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  1. RIP Warhammer 9th age......

    Glad all the balance changes are done by 5 people instead of the 5000 members playtesting.

  2. Nintendo WTF was that....

    2 min trailer about the past then boom...

    Sun and Moon..Late 2016...

    No trailer, no nothing.....But at least they announced Rich and peasant Chinese 

  3. monkey10120


    All aboard the hype train boiz
  4. monkey10120

    XCOM 2

    So far the performance is poop. AA absolutely kills the game but at least I can override and use FXAA from nvidia control panel. At 3440x1440 with a 980ti on max settings I can pull 60 with FXAA and AA turned off in game. But constant drops to 30 fps and below are common. Probably the worst thing so far are the bugs. Multiple missions I have had cover and even SOLDIERS disappear. Cover such as trains and trucks that normally are not destroyed just 100% disappear at the start of some turns. One turn I had 4 troops behind a train and 1 on top and when it was the aliens turn it just turned
  5. of course there would be a cookie clicker update. Well better check my raspberry pi I have had running for a year running solely CC. RIP productivity at work

    1. Shade421






  6. Fuck work. Why the fuck does IT always have to follow the fucking rules to a T but everyone else can do what the fuck they want.

    1. TheMarine0341


      Because the rest of the company is fucking clueless about how if we do ONE FUCKING THING WRONG, they can do NOTHING. NOTHING. THEY LOSE. GOOD DAY SIR



  7. So what is with this WOWS update coming up. Finally are buffing DDs but now its like WTF.

    4th camander skill giving torp speed boost.

    Jap consumable giving INSTANT FUCKING RELOAD.

    So 40 72 knot torps. GG guys was close.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Shade421


      I don't think they understand how nonsensical and frustrating waves of torps coming from invisible ships is to most players. 

    3. Tedster59


      did they change it back again?  poking people now.

    4. Tedster59


      Yep, just checked, WG translation fail it seems.  Supposedly Asia lists it as for hatsuharu and kagero only, which is what is correct from what I'm hearing.

  8. Traverse might be bad but the ability to reposition and poke super effectively will make this tank a nightmare to fight. The T9 WT is annoying enough with its camo but its suffers from its speed. Its not OP but I think it will be one of the top TDs.
  9. So little amount of people not noticing this is a T9 WT that goes 60 fucking KM with 22.5 hp/t..... Its a light tank with a 15cm........like what the fuck....oh yeah and aiming is not required.
  10. monkey10120


    Doing some research it looks like ray in doubles is not good(not horrid but is too squishy).....I need to get back into this I think. Last time I played competitively was X/Y, I played through AS then got busy with other things. Ray is still king in singles though, but its sad to see it fall so fast. Also it looks like the best teams have Pyogre and Pdon instead of Zerneas. People are talking about Ho-oh but havent seen replays or anyone using it in showdown.
  11. monkey10120


    I am going to get back into it here shortly. The current VGC looks interesting but two ubers is too much. I mean Ray on every team is going to be a pain in the ass to counter.
  12. monkey10120


    That's what I am saying. Give him a primal with 240 or remove the ability and maybe he wouldn't be the worst legendary.
  13. monkey10120


    Ah hell nah. I am fine with most gen 3 legends getting primals but I will quit forever if they release an 800+ mega. Maybe regigigas will get a mega so his attack stat is normal for once.
  14. monkey10120


    Gen 3 is still the most badass gen. I hate Arceus. I mean at least have Giratina as the god not a fucking reindeer
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