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  1. Be cool to have 100 points to span each of the colors. Silly question. Are legacy accounts (not active after x amount of time) excluded when evaluating ranges for the scale and for the derivation of the algorithm for it?
  2. Yeah, this is the real goal. If you play from the start and get every point, I think you end up with 8 days to get 200k exp and 200 kills in the FV for the free tank. For myself, $15 is the way to go and spare yourself the harsh end grind.
  3. Keep All Tier 10's. WG is always 'tweaking' tanks and you never know when your shitter 10 may end up being viable. Might as well bypass the 3 million credit hit by selling it and rebuying it laterAny campaign or tournament viable tanks. Try to have at least 2 each in common formats. ex AMX 50/100, IS-3/110 etc.Fun tanks, no matter the tier. ex. KV-2, FV304Other tanks you perform well in.Sell Everything else
  4. Stop coming home from the bars and playing completely loaded Epic fail so far but we are only one month in...
  5. Ignorance is bliss can be very true. I can remember starting the game out and not caring too much if I died or played heavily in the bag. Then midway through my time in WoT I started to learn more of the mechanics and cared about playing well. I definitely had more fun back then without the pressure and constant analysis.
  6. Yeah, I am having the same issues due to the maps forcing mid to short range engangements with the tanks I am grinding. Almost all of them have low damage, high rate of fire guns and poor armor in general that to fairpoorly in the peek a boom game we are being forced into. Mainly playing the midtier Brits and the mid tier Panther line. I wonder how they are going to tune tanks that need to engage at longer ranges initially to do well on average.
  7. Great idea and a smart recruiting tool. Good luck fellas
  8. At approximately what angle can the front sprocket get penetrated for damage and not act as a shell soaker when the tank is angled?
  9. /yawn another Garbad bitching about arty thread. Just go copy paste one from months or years ago.
  10. Not really. You need to understand game mechanics and abuse things like view range, cammo and map comprehension in combat. Your average player will get destroyed pretty easy as they get spotted and gibbed. A nub has a much better chance of P2W with an IS-6 where they can yolo and still bounce shells and do something. This is my favorite premium because it constantly refreshes your knowledge of camo/view mechanics and forces you to constantly think about relocation possibilities in reaction to the situation on the minimap.
  11. Its basically the same formula for me for any multiplayer game be it MMO or Lobby Game like WoT that involves clans. 1) Decide you want to be competitive. (Happened for me after 10-12k games of yolo derping at yellowish rating. Most of my early American lines bear witness...) 2) Work on getting a good understanding of game mechanics and finding ways to maximize your performance using them. 3) Practice and learn from others. 4) Work on getting "Gear", in this case tanks, that make you attractive to clans/guilds to the level of play you want to attain. 5) Find and entry level guild/clan that "raids" or in this case to gain land or holds land. Get experience doing large scale operations.. 6) Continue to build your "gear" and rep/stats and move on to another clan that meets your needs. Repeat this step till you apex... *Optional - Stop drinking and playing so you quit sabotaging your efforts... I still suck, but much less than before.
  12. How about lines? Some folks may be looking lines that are strong or have a particular playstyle with a mini review on each tank up the line. Would be similar in work to current best tier n tank type. Or tldr Russian Anything.
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