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    Perenthis reacted to CraBeatOff in T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package   
    Purchased: Equipment 'Stabilizing Equipment System' successfully purchased (1 item(s)).
    You spent bond:  5,000.

    Equipment 'Stabilizing Equipment System' mounted on vehicle.
    Its a new era boys. 
    https://www.mediafire.com/file/6z95aaaabaa9pem/A New Derp Era.zip

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    Perenthis reacted to brumbarr in The maths of aiming mechanics explored.   
    After a thread on the forums about  aimtime and how it works. I decided I wanted to figure it out exactly. All we know for now is that aim time is the time it take to reduce the aimcircle to 40% its size, dispersion is something that  say show much the circle gets bigger and accuracy is the size of the aimingcircle when fully aimed. However, we do not know  the exact relations between these 2 and how exactly they  influence the size of the aiming circle at all times.
    So thats what I set out to do, finding a mathmatical description of the size of the aimingcircle. The method is simple: measure the size of the aimingcircle for different tanks and speeds in a trainingroom.   Thanks for uglycousin for giving me a second person to set up the trainingroom.
    To measure the size of the circle, first I  did the test driving in the room. Then I watched the replays and paused at certain moments. I then took a screenshot of  my whole screen, makign sure I was always in 8x zoom. Then I took those screenshots into paint and measured the circle diameter in pixels.
    I will now describe the process and results of my investigation. But if you dont want to read that, scroll down tot he conclusion on the bottom.
    Disclaimer: the following formulas are NOT what WG uses, I made a linear  model that describes the size of the aimingcircle as close as possible. 
    Aiming circle bloom

    I assumed there where 3 variables that had an influence on bloom: speed, dispersion and accuray. I tried to do test in which I held 2 variables constant to  see the influence of 1.

     I started  with gathering data of 2 different dispersion numbers for which I picked 4 tanks with different accuracy and measured the size at each speedincrease of 10 untill 50 kph.
    These are the raw results:


    From that I made a graph of the dispersion in function of speed , and calculated the gradient  of the graph assuming linear increase.  Then obviously  the  aiming circle size = C*v+accuracy.

    With V=speed and C being the gradient, which consist of unknown  factors. To check the linear approach was decent I plotted the model and experiment:

    As you can see the linear approach to the speed factor isnt perfect but not massivly different, only in the middle it differs.  I am happy enough with this.

    Now we need to determine what the C factor consist off. Since there are only 2 variables left, it has to consist dispersion or/and accuracy components.

    As you can see in the data, with the same dispersion numbers, the aiming circle fort he same speed is bigger when the accuracy is bigger.  So there has to be an accuracy factor in C,  which is proportional to accuracy.   
    Here you can see accuracy vs circle size:

    As you can see, the increase isnt marginal. We can now rewrite our formula as:


    With D an unknown factor containing dispersion in some form.  As we can see, size of aiming circle is directly proportional to accuracy. So an increase in accuracy of 25% will results in 25% better gun handling.  This is why the E50/E50M have such amazing gun handling , their dispersion isnt great , but good, but due to the very good accuracy their gun handling is much better than at first glance.  The WZ-132-1 has the exact same dispersion values, so you would think the gun handling would bet he same, but no, since it has 33% worse accuracy is will have 33% worse gun handling, which is massive! Thats more than a vstab! 

    Next task is determining the factor D. The only  variable left is dispersion, so I tested different tanks with differnt dispersion at the same speed, their accuracy was different, but thats fine, sicne we can normalise for that.    These numbers showed that the factor D was proportional to the dispersion values, so D=c*dispersion, with c an unknow constant.

    Now the formula looks like this:


    Determining c was done by plottign the experminetal result and  trying some numbers until the model best fits the experiment. I took c=0.68.

    The influence of dispersion can be see in this graph:

    Now we have a formula that gives a perfect description of aiming circle size in function of all variables.  Next up is determing a  the time it takes fort he circle to shrink, or the actuall aiming time for the tank.

