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  1. Fun fact the Kirov at tier 5 should have the exact same guns that the Donskoi gets but I guess WG.net is not up for that.
  2. Too bad that the Baltimore can't really do anything in a world where there are usually 5 battleships per side.
  3. Here's the thing. I'm hovering around 65% win rate solo by playing tier 5-8 cruisers only/mostly. My WTR is around 1700. In Autism's case, he's hovering 68% in low tier destroyers but is pulling 1800-1900 WTR. Why such a disparity? Because you can whore easy kills in low tier destroyers while not winning proportionally as much. It's also the same with battleship-heavy gameplay. Lots of useless damage and not enough win rate to back it up. Weighing W/R by 20% only is imho stupid, because it creates this mentality that damage farming is more benefitial to oneself than winning, and thus you'
  4. The Hipper is the absolute bullshit cruiser of high tiers, if only because you can't penetrate it bow on and it seemingly does not have citadels.
  5. Desperado212 has been insisting me for a whole week that he is, indeed, the best player of WoWS and I should shut up and suck his dick (more or less verbatim).
  6. In my experience, having played this game since CBT (officially since Alpha but what do you know), this rating rewards campers, snipers and game stallers (DDs who spend the day capping/uncapping without doing anything else). The mere existence of such a rating creates this sort of behaviour, as well. I personally still haven't run into a single player (other than Cat_On_Board, maybe) whom had a higher WTR than me and was superior in any way. One glaring effect of this is that the major offenders of WTR whoring do absolutely terrible in ranked, compared to their solo play. The one correlat
  7. not until they deliver on their promise to give us a reward ship.
  8. I don't know, then. Also lol at people who think average damage means shit in WoWS atm.
  9. Kiev is pure garbage, ugh, I want a Polish destroyer, they look nice.
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