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  1. hm ok well. I found arty to be meeh cause of less damage now. But after getting hit by it more, i get where you are going. What about CW Tanks? Seen a lot of UK tanks recently, are they both that good now? What about the T57 heavy? Is that used at ALL anymore? Light tanks seem to be so - so , the LT100 looks nice, the rest I guess sucks..
  2. So I have been out of the game for like a few month. Last thing I remember was the new french premium AMX M4 49L. Whats happened since then? Arty kinda sucks now? Sooo many new tanks. Give me you cliffnotes of the current meta pls What tanks are T10 fun (still obj140 since 100 years?) What tanks are CW staples What else is gay?
  3. So, with the E25 being back in the game, how do you equip it in current meta? I bought it today and started with optics, rammer and camo net, but I am thinking with the small gun arc, I might even drop the net for vents (same logic why I have optics over binos already + optics help when ziping around)
  4. I agree, I am very close to unlocking this thing but I feel like I wont enjoy it as much as I though I would when I started this line some time ago. The Waffle E100 was very potent when it first came out (as many new tanks are), but with people getting used to it, and the small nerf it has gotten, I dont fear it much at all any more when I face it. The Waffle Pz4 or the 183 are more scary for me too. Maybe Ill think different of it once I get it, but I have a feeling that in a pub game setting this tank is not any "OP" at all anymore. Still pretty damn good on some maps in CW of course...
  5. PeterBee

    WT auf Pz IV

    This post misses on big point: You do not sit out in the open, but behind a bush most of the times you camp/snipe. This increases those 12meters by a ton (depending on the bush ofc). That also means you wont run into hard cover after shooting, and you wont need a GLD, since you keep sitting still (and the aim time is very fast anyways). I absolutely like my camo net, and I dont need the GLD personally. I play sniper when possible, but dont mind brawling/peekabooming with this awesome thing. This is also my tank with my highest average dmg per battle (3200 in 150 battles), higher then all my T10s (I suck ).
  6. I would agree on the Batchat Line beeing the best for "playing for free". Generally, playing scouting tanks takes the least amount of premium ammo / gold / freeexp. Scouts can equip binocs and camonet and can already do some good stuff, they get exp and credits without shooting, that increases the net income quite a lot. Then none of the tanks is really bad stock, and you dont need the top gun or anything on something that is just supposed to sit in a bush and camonet/binocs up. Even after it goes out of the light tanks, the lorraine is decent enough stock and the batchat even makes money in T10 and does not need gold rounds like other tanks do.
  7. I havent looked at what you did, but I love my T71 and I think that it is the most OP Pub tank for its tier. What makes it so good are similar reasons why the hellcat is good: Awesome mobility and good enough camo, just that the T71 has a WAY better gun then the hellcat has. The basic idea is of course to active/passive scout, especially in the beginning. Whenever the battle has developed however, the T71 begins to shine. CONSTANTLY check the minimap for where all enemy tanks are, if any of them makes the mistake of being exposed, a T71 has the unique ability to run into a position where you get diagonal view range (outside view range circle, but inside the draw distance square) on that target, and just start emptying your clip. Everyone knows how imba that invis tanking is, and WTF-E100s love doing it too, but you are an autoloader as well AND you have mobility and camo to get ANYWHERE in the map on top of it! Abuse this to the extreme! Of course, a 2nd thing the T71 is good in is flanking, single targets stand close to no chance against the T71, especially out in the open. Running circles is what this tank is made for, and of course if there is any 1on1 going on, you can be the little pesky guy that makes that an easy 2on1 kill at any time. Both those abilities require an immense amount of map awareness, constant keeping track of enemy tank movement etc. Those skills however do help in all other tanks as well so why not practise em on this little beast where you benefit directly from it <3 T71
  8. I had the panther elited, so I bought the panther 2 when the on track event started and free exped all modules. Have ground 50k exp on it so far and it is definitely not a strong tank, but workable. Especially in platoons with other mediums Ive been doing quite ok. It has good DPM and if you can get into good situations together with you platoonmates, it will wreck up that damage quickly. But apart from that it is really mediocre in all aspects and solo it can not carry and oftentimes you will merely do "ok" but not more.
  9. I have to say, I kinda like the Lorraine 40t quite a bit. I wasnt sure about the engine either, but in the end I am really happy I got the top engine. This is mostly due to my playstyle, I kinda try to snipe if possible, but often enough I will just run behind my team and once the enemy tanks are spotted / softened I rush in and finish them. So kinda like the 1390, but with big differences because of: - way more HP you can lose before you die - alot more burst damage + better gun handling / pen That means you dont die instantly if you rush into 2-3 low/half hp tanks like you did in the 1390. Even head on engagements are not so bad if it is 1on1 you can usually trade your average 1800 avg clip damage against losing around 600-800 hp which often means a dead opponent and you being on half HP. I think I am at around 55% WR so far and a bit above 2000 dpg. On the downside it is a big target, and artillery is your biggest enemy (learned that the hard way).
  10. I run BIA as first skill on my AMX 13 F3 AM (Its a Keeper!) and I would get it first again and again. The already good accuracy just feels so much more on spot, and arty is all about those soft stats reload and aimtime, since thats what you use 98% of your playtime. The few occasions where sixth sense come in handy are not worth getting it first, and often can be foreseen by looking at the minimap and using the speed of those frenchies.
  11. As I am currently going that line too, being at the E75, here is my advice: The 36.01 is the first real heavy tank, since it actually bounces stuff (unlike the 30.01H). The further you go down the line, the more you will find that happen, the Tiger and Kingtiger are both still good snipers, but they also have some armor to work with. Sidescraping is the magic word for the whole line.
  12. thanks alot for sharing, i like the approach of having 10+ replays of a single tank alot more then single games or packs of different tank replays! very very helpful. Edit: One question: What equipment do you run on the Pershing in the replays?
  13. Thanks for the info, seeing that the 113 branch will be "on track" next, I am thinking of how to get deep into that tree asap, and then those saved 50k exp or whatever w ill prolly be 2-3 more days that I have to get to one of the end tier tanks and save a ton of credits buying them
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