    Aiming time:

    We know aiming time is the time it takes fort he circle to shrink by 60% its startign size.

     So we can write:
    S1=S2*(4/10)^(t/T) with T=aiming time, S1 size after time t, S2= starting size.

    Solving this for t we get: t=T*(log(S1/S2)/log(4/10)).

      We can now determine the time it take from any speed to reach any size we want.

    To determe the time it takes to fully aim, jsut replace S1 by the accuracy of the gun. Note this time is independant of accuracy! ( which is logical, since it needs to go to  a smaller circle but also does it faster, these 2 cancel out)
    Plotting this for 3 different tank in fucntion of time comming to a stop from a speed of 50 (40 for conway) we get:

    Influence of equipment/skills etc.

    Now that we have every formula we need we can quantify the influence of equipment/skills/directives/modules. To do so simply multiply the variable that gets influenced by (1-0,01*improvement in %). Dispersion values only get influenced by vstabs and the smooth ride skill.Other equipment only influences the accuracy value.

     Note that the same improvement to acc or dispersion results in a bigger improvement in size for what improves acc than what improves dispersion. Vstabs for example do not make the size of the circle shrink by 20%, they make the increase in size  less by 20%.
    Lets take a look at a common dillema:vstabs vs gun laying drive, lets try this on 2 different tanks:

    We can clearly see what the difference in vstab and gld is, vstab makes the circle smaller, so you start smaller but the decrease is still the same, gld starts at a bigger size but then starts to decrease faster, catching up tot the vstabs. In the BCs case, the time to fully aim is actually lower when equiping gld than when equiping vstabs.

    Mathmaticly, gld decrease the total time to aim by 10%,  whereas vstabs decrease the total time to aim by subtracting 20% *initial size. To know wether vstabs or gld is better depends on the tank and how much you want to aim, you can determine this by pluggin in the numbers and plotting it for each vehicle, sicne i twill be different for each.
    As general rules however, these apply:

    ·      - Bad dispersion + bad aimtime:

     Vstab better, unless you  fully aim from full speed.
    ·     -  Bad dispersion + good aimtime

    :Vstab better, unless at high speed when fully aiming.
    ·       -Good dispersion + bad aimtime

    :Vstabs always superior
    ·       -Good aimtime + good dispersion

    :Vstabs always superior


    Conclusion and TLDR:

    ·      - Accuracy has a massive  influence on aiming circle size on the move, they are proportional.

    ·      - Aiming circle size is proportional to speed/dispersion.

    ·       -To determine what gun has better actual gun handling: multply accuracy with dispersion, the lower the numbers the better the gun handling.

    ·     -  Size of aiming circle= Acc(0.68*d*v+1)

    ·      - Time to fully aim = Aiming time*(-log(0.68*d*v+1)/log(4/10))

    ·      - Vstabs is superior to gld in most situations.

    ·     -  Influencing accuracy gives a better boost than influencing dispersion values.

    Whats next?

    Next up I need to investigate how turning the turret and hull   effect dipsersion and work with the above formulas.

     I wil also try to combine this with  my previous thread where I determined shot distribution in the aiming circle, then I can plot change to hit a target vs time and determine the optimal time to shoot.

    I hope you enjoyed the read and that i twill help you  determinign how a tank will perform. I hope that youtubers do become aware that accuracy has a massive influence over dispersion, as  currently reviews are misleading since they dont know what actually effects gun handling. Spread the word!
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    Perenthis reacted to TheMarine0341 in Survival Guide: Playing Without Certain Crew Skills   
    Hello hello!

