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    Nekommando reacted to Zepherex in Is it just me or killing arty is one of the best things in this game? I always feel g   
    The best thing in the game is not playing it
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    Nekommando reacted to Tarski in Turns out the buffed 34-3 is preeeeeetttttttttttty good.   
    If even CarbonWard can pull 3k damage in a tank, you know it's a good tank. 
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    Nekommando reacted to leggasiini in Fuck legasinins and 183s.   
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    Nekommando reacted to leggasiini in Nerf idea for arty: Make siege mode mandatory for arty!   
    and make it so they cant shoot outside of siegemode
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    Nekommando got a reaction from sohojacques in So the Rhm.-Borsig: whichever gun I run I spend a good amount of my time wishing I ha   
    It's the tank, not the gun. Mount any of the two guns on any Tier8 TD bar ISU and that thing instantly becomes OP as fuq.
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    Nekommando got a reaction from SchnitzelTruck in When you remember having a screenshot of a Pilot hitting you with HE for 1 HP and kil   
    Come on who hasn't got nightmare of being artied
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    Nekommando reacted to leggasiini in Thinking about buying back the M5 Stuart for the memes and then playing it up to 100   
    Dont. Do. It. 
    You wont survivie alive. There is very good reason why this tank got voted as the very worst tank in the game.
    Below is what people think about it (straight from elimination thread):
    And finally this:
    "The M5 Stuart. This tank is legendary for its firepower: this tank has worse global DPG than not just M3 Stuart, but also worse DPG than M2 Light, a tank two tiers lower. If you are pacifist, then this tank is perfect for you. The gun has so anemic penetration that even MS-1 beats it! It struggles to penetrate a T-34 from unangled side! On top of that, even with gold, it cant hurt most tier 7s! "
    Yea i think someone mentioned that M2 Light has higher average global DPG than M5 Stuart. M2 Light might be great and it might not have scout mm but its still tier fucking two tank versus tier 4
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    Nekommando got a reaction from Unavailebow in How to proper kemp bush:   
    @Unavailebow Near Fort Benning, it was being transported by train but it got loose, fell off and decided to give those peeking mediums at mid a surprise.

    Quote from Chieftain's FB response, from Rob Cogan:  "Last week National Armor and Cavalry Museum had contractors come pick up the T28 to move it across post to a shop to start its restoration. There was a dramatic and unexpected a issue with the contractors' HET and unfortunately the T28 came off the trailer. However, considering what could have potentially happened, she landed in the best possible manner (flat on her tracks) and backed into the ditch seen here. Even more important no one was hurt and the vehicle is still with us. I'm sure there will be more information in the coming weeks once a full assessment is done and it will be put out through the Museum's official facebook page. The big thing to know is she's going for a restoration anyway and the museum staff is probably as uptight about it as everyone else if not more. I'm sure the Museum folks would appreciate your support at this time."
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    Nekommando reacted to Fabunil in Anyone know any other examples of games where the community will hate you if you're a   
    Pretty much every single competetive multiplayer game that exists
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    Nekommando reacted to kolni in Purchased: 'AMX 50 120' successfully purchased. Spent credits: 3,565,000.   
    ^ does not realise it has been buffed by like.. a huge amount
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    Nekommando reacted to Medjed in Why do 17pdr on the AT15A feel like it has worse accuracy than the IS? Missing sooooo   
    Everyone knows higher the number better the accuracy comrade dumbass
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    Nekommando got a reaction from furrystrawberry in .   
    Pubbies are red
    Rerolls are blue
    Y U SO MAD
    WG has no clue
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    Nekommando reacted to kolni in Getting a job, even if it was the shitty one definitely helped me with depression, bu   
    Play WoT and you'll instantly realise how much better real life is. 
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    Nekommando reacted to dualmaster333 in T71- is it good or should I just get M41   
    T71 > M41. M41 got nerfed, T71 got buffed to where they are both pretty close. I find the six round drum and much smaller reload time is an advantage because you are much more flexible and have significantly less down time to deal with.
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    Nekommando reacted to CarbonWard in T71- is it good or should I just get M41   
    Bulldog's long drum is far too impractical, 71's 6 shot clip is what i find to be the best setup for a gun like the 75mm.
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    Nekommando reacted to Migizikody in T71- is it good or should I just get M41   
    T71 is better than the bulldog, 4 extra shells at the expense for doubling reload isn't worth it
    and here are detailed stats (In-game) with optimal crew/equipment/consumables 
    also T71 can dump all (6 shells) in 10 seconds and the bulldog dumps all (10 shells)in 18
    Both tanks are surprisingly similar except the guns, and in that field the T71 is better, since it is a more flexible tank with a short(relative) reload time + quick dump of all shells allowing it more time to relocate/be behind cover
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    Nekommando got a reaction from sr360 in Get rekt Skorpion   
    in moments like this allchat: OHOHOHO
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    Nekommando reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Best tank in the KV-3 line?   
    Uhhhh... None of them until the ST-I, which is solid.
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    Nekommando got a reaction from Ollie Tabooger in so my gf throroughly enjoys clicking and i'm seeing my recent wn8 going up in smoke f   
    Fuck arty and everyone who plays it 
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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