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  1. all it creates is limbo fag platoons in tier 6 that only plays hellcat running joke is that if you look at any of those imbo clans you can find every single member with shit dpg in tier 10 and having hellcat as most played tank Most people I know from that were once in those set of clans got out as soon as they padded hard enough to join another clan. And they always seem to talk shit, it's hilarious when I was platooning with 2 g members and LIMBO tried to call them out on being shitty statpadders. top lel
  2. ^title Finally unvac banned from steam so bring it bitches rules: quickscope only no head glitching no camping http://steamcommunity.com/id/loliislove
  3. my nuggah luna, go write me a gud garbad x kewei x kewis dad fanfic i
  4. I liked 4 kidz dubZ 4kidz 1 piece was the shit
  5. Start with these good show, recommended for anyone interested in getting autism. Bible Black Taboo Charming Mother Boku no Pico Aki-sora Ane-koi thank god some people here don't have shit taste
  6. chinese animu rips r shit read jap an get it 4 from da source
  7. black bullet is shit -filled with cliches -loli only 7/10, can't save show by herself in fact only reason I watched show -never mix moe and grim -ntr is on weak side -shitty generic villian - terrible plot that makes the last 5 episodes of oriemo seem gud
  8. Still really on the fence about going to uk. all my friends in uk are in like africa or some shit doing peace corps stuff. Ireland looks pretty beautiful, but rest of uk looks like a chav infested shit hole.
  9. How many battles til I get 69.420% w/r is the real question
  10. 1390 isn't hard at all 2 play. If you can figure out out 2 make 5 apcr shots hit per game, ur purple brah. Who needs vision when you got dat damage.
  11. lol anyone who says ami isn't best girl should commit sodoku kthx
  12. my animu konnects say monster girl animu inbound 4 next year fap fap fap
  13. Arty fags pls go there and stay go
  14. Well experienced from Chinese pickpockets, don't think whiteys can match the small hands of a chinky thief. In yuro I'll like to try the tap/craft beer you can only get in yurop. Greece the giant shit hole as it's reputed to be? I sorta wanna see the classics, but heard they are all surrounded by thugs that demand money
  15. Indeed planning to use trains as primary source of transportation, supposedly yuro trains are second only to japan. I've traveled on 5 yuan trains in china, so even the most gypsy laden trains can't be that bad
  16. I've been told that polish girls = 100% sluts. Not really googling much, having everything exactly planned out ruins the adventure
  17. Also this trip isn't just 100% get high fuck yuro bitches rave hard. Museums/historical shit is pretty up there for me. I've been told that the louvre is pretty overrated. Military museums that are good would be nice, but they all seem shitty other than the tank museum in the uk
  18. What's all the hate with gypsys? All yuros hate them passionately and warn me of their ways, some even go to say hurler did nothing wrong killing the roma
  19. I've been told to be prepared for the gypsy menace. they will beg and if that don't work they will steal. Basically looks like gypsy = watch ur valuables
  20. Going 2 fly into Netherlands to meet a highschool friend, go 2 tmrw land, sober up in Belgium for a few days and literally anywhere in Europe a canadian passport can let me go is fine. (No solid plan after that, just wander around Europe backpacking I guess)
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