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  1. I'm having one. If it has T49 in the name, it's got to be good, right? right???
  2. What do you mean now? I was always beneath your notice. Still am, surely.
  3. I find the changes in the map distracting. I'm not a fan of this particular atmospheric change. Now if I could shoot one of the planes and watch its fiery husk crash into an enemy TD, that would be trick! WG pls do that.
  4. Did you know that the name Apache emerged from a homonym? It was initially described as "a patchy http server" and the name got styled a little and turned out Apache. True facts from an old timey computer guy.
  5. I like music done well. Pretty non-partisan otherwise. But here we are talkin music in the wrong thread...
  6. if only I could mohawk... Actually tried working with some country musicians a few years back. Say what ya like, country is technically demanding in the bass world. Metal is so much easier.
  7. Nice groove, Crab! I plays the bass as well... no recording but I has picture!
  8. I miss my disarm thief the most... and the guild o thieves I ran around with... that was so good.
  9. Welcome! Enjoy your stay! Have a cookie or some coffee and post some useful replays with insightful commentary, won't ya?
  10. Hopefully they go a donation route if they choose to monetize. If it was a pay-to-XVM thing I'm sure many would pay and even more would stop using it. But to answer the OP's questions: I'd pay to use it. I would not pay for camo (easy to say with stats like mine)
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