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  1. As someone with a wife, kids, full time job, I can relate to what you are going through. You can't just play a game to death, get bored of it, and just move on.

    One thing I have found is trying to achieve mission goals can rip me over the edge. I need to stop caring about the missions.

    Just, have you made any friends through tanks, will you lose contact with any of your friends when your account is deleted, will you feel left out if your friends want to have a session of tanks and you don't have an account?


  2. What was your ping with optus?

    I joined optus and my ping was 350ms, called them and they said I could not get on the sea.mee.wee3 cable despite being on the end of it. I was being routed through America.

    They wouldn't reroute me so I got out of the contract. 

    Anyway, got another router that I can use to broadcast messages to my neighbours for free.


  3. You need to rename this thread to "General Banter" or something like that.

    My computer won't do replays, so I don't know what time it is. Spotted and killed a enemy TD and they blew up in chat saying they copulate with my mother. 

    PM after they said I'm going to get a ban because they reported me and " huyr kết bạn đi nhá. What ever that means.

    Ignore my poor play. I'm always like that.  



  4. Build up some muscle mass with push ups and squats. More muscle mass means your base metabolic rate is higher and the added strength will help you exercise harder.

    Add pull ups or Australian pull ups for added benifits.

    Add in core exercises such as planks and table makers to protect your back.

    Those 5 exercises are basically all you need before you start getting technical.

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