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  1. I'm doing a job in a room. And the tenant is out but running a bot program for Diablo ii.  Looks pretty good at the game. Ros-bot.com is water marked on the screen. What's the point of mmo's. This thing is owning the game. Wondering about tanks. Anyone play Diablo ii

    1. Matross


      I used to play. A friend of mine, long time ago botted on D2XP, had accounts full of SOJ's. He eventually gave me that account.

      Squandered most of the SOJ's, but eventually did build a lvl 93 blizz sorc I dueled with on D2JSP and did pretty well. I was the "practice" for a player who was ranked within top 10 with his fire mage. 

      IIRC, my character name was Thirty_Below. I still think about it and reminisce the good times. D2XP as well as Infantry Online (old Sony game).

  2. Why don't you post the replays showing your epic battles. Just saying it would be an interesting battle to watch.
  3. Quickybaby having a good look at the decline of WOT and what was happening at the time.
  4. As someone with a wife, kids, full time job, I can relate to what you are going through. You can't just play a game to death, get bored of it, and just move on. One thing I have found is trying to achieve mission goals can rip me over the edge. I need to stop caring about the missions. Just, have you made any friends through tanks, will you lose contact with any of your friends when your account is deleted, will you feel left out if your friends want to have a session of tanks and you don't have an account?
  5. Like space wolf said. Would you consider cancelling the deletion, uninstalling tanks and focusing on the things you need to in real life for a while? Go back to the game when it does not stress you out? I know it can be easier said than done.
  6. Is it because of the sunken cost fallacy that caused you to take drastic action? Wot being a grindy game where you have to put a lot of time and effort in to get to the upper tiers, you feel you need to put more in to make it feel worth while? Especially when the goal posts keep changing.
  7. Yea, looking for something similar to tanks. WOT was educational and fun, but I don't know now.
  8. Does anyone know of any other decent online games that don't have a high ping when playing from Australia?
  9. Hope, your posts are sometimes happy and chirpy, then other time dark and insulting. You should see someone about that. Not pulling the piss. This forum will only make things worse for you, though I do like how you bring drama here.
  10. I use a paid vpn. The network I play on blocks game servers because apparently they use too much bandwidth. Streaming YouTube and other videos apparently does not. I use nord vpn, and in the server list it shows distances to the server. I have to use TCP protocol to bypass the block, which ups the ping.
  11. Can someone help on the Asia discord server please. Get new players asking questions, but I am a very average. More than likely I am giving bad information. https://discord.gg/W29Qfs6
  12. What was your ping with optus? I joined optus and my ping was 350ms, called them and they said I could not get on the sea.mee.wee3 cable despite being on the end of it. I was being routed through America. They wouldn't reroute me so I got out of the contract. Anyway, got another router that I can use to broadcast messages to my neighbours for free.
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