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  1. WoTCS has this really cool feature that shows membership changes. It shows where the new members came from and where other members have left too. If you dig around somewhat, you'll begin to see that most top clans are filled with players who are shuffling around moving up the food chain. Take SCDRL for example. They benefited greatly from the BT implosion, so much that we could say the clan is ~20-30% BT. Not to mention that SCDRL itself is a rebuild of UF. NOSHT is another young clan, but in reality it's all the CWs active players from Enjoy, Enjoy2, and X-Sight. Heck, even thos
  2. Happens. Anyways, about your clan search. I've done this "I wonder what is the best clan I could get into?" -which is what I assume you're doing? If so, one good tool is WoTcs. Like most every stats/ranking site it has it's flaws; notably WN7 is no longer used. But you can find a clan you see on the map a lot, look up the clan averages and see where you'd fall within the clan. Then lurk their recruitment threads like I said so you can get a sense of what the clan is looking for. I can't speak for the recruitment standards of other clans, but NUGGS is probably one of your better
  3. I remember your CR/D thread on leaving KISS.... bleh. Anyways, best bet is to lurk various recruitment threads both on here and on the main forums. They'll have the min requirements up and you can generally get a sense of where you'll fit.
  4. That's a pretty good list there hallo, although I believe Foxey has recently bumped it's requirements up. With that being said, NUGGS is pretty solid (used to be known as GSKUL), they're laid back but hold land. JIMBO is more of a raiding clan although it seems they've been holding land longer. Looking into the RDDT clans can never hurt, they've got so many there has to be a clan where you'd get what you're looking for.
  5. Why even give you an opportunity? Besides, you can learn a lot on here by reading, no posting required
  6. If you drink enough robotussin it starts to make sense.
  7. You win my everything.
  8. >In AMX 50B >enemy E100 well angled >might pen his cheeks when he turns to fire >load gold clip to be sure >he's a critical target holding a key position >clip finally loads >enemy AMX 13 90 comes yolo-ing around corner >dump two rounds into him >AMX 13 90 player: "LOLOL! That 50B player sooo bad he has to shoot gold at poor little me!" >everyone else "srs 50B? wow you scrub lourd! lol so baddie" >I cry
  9. I had never heard this one before, yet it explains all those pubs that fire into the ground at the start of battle. Maybe I should try it....
  10. Sometime back I was platooned with a dude who was convinced that his shots were missing/bouncing because the player he was shooting at (a Havok purple player) was using WarPack. He argued that his shots were fine when firing at other players, but that whenever he fired at the Havok player his rounds would bounce or fly off target because WarPack somehow shielded this Havok tank. Real stuff.
  11. It actually would've been fun, but alas even organizing a 7/42 proved impossible. Turns out those who join a clan called Loner tend to be anti-social. :/
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