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  1. Just picked up a Ducky One Cherry Brown, side printed because I'm a shitloard. Office use though so purely for the extra clickyness to be an asshole. Naturally my home one is a full RGB supershitloard keyboard. Maybe I'll go play the 1375 with full APCR some more. Wait do you even have to finish year 10 to be a rotory pilot in the army yet?
  2. It doesn't take into account vehicle type at all it seems or at least gets too elastic with it too early for low pop SEASIAPAC.
  3. Bitch I got a Kamikaze in my Leo PTA or whatever it's called. Then after you left we played PzB2s in the next game and killed 11 then quit. I solo's 5 at the end but 3 were arty and the last one came to find me instead of capping me out
  4. Labor FTTP was/is garbage. Split fibre waste of time. Victoria could have had over 100 years of cheap base load. Having said that why Australia isn't powered at least 60% by molten salt solar already blows my mind. How much did the census fail cost again? To be fair it was part of the election campaign that they would have a plebiscite. I don't think you can get too mad when a political party tries to actually do something they promised regardless of if you agree with it. We already knew that a public vote / poll whatever would be in favour of SSM so it is both a stup
  5. Will only be available in bumfuck nowhere because fucking communist Labor wouldn't let the rollout start in actual population centers. There is a map that shows connections types - HFC is poo brown. Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney are covered in shit. Imagine the ROI if literally millions of households were connected in each of the major cities to 4 strands of fibre (not the ratshit NBN model). True 1Gb speeds, potential for 10Gb, true competition between providers with NBN able to scrap the CVC BS or at least make it a nominal fee and just sit back and rake in sweet cash.
  6. But that old gay with the severe face said I shouldn't. I do suspect his old ass face hurts all the time though, it certainly looks like it does which would make me cranky too. Also my sugardaddy bought me a Lorraine and I'm bad at it.
  7. It was one of those hey check out this porn of you and or me right? And you were all hell yeah I'll fap to myself.
  8. I can get down to ~80ms but I am not that keen on playing on a colocated server. Plus the security escort would probably be super mad.
  9. I meant the full tank listing with limited / locked MM tanks etc. but this is nice too. Maybe I will play a second game in the Ausf J oh wait it's the D I only played 1 game in, the J I have played 6
  10. Pfft - dragged my M4 to 80% well after the HEAT nerf when I had last played it as a red baddie shitloard. If you are feeling down though just get a B2 platoon with all APCR going. It's cathartic for you and teaches new players a valuable lesson - P2W or GTFO. Pretty sure he would nuke Vietnam for a Nintendo 64.
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