502A at least twice. The 4502 B was definitely worth it however. AT-15A pre buff TOG II because....yeah Lowe but it was because it is shit and I haven't used it in forever Probably more but I can't think of any off the top of my head.
  12. So I found out who Neil Diamond was by listening to a 60s rock radio station

  13. I have both the E-75 and VK4502B. I would say the E-75 is better overall, while the 4502B is better for brute forcing a path due to incredible frontal armor. Both are very good non the less.
  14. I too have rebellion, might pick up that DLC. The weekend is gaming time for me so that is when I would be active. Add me if you guys want card176
  15. I wonder if this one is impressive enough http://i.imgur.com/ouguFn8.jpg
  16. 4502B so gud, makes me feel as if I can take on the world!

  17. Suggested: Pershing, pre nerf Chaffee, T-54, and Lorr 40t with the Super Pershing being 5th. Not: VK 3001 P, Tiger P, T-150, T-127, and VK4502A Surprised the Lorr was 4th lol
  18. http://www.bundlestars.com/store/middle-earth-shadow-of-mordor/ $33.33 for a day and 16 hours. If you're interested and it is a legit site.
  19. Well I did technically get what I paid for, the 25000 gold that is. But it seems to be fine to me, 81.83% won of the 11 games I have played at the time of this writing.
  20. I have been wondering where all you guys were. Only me, AirG and Shackram play on a constant basis =/ so yes you guys should get back on
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