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  1. Got one few minutes ago, after ~50 boxes.. wasn't really trying to get one just bought boxes for gold value.
  2. skorp G 3 marked... only took an extra 10 battles because I got one shot by arty :(


    1. Errants


      Were you able to redeem for your female crew member?

  3. I don't know if you play any FPS but you might wanna have a look at this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZzbKDmFOqsP_ut2RdctD01OEbZzbXol6HLwqVkSmZcg/edit#gid=0 Basically, not all mice have flawless sensors and some have negative/positive acceleration and at certain DPI levels. But if all you play is WoT then that is irrelevant because that game requires close to no aiming.
  4. The best advice I can give you is to stop playing around with your settings. Find something you're comfortable with and stick with it (that's the only way you will build muscle memory). The g502 has a good sensor (avoid super high dpi still they tend to produce negative accel even tho like I said, the g502 has a good sensor). WoT is probably a terrible measure for aim as it requires none whatsoever, just gotta be decent at leading targets vs shell velocity and... that's about it. Generally you wanna be able to do a 360 without running out of your mousepad, you don't have want a sensitivi
  5. Just 3 marked the strv 74 (my first 3marks yay), what a tank. Definitely a keeper even tho low tier sucks.


  6. I decided not to reinstall xvm after the update.  #vanilla time. So far I don't miss it at all. 

    1. TAdoo87


      Well done! With time you will learn to evaluate players based on the movement, positioning, shooting etc, almost like you had XVM. The big difference is, if you pay attention to these things, your situational awareness will improve, and you will tunnel vision less often.

      Way to go! :epicsaxguy:

  7. @CraBeatOff Thanks again for doing this very appreciated. So for this replay you roll out to the usual E5 spot, using your speed to get there before their meds/lights so you can bomb them while they cross... In this case the skoda t50 but he stop midway(and the amx30 kinda fucked it up for you). Them you saw the 112 pushing up and showing his side so you tried to get a good shot on him (this time the amx30 did fuck it up for you). It's unfortunate you could of had 1 maybe two good shots on the tiger but the amx was being a dick and you had the rush the shot. All the heavies being de
  8. would you buy IS2B or e25?



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheMarine0341


      IS2B will be on sale again in the future

      E25 is a broken, OP SOB that should NOT have been put back on sale

    3. hallo1994


      Quick! Get the E25!... if you know how to play no turreted tds.

    4. nemlengyel


      it isn't even that good it's just annoying as fuck

      kurwa e25

  9. Yay! finally teal overall

  10. lf some nerds to play AW with, add me : dekciw (my highest tier is 4 atm though)

    1. Buck_Wild


      I'll add ya. I need toonmates.

  11. 3.3k WN8 session... 40% w/r fuck life

  12. I used to play a lot but the competitive scene has been going downhill for a few seasons already so I kinda quit but I did play in ugc-hl plat and esea for 6's Here is hoping that overwatch will be good cause I really enjoyed TF2
  13. Never had this problem at lower tier but now that I'm getting t9-t10 games... how do you get into city as a heavy? I get spotted before I even get to the first house and I'm pretty much instant dead. Only time I ever made it safe is by using others as a meatshield
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