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  1. That looks to be the same but the one i have was in a folder named "accuratedamageindicator-0.9.3.zip" and it had both a gui folder and a scripts folder.
  2. I don't use his modpack but in 9.3 i was using just the accurate damage indicator portion which i downloaded as a standalone mod. I don't recall where i got it from and can't find it anywhere. Anyone got a line on this?
  3. Watch Poltto's FCM replays where he plays aggressively and still gets amazing results:
  4. http://wow-clear.ru/mody-dlya-world-of-tanks/8500-no-sniper-scroll.html I've been using this one for the last 6 patches or so and it works perfectly. It 'remembers' your settings when switching back and forth.
  5. That pretty much sums it up for me too. I was playing this game before xvm existed and people were just as insulting to each other then as they are now. When i was a new player i got yelled at from time to time. Were the ones doing the yelling better than me statistically? Maybe, maybe not. Neither of us knew. But that didn't stop them from raging. Even that hasn't changed. I see new players and bad players raging at their team all the time. In fact, it was kind of a running joke with me and my platoon mates back in the day.....when someone would sperg out in chat during the game,
  6. Looks like that 100mm gun will be pretty good. The pen is not dramatically less than the current 122 and the DPM is higher. It's also a lot more accurate with much less aim time. If anything, it's likely going to be the mobility nerfs that make the KV85 less than fun to play.
  7. Now that it's actually released, reviews for this game are amazing. http://kotaku.com/im-glad-theyre-still-making-games-like-divinity-origin-1600013660 Definitely sounds like the game i've been looking for.
  8. lol @ the wz on your team that apparently thought he could kill the t95 by ramming.
  9. Good game. I wonder at what point that AT15 realized he was fucked. I haven't touched any of the Brit lines yet but was thinking of doing the same thing (grinding the heavies starting with the BP) for the same reason. Send me a platoon invite if you want to try running dual BP's and don't mind running with a fellow Blunitato.
  10. Stay the course. The E4 is a good tank and fun to play, IMO. It really shouldn't be compared to the E100 since it's apples and oranges. But consider the E4's APCR with it's velocity of 1088 m/s compared to the painfully slow HEAT round of the E100 which is 606 m/s. Even the E4's AP @ 870 m/s is quite a bit faster. I like to hit what i shoot at.
  11. Probably an effort to reduce the camping on the 1 line. Will be interesting to see how WG thinks that will be accomplished.
  12. E100 everyone thinks this is the greatest thing since orgasms but i can't enjoy it.
  13. I watched the Arctic Region battle and i don't know why you're surprised that you couldn't pen anything when you were aiming at the turret face of a T29, IS6 and Lowe. I slowed the replay down to 1/4 speed and it looks like most of your shots were hitting the mantlet or outright missing. The weakspot on the T29's cupola is tiny, as is the weak spot on the turret cheeks of the IS6. It looks like you were hitting the area that is >180mm effective armour. It's a russian gun. You're not going to hit tiny weak spots reliably.
  14. I've tried both and Yasen's does include some stats that the tratatank doesn't but i found it to be too much info that i really didn't need or want.
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