    Recently, @_Juris and I started writing articles for @dance210 and WGNA. We're calling it, for the time being "A Survival Guide: " and then attempt to cover in some (lel) detail geared towards players just learning or still fresh to the game. These are not meant as a be-all-end-all guide, but as a somewhat solid foundation towards simply improving your own beginner play. This is our second go around, more coming as we find the time and topics
    A Survival Guide: Playing Without 6th Sense (And other skills)
    Hello, and welcome back to “A Survival Guide!”  Today, we’re covering a rather difficult subject, but one that all new players will (unfortunately) have to deal with: how to best play your tank without crew skills, particularly 6th Sense.  It's possible to play very successfully without crew skills, but doing so can be exceptionally difficult especially for newer players who are still learning the fundamentals of general gameplay.  We will explain how to best maximize your potential to successfully play World Of Tanks without even the most vital crew skills and perks.
    A Definition
    Note that we said “skills” AND “perks.”  What is the difference between the two?
    Skills become effective immediately, with your current “percentage” in the skill being applied against the maximum possible benefit of the skill to determine the current benefit.  For example, if you choose Situational Awareness as a skill for your Radio Operator, at 100% effectiveness, it will provide a maximum of a 3% increase to your vehicle’s base view range.  Thus, if your current “percentage” in the skill is 10%, you will receive a 0.3% increase to your vehicle’s base view range.
    Perks, in contrast, only become effective when your “percentage” in them reaches 100%.  They do, quite literally, nothing at all up until that point.  This is why, as we discussed in our earlier article, unless you are STRONGLY credit/gold constrained, it is worth choosing skills first, and then once the skills reach 100%, re-training to get a perk (assuming that what you really wanted was the perk).  The most common mistake we see in this area is that people will choose Brothers In Arms (a perk, usually referred to as BIA) as their first proficiency.  This means that they receive no benefits whatsoever to any of their crew members until they have all reached 100% in BIA, which can take quite a long time.
    6th Sense (Perk): “Am I Spotted?” + IS-3 hits you for 400 HP = Yup
    The first question I ever asked out loud in World of Tanks is quite simple: “How the &$*@#$!!! can someone see me and is shooting me?!?!?!” It was the map “Province”, and I was in a T1 Cunningham.  It was a perfect illustration of the fact that when you are a new player, you don’t EVEN know what you don’t know.  What I didn’t know was that: 1) I had no clue what View Range was; and 2) I had no clue what ‘spots’ on my tank would allow me to be seen
    View range, put simply, is the farthest distance at which a particular tank can spot an enemy tank.  This distance is a limit, however, and not all tanks within the “circle” of your view range will be spotted because of the effects of camouflage.  If the enemy tank is not moving (unless it’s a light tank, as the special ability of light tanks is that moving does not reduce their camouflage value), is behind cover, or has not fired their gun recently, then you may need to be closer than your maximum view range in order to spot them, as camouflage acts to reduce your effective view range with respect to the tank you are trying to spot.

    So how does your tank get spotted?  On every tank in World of Tanks, there are 8 positions on your tank which the game server “checks” to see if it's within Line of Sight (LOS) of another tank.  4 positions are pretty simple: the middle of the front, rear, and each side of your tank.  If any of these points are exposed to the LOS of an enemy, they can see you.  In addition to the 4 positions on the hull, there are 4 more on the turret: the mantlet (NOT the gun!), the top of your commander’s hatch, and the middle of the left and right sides. Again, if these are positioned in a way which is within LOS of an enemy, they can spot you and shoot you even if you cannot spot or see them.

    So, how can you use this information to your advantage?  First and foremost: always assume that if you’re moving, there’s a strong chance you’re spotted.  Second, utilize the mini-map to your advantage!  Most of the better players in World of Tanks check their mini-maps in the same way many of us hopefully check our speed limit while driving in an area known for speed traps! If someone is within 445 meters of you, and has LOS to your position, you’re probably going to be spotted and shot at.  How can you tell if they’re within 445 meters?  The white circle on your minimap is drawn at 445 meters from your tank, so if the enemy is within the white circle, they are within 445 meters.  Now, this can vary for tanks of different classes. Scout tanks keep their camo ability at 100% on the move, so they can often move in the open freely to sometimes 400 meters. For medium tanks, the distance is about 425 meters, while most other classes can be spotted at the full 445 meters while on the move.

    There are other indicators that you’re spotted, and need to take “hard” cover (indestructible buildings, terrain, dead tanks, etc).  First and most obviously, you’re being shot at!  Second: If a tank you’re shooting at turns their gun towards you and pauses for a second, you’re probably spotted.  Third: Sound. Loud explosion on a building nearby?  Probably arty.  Puff marks and sound on the ground nearby?  They’re missing you.  Fourth: Suddenly 3 or 4 tanks are visible within your view range?  They’ve all probably started shooting at you!.
    There are exceptions to all of these, but you can successfully these principles in ~90% of the in-game situations you will find yourself in.
    Repairs (Skill): Tracks Are Gone… HALP!
    So now, you’ve ground out some low tiers and are now into the meat and potatoes of World of Tanks: tiers 5 and 6, where the differences between Light Tanks, Scout Tanks, Medium Tanks,  Heavy Tanks, and Tank Destroyers becomes more apparent.  You want to play your brand new KV-1, KV-1S, or T1 Heavy, for example. Since the previous tanks in those lines were Medium Tanks, you’ve probably bought a brand-new crew for your new Heavy Tank.  With this new crew you should start training Repairs.  Repairs is possibly the 2nd most important skill, as it increases your survivability more than any other skill in the game (with the exception of 6th Sense) for the majority of tanks.
    However, since your crew is new and you haven’t yet trained your Repair skill very much, your repair time feels like it takes forever, and you’re finding that you’re dying VERY quickly as you’re unable to repair your tracks quickly enough to get out of danger.  How do you mitigate this problem?
    First, go into the “Controls” section of the Game Settings, bind your second consumable spot to the “5” key, and then make sure you equip your Small Repair Kit in the second consumable spot (which will correspond to the “5” key).  Why does this help?  Because when you activate your repair kit, your tracks are always selected for repair by pressing the “5” key.  Thus, binding your keys and equipping your repair kit in this way means that double tapping the “5” key will allow you to select the repair icon, and then your tracks.
    Second, pay close attention to your positioning (and particularly the angle at which you expose your tracks and tank to the enemy) and how it affects track and vehicle damage.  Lose your tracks to a shot?  That’s ok much of the time - unless the enemy tank can fire quickly enough to keep you permanently tracked, you can just wait until your crew repairs your tracks and retreat.  Lose your tracks and your health at the same time?  You’re over-angled!
    Finally, if you have credits to spare or have utilized sales correctly, you can use the premium consumables “Large Repair Kit” and “Food” for your tank. If the large repair kit is un-used, it decreases your repair time by 10% for a damaged module. Food will decrease your repair time by an effective 5%, equaling a reduction in repair time of of 15%. WarGaming has indicated that they’re moving towards consumables having repeated use throughout a battle after a cool-down period, which will greatly help the utility of these consumables.
    Object 260


    There are other tips and tricks you can learn, but these can provide a solid base to start from.

    Camo (Skill): I Don’t Know How To Kemp Boosh, I Die Too Soon!
    Now you’ve ground to tank destroyers like the T67 or Hellcat, or to scout tanks like the Chaffee or T37, and you know you’re going to do a lot of sniping and scouting.  In this case, the ability to not be seen is paramount, so Camouflage is an excellent first skill to select.  The Camouflage skill increases the base camo value of your tank in all three conditions - stationary, while moving, and after shooting.  Using the T67 (US Tier 5 Tank Destroyer) as an example, the base Camouflage values are 20.63 stationary, 12.36 while moving, and 5.36 after shooting (higher values are better).  For a crew where all crew members have Camouflage trained to 100%, those values increase to 37.44 stationary, 22.43 while moving, and 9.73 after shooting, respectively - nearly double the base values!
    STRV-S1 without Crew Skills

    STRV-S1 With a Full Camo Crew

    However, like repairs, this can take a while to train and in the meanwhile, you’re getting shot at all the time, even when you’re pretty sure you’re safe since you’ve learned about your mini-map! Or, you’re in a scout tank and you’re attempting to scout effectively for your team. How can we maximize your potential?
    First, minimize your exposure over ridge lines where there is no “Cover” (meaning bushes or trees to help keep your tank hidden while you spot).  Some tanks and tank destroyers have good gun depression (essentially, how far downwards you can point the barrel of the gun relative to the tank hull).  With such tanks (American tanks, for example, nearly all feature excellent gun depression), you’re very often able to only expose your turret while firing. However, other tanks such as the SU-85, SU-100 will have very little depression making ridges harder to use.  There are two ways around this.  
    First, micro-terrain features can often allow your tank to be hull down on flat terrain, without needing to expose over a ridge.  Second, you can learn to manipulate your tank with terrain so that you’re sideways on a slope, peaking over. Be careful, though, as this can allow your tracks to be exposed.  And finally, if you can’t get the shot you want by moving forward, try backing up.  Wait, what?  By backing up the rear slope of a hill, you’re able to raise the rear of your tank hull higher than the front, and thus create “extra” gun depression as most guns in World of Tanks have much better elevation (the range at which your gun will point upwards) than depression.  This can allow you to still fire over a hill while minimizing your exposure, even in tanks with poor gun depression (Chinese mediums i’m looking at you).  Please keep in mind, though, this WILL expose some of the weakest armor on your vehicle (the rear engine deck and the top of your turret) and should be used with caution!
    Second, make use of bushes and trees.  Both bushes and trees can increase the Camouflage value of your vehicle as long as you keep your 8 spotting checkpoints hidden behind the bush or tree.  Two things to keep in mind - not all bushes and trees provide the same amount of camouflage (roughly, they provide between a static 10% and 50% increase in Camouflage, depending on their density), and trees provide Camouflage whether standing or knocked over, but in either condition, trees only provide Camouflage if you properly position your tank entirely behind the part of the tree that is providing Camouflage.  What this means is that you should knock trees down perpendicular to the angle from which you expect the enemy to approach to maximize their effectiveness as Camouflage.  It is also important to remember that bush and tree camo is additive - so if you are behind more than one, you get the benefit of Camouflage from both.  This is one of the easiest ways to fire at other tanks while not being spotting - just sit behind lots of dense bushes.
    Third, pay attention to whether the bush or tree you are sitting behind is translucent or opaque.  If the bush is translucent, that means that you are within 15m of it, and it will provide its full Camo benefit as long as you do not fire your gun.  If you fire your gun, for several seconds all bushes within 15 meters no longer stack their Camo values - only the densest bush is counted, and its value is reduced to 30% of its maximum.  In contrast, if the bush is opaque, you are more than 15m away from it, and you will not lose the benefit of its full Camo if you fire your gun.  Of course, when the bush is translucent, you may spot through it, but when it is opaque, you cannot.  You know now how to camo snipe from bushes - go forth and abuse your fellow tankers!
    If you really want to play around with camo values and how they change under various game conditions, http://www.wotinfo.net/en/camo-calculator is an excellent resource.
    Fire Fighting (Skill): Wait… Why Is This A Skill?
    Just… don't. Don't train this skill. Not yet. This is like, 5th on the list of priorities and we hope that WarGaming will re-work this skill before you even get to this point!  The only time this skill is really useful is when you get VERY experienced crews (and you’re very good at the game) and you want to run food (a premium consumable) instead of a fire extinguisher.  And if you’re already that good, you’re probably not reading this guide.  If you ARE already that good and are reading this guide, uh, hi Carbonward!
    Brother In Arms (PERK! PERK! PERK!): Really All It’s Cracked Up To Be?
    Often in discussions about crews or what someone’s crew looks like, all too often we’ve found players training “Brothers in Arms (BIA)” first, over other skills as they’ve been told it's a great Perk to have. Notice though, we’re calling it a “perk” instead of “Skill.” As