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  1. This reminds me I have a reroll on eu. Off to liberate shitlord Europe with freedom shells.
  2. Just out brawled an e5 on malunovka hill. IS-3 best t10 heavy na
  3. Why not sell him those damn shoes for twice the market price?
  4. I will never know what made me read the last pages of this thread or why I came here. All I know is neither the time nor the brain cells wasted will ever come back. F to my sanity
  5. I found the KR better for carrying and the Mutz more fun. All around the KR fields better (subjective) armor with more HP and improved gun handling -> carry on comrade
  6. Nehkcist


    Well one can either play a true WW2 icon or some fantasy makeup jap looser tenk which happens to be OP as fuck because reasons. I'll stick to my KV-2, tbh mainly because it got 4 skills and I don't want to invest time into grinding a crew for some fotm t6 tank.
  7. Two IS-6s facing off each other are now more ridiculous than ever. The lulz of 2 tomatoes bouncing off each other for 5 mins. Priceless..
  8. Rudy on sale again today bois
  9. Its certainly racist, should be banned.
  10. I am too old to grind t9 modules, it's cancer. Free XP master race
  11. Help pls, must have sound mod for 0.9.14

  12. after playing vanilla for more than a year WG finally made the game unplayable for me without mods. Those gun sounds are unbearable...

    1. BlackAdder


      Quite opposite for me. Running stock now for 12h. I really like this version. 

  13. That author still alive? I bet he himself still has not figured out what this show actually is supposed to be. It had some strong plots yet failed to follow through with any of it. I doubt he can bring it all together with season 6.
  14. Get 111-1-4 or T-10? Can't decide. On paper T-10 seems to have better turret and gun handling but less alpha.

    Any input on this?


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    2. CarbonWard


      T10 is stronger than C-4, but 113 is more meta than IS7

    3. Lockhart77


      My vote goes for 1-4. That alpha and speed for a t9 heavium is gr8 

    4. Errants


      I've both and enjoy both. 1-4 was keeper, unsure if T-10 will be (current grind).

      Big boom of 1-4 is giggle worthy.

  15. Nehkcist

    Leopard 1

    epic fail kappa! Muahahahaha
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