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  1. I'm doing a job in a room. And the tenant is out but running a bot program for Diablo ii.  Looks pretty good at the game. Ros-bot.com is water marked on the screen. What's the point of mmo's. This thing is owning the game. Wondering about tanks. Anyone play Diablo ii

    1. Matross


      I used to play. A friend of mine, long time ago botted on D2XP, had accounts full of SOJ's. He eventually gave me that account.

      Squandered most of the SOJ's, but eventually did build a lvl 93 blizz sorc I dueled with on D2JSP and did pretty well. I was the "practice" for a player who was ranked within top 10 with his fire mage. 

      IIRC, my character name was Thirty_Below. I still think about it and reminisce the good times. D2XP as well as Infantry Online (old Sony game).

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