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  1. I was in that very position a year ago, I still managed to play the SU-122-54, or play a TDM match on BF3 Noshar canals. MY left hand doesn't seem to be as damaged as yours though. As some other people said, turn based strategy games, You could also give a try to Faster than light, using the pause button very often.
  2. Yeah, they actually had. I remember seeing them on newegg. Apple just made its desktop using PCI-e SSDs, however I do not know who builds them.
  3. I never got to understand how the range finder worked.
  4. Trying out the ACE 23. That thing. That fucking thing, is OP as shit.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/user/LevelCapGaming This guy is pretty good and offer nice advice. Has a video up every day.
  6. DMRs are now 3 shots on all body parts, and two shot head shot. And yes you can still double/triple tap with iglas. You can also still do it with javelin/SRAW.
  7. Graphically speaking, the game is well optimised, especially considering how shitty the net code is. Christ, when people tell you BF4's net code is worse than BF3's, you know something is wrong.
  8. Currently, there aren't really shit tier weapons. The DMRs got buffed, they're still hard to handle, but you can manage just fine in them if you know what you are doing. Snipers are ugly until you get to the SRR-61 which absolutely ridiculous. Carbines are good, especially the AK-5C and G-36C. Assault rilfe are quite good generally speaking. MGs are decent, except the AWS which is assault rifle good, and you can suppress the shit out of anybody you see at pretty much any range with all MGs. Shottys are shottys, shitty at range, very good in CQC.
  9. My Sager uses a 120w power adapter and unless that thing has two GPUs, I don't think it has 150w. On topic now, like someone said, it's most likely a overheating issue. However, just blowing compressed air into the fans won't cut it, at the very least you'll have dust buildups elsewhere in your machine, which doesn't really solve the problem. You need to open it and then clean it up with everything you've got.
  10. http://www.xoticpc.com/ This should be the go to website for pretty much anyone looking for higher end laptops.
  11. Oh, I have a key for a very special game. Code for Endwar Online technical test, this weekend. PM me. Will answer tomorrow to the first person who sends me one.
  12. Generally speaking, AMD CPUs are relatively easy to OC. However, your MB should be your main concern here. OEM MB, like every other parts of prefabricated PCs have been scimped on to the very extent they can have been.
  13. The only thing stopping valve from doing all their sequels in the source engine, they're waiting for it to be fully functional and practical to start thinking about making a game with its name on it. That and they just wait for Steam's profit to have a reduced margin of profit to have gamers look in their store once again. I can almost assure you that if that game ever launches, it will be during a seasonal sale orshortly before one.
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