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  1. SU-100M1 doesn't exist in real life- SU-101 however does, and IMHO it's more balanced for this meta. I actually think the line post revamp is more consistent (except for the SU-122-54): now the entire line is about speed, camo, armor, rear casemate and good aimtime. Previously it was 3 dedicated low alpha paper armored tanks leading to something that has armor.
  2. Tort armor is so that you don't get random penned by HE and scouts, you are merely a 2k HP L1A1 tractor. Which was damn nice, not sure about now. HE cannot triple overmatch, but it doesn't autobounce unless it's more than 85 degrees.
  3. I played tortoise before the superheavy meta, and it was the best tank I've ever played. Not anymore, but let's see how WG rework this line (and hopefully give it a bigger gun,better armor or downtier to T8 )
  4. Why is this a tier 8, or more like, why wasn't it like this when it's tier8?
  5. Unlike the waffle cancer shitbarn can do this to you too, with 2 times the alpha and 3 times the pen.
  6. <PTSD Intensifies> For those wondering how RNGod hate us all here's the original thread
  7. Change BL-10 into BL13 and convert some armor into angles and you get IS-7 in tier 8, this is too OP and will not happen! defender of motherland notwithstanding
  8. Well these have about the same mobility and it gets armor. No turret and depression makes it not as comfy but you blap much hard as well. With that much armor and speed I think it can afford to reload slowly. Also, at in-your-face distances 0.45 and 0.36 is little different- we are talking about 0.09m difference at 100m, that's 9cm or a little less than 4" at 100meters.
  9. Do people remember the original M46 Patton? 0.41 base accuracy, but with soft stats so good it was king of full reticule snapshots. These tanks seems to have 0.12/0.12/0.1 dispersion, same as it was on the old M46, coupled with the fact that they can autopen most thing in tier, I don't think 0.45 base accuracy is really that big of a deal.
  10. T49 rectal-reaping squad has nothing to do with casemate; they used to frontally HE pen a pre HD E3, how's a turret gonna help .
  11. They just did 2 patches ago, gun arc is now 22 degrees, shell velocity is up from 760 to 950. Still not great in this meta though, but things may change.
  12. Guys you all forgot how accuracy works for Soviet tanks: THE BIGGER THE NUMBER, THE BETTER THE ACCURACY!
  13. Since I suck at forums and can't find appreciation thead for T71 CMCD, how is this tank?

    1. TheChang


      Good but not as good as the auto-loader imo. Only benefit to having the single-shot is that you can switch to gold ammo easier for tanks that need it. I got my highest exp on it, though it doesn't show it as being the highest since I didn't have a prem acc. 2000 base xp though.

    2. Nekommando


      Thanks. So an improvement in soft stats isn't as powerful as having that autoloader?

    3. TheChang
  14. You light enemy once and they stay lit for 10 seconds, but to keep camonet bonus and hopefully stay unlit you cannot move/turnhull/shoot etc because that bonus isn't going to stay.
  15. if you have credits: Vents, GLD, your choice of binocs or coated optics because gunarc is still bad. camonet is useless because a. gunarc is narrow, you move all the time b. you want to use the 2nd and the third round of the magazine, not shoot once and duck into cover like a normal high alpha TD.
  16. How is removing team damage bad? Griefers can't get my HP bar now (yes I consider all arty to be griefers)
  17. On T95 last equipment slot: of the three, vents is the best choice. You get boost to overall skills not just vision, and that means turning faster, reload faster, see further and aim faster, all of which make your life easier.
  18. @BlackAdder My bad I remembered wrong. -10 is with stock guns .
  19. V39 has -10 gun depression, it's nowhere Chinese level of bad depression, it's the tumor that made it shit for hulldown. Also did you run 105mm with some OPCR here and there?
  20. How to lessen AC48 pain without gold: 1.All the boosters: exp, Free exp, crew exp, they are given for playing the game 2.If you find yourself aiming too long, use the 100mm, or load gold on 120mm and aim halfway 3.Wiggle the tank. Your weakpoints became harder to hit and your frontal armor can reliably bounce 225pen at a slight angle, but ignore what I said if facing D-25T, for that you just facefuck the guy and NEVER SHOW YOUR SIDE 4.Passive spotting sort of works, you still have stationary camo of a medium tank. 5.If you really, really don't want to use brains (because this frustr
  21. Fakes that isn't physically impossible and don't break the game = OK
  22. I had remembered it being removed from regular sale, maybe it got re-added, if so that's great news!
  23. After being massively buffed the Warcrime Panther (PzV/M10) is really good with pref MM as well. Consider picking it up if it goes on sale.
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