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  1. team is now full once again after another round of changes. Looking forward to the pacific rumble and preseason
  2. Team is full, looking for other teams to scrim and practice vs. PM me if interested
  3. current lineup 2 spots still up for grabs, pm if interested and you meet the reqs team is now full, looking for scrim partners, Pm me
  4. So I recently got more free time on my hands and now after a few years of just doing sporadic tournies, I'm looking to finally start a WGLNA team. We would be building up to prepare for the qualifiers coming up in a few months (November right?) and hope to make it into atleast the silver league, if not higher. Now, about me: - I'm a teal at heart (i dont have the credits to be a unicum) - I've run my tourny team (#BlameBlame) sporadically for a few years now, so i have plenty of experience calling (in WGLNA format, random tourny formats, and strongholds) - Notable finishes include e25 (a long time ago in some countdown tourny) and cromwell b ( furious five 2nd place) - I'm pretty bad at farming damage (ask any dosboi) Reqs for team: - obviously lots of tie r8s with good crews - time commitment (duh?) - recent stats of minimum 3k (preferable over 3.3k) - marks in tier 8 and above (two marks minimum in wglna format tier 8s, proves u can actually pen your shots) - past tourny/wglna experience - calling/side calling experience is always a plus (especially while i remove some rust from calling) PM on the forums or send me a friend request in game if you are interested. I'll try and get back to people this weekend ps, dont bulli me for any spelling errors, I'm really tired right now edit: so far we have 5(?) members/prospective members. Avg recent of around 3.8k (dont want to list names because of conflicts with others teams/moving around, pm me for list if u are interested) copypasta from wot forums so thats why there is a wierd background color
  5. smiley, hurry up and join so we can talk trash about the clan we are in together platoon together also, is mawho dos 3.5 now? also, how the hell do i get rid of this arty protector shit
  6. i heard that LOLI is recruiting fellow unicums :^)
  7. I've come to realize that I am a very lazy person. If I have a paper due on friday I will find every possible thing to due before the deadline other then writing the paper. Whether it be WoT, watching anime, or simply staring at a tree because im bored and I don't want to write the paper. And I'd much rather be playing WoT then watching a tree for 3 hours
  8. if anything it's guna be L0LI and see what the f**k wargaming is guna do about it
  9. I still want to keep LOLI. PLS join the fight against the terrorist known as wargaming and join us on our crusade as we spam tickets until they revoke the ban!!! *insert loli pics here cuz im on phone
  10. I have heard soo many people say this. Like, what does it mater to you? If someone leaves a clan its cuz they have a reason. If they didnt feel like telling you, when you ask them you are either not guna like the reason and get mad or he will lie to you. Either way it doesn't benefit u at all
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