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  1. rip in peace worst

    1. xRightygamer


      Despite everything that he's done to me, I still somewhat miss him. He gave me the best time I ever had in WoT, then took it away.

      10/10 would be bullied again

  2. You are now forever miss by me...

  3. A piece of you will live on in all of us RIP

  4. How much can you control of yourself?

  5. can you pls link me gifs that u posted in arty topic ?

    1. deetz



      Permanently Banned

    2. deetz


      Yeah he's not replying to you any time soon.

    3. oczymm
  6. all it creates is limbo fag platoons in tier 6 that only plays hellcat running joke is that if you look at any of those imbo clans you can find every single member with shit dpg in tier 10 and having hellcat as most played tank Most people I know from that were once in those set of clans got out as soon as they padded hard enough to join another clan. And they always seem to talk shit, it's hilarious when I was platooning with 2 g members and LIMBO tried to call them out on being shitty statpadders. top lel
  7. ^title Finally unvac banned from steam so bring it bitches rules: quickscope only no head glitching no camping http://steamcommunity.com/id/loliislove
  8. my nuggah luna, go write me a gud garbad x kewei x kewis dad fanfic i
  9. I liked 4 kidz dubZ 4kidz 1 piece was the shit
  10. Start with these good show, recommended for anyone interested in getting autism. Bible Black Taboo Charming Mother Boku no Pico Aki-sora Ane-koi thank god some people here don't have shit taste
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