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  1. Well, you now know who to name your first born after now don't you? So, your life is fullfilled.... Others have different opinions. Isnt' life interesting...
  2. MoonRider is right. Whether you realize it or not some of us out here are reaching beyond other physcial, medication issues, technical issues, contraints, and don't always have Super-Platoons, on our side to do this. I don't think you guys fully understand what others are having to deal with. And then you wonder why so many people are Ticked off, when right when they are on the "Mathematical verge" of reaching a goal post it gets moved up ward on them. And this is not the first time this has happend...
  3. Then have these guys come out of hiding and go over there and explain in full detail to the entire Comunity which bears those Tags in full blown open disclousre detail what they have done here. The entire community wants to know.. And do you blame them??? I don't...
  4. Why don't you go over to the main forum then and tell the entire WOT community that remark then over there to all the MASSES then with the fury?? Go ahead.... Let see if you do it? I wanna see... Lets see you gring the ax, instead of do an attack bash here?
  5. My colors went down man... How can I jump from a yellow all the way to RED ? No,,, I don't like it.. sorry...' ILL gotten... yea right. More Elitism...
  6. You know what? Moonrider, you have a point.................. >:| NeverWish.. What is this DATA you speak of? Lets see it.....! TRUST BUT VERIFY..... What kind of cooking of numbers do we have here? I seeing some chatter right now,,,, and a lot of people are UNHAPPY..! >
  7. The scourge of the out of control ARTY clickers, must cleansed from the land. "Their Terror bombs must be eradicated." I suggested the other day to have a more clear plain stat that could be displayed for all tankers to see how many times they have been killed by Arty (on the main forum), and I was swarmed by ARTY apologizers, ARTY antagonist, and ARTY foul mouths, with jeering clicking sounds of their mouse fingers energize by their new mission priorities. to hell with all this Arty.....
  8. yes, I was stationed at a neighboring Air Force Base not far from his several years back in Florida that he was stationed at. I PM him once, he's an AF Vet. I worked in Communications Cryptoanalysis Electronics when I was there. We used to transmit their data in my dept./area. in our system way back in the day. I had some fun memories being stationed there.
  9. Are you referring to the tank physics in War Thunder Ground Forces? The way they handle when driving, etc? I am under the impression that's the tanks physics for how they handle? That's my understanding when I'm playing their tanks in ground forces. I've asked that question before myself. Tanks do not control the same way as in WOT. It's more simulator handling. Do you have any information about this that I don't? Share please.
  10. You know what I would like to know is, how can you translate when they type in Russian? Is there even a way to down load anything, or any type of modifications that would translate the various languages on the servers to your language in a "2ndary" text for you to see what they are saying. I wonder if WOT has thought of this? maybe I will make a suggestion to them. Is there anything I'm not aware of?
  11. Maybe you look like a Russian to them? I saw them kill two EU players once, kill a US & Asian Server player all in one game (just a week ago). I saw them kill each other during historical battles I played in a few days ago. Also, there are a few clips on you tube where they kill people from other servers. Jingles, even has some "footage" of them TKing other players that were not RU players. They do it for kicks man. Your just not playing the right times or something? Maybe they think your one of them? Maybe they looked at your profile picture here of that "Bear" you have.
  12. Yes, I have. I've thought of it already. Was also thinking of it again around midnight tonight as a matter a fact. Gee, wouldn't it be nice to have an actual account of "Freedom". To enjoy something for a change. And for some creativity, or actually learning something from the other side of the brain for a change? Dude, I've been on meds I've had to take since I started playing tanks, now everyone knows what its like to play tanks in my world for a change. "welcome to my world" Its a whole different challenge isn't it? Its something you can't explain to people until they have deal
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEtBs6j7QgU Apparently, this man had an issue with them too. But, I guess we will put him down as a dirty Socialist as well. And for the hypocrites that show up in the pew every Sunday what worse do we say of them?
  14. Yes Pity Fool, I would like to make an appointment in the future. I would be the fool to pass up on help when it presents itself. Need to time to put together a small list of things, and areas I need help in first. Gosh knows I need help. Hopefully I can PM some point in the near future? Val
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