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  1. complain to XVM, not wotlabs.. but it wont get you anywhere.
  2. I still prefer determining if a player is good, by their personal rating.. a great personal rating is a reflection on a great player as well. crap personal rating reflects a crap player. and no, you can't pad personal rating, no matter how hard you try to say you can. you lose, don't do enough damage, don't get assist damage etc etc.. your PR drops. and please, don't say people with more battles have a better rating, becsue that was removed awhile ago. need proof, ask the guy with 40k games played, and a PR of 4K... ugh
  3. The best is when you see the freaking idiots on the forums saying that they can pen tier 9 tanks all the time, and that people just need to learn how to play and aim... then you look at them, and all they do is play PVE where the AI bots are about as smart as a 100 WN8 WoT player, actually smarter. but PVE is ok at times, but to live and die by it is kinda lame, and stupid. play against tier 9's that turn their ass to you if you look at them with a mean mug. them preach in the forums how you can pen a tier 9 in your tier 7.. gfto
  4. Anybody feel like failtooning with me so i can try to kill 2 heavy tanks 2 tiers higher? I'll take the 50-100 and you take a tier 10 heavy.. ign is Dead_Zombie  Just send a friend request ingame, thanks

  5. Same could be said about being white, if you want to get to a color, then be somewhat good at the game, and earn a color.. there was more to it then just the raging red color.. doesn't matter, I modified it to white, and I can tell you, a team of white players actually has no negative effect on me, unlike a team full of red. to all their own. plus, people saying they are only vanilla now, are in most cases, the same exact people who used XVM until they reached the almighty purple. I've seen enough of it through the last few years via streams and so forth. one does it after they turn purple, th
  6. I only say White, because when I new person just starts to play, they have no stats, and therefore are white per XVM
  7. Good Morning, I was wondering what the odds are that the WN8 colors could be changed in order to get rid of the red/tomato color, and replaced with "White".. to me, there should be no difference between a noob, and somebody thats still red, because essentially, they are still a noob as well when its all said and done with. I know you can go in and adjust the colors yourself, but just think if it was something done globally, then you can get rid of alot of hostility.. Ist: White looks 10 times clearer/cleaner when doing replays, or streaming. seems red gets the blur effect
  8. Was watching 06wallst yesterday, and when he was playing arty, and mocking WG for "it prevents camping".. I couldn't help but laugh my ass off.. dude is a decent person. he has autism, but that doesn't effect how the guy plays, or does his commentary, its hilarious.. if you cant laugh from watching this, your just weird. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv3ZXi4M0W8
  9. the only time I get Prokorovka in my light tank, is if that isn't the mission I am going for.
  10. Dat Sig.......is awesome. "God damn IS-3 should never pen My IS-7" followed by a keyboard smashing
  11. 5000 battle minimum but you have this person with 93 battles, using a rank slot? http://wotlabs.net/na/player/Dukkerz
  12. people who dominate WN8 in the Obj 907 I gotta hand it to you.. 2679 Damage, 1 kill (E50M) and 1489 Spotting damage nets you a WN8 of 1379...yippie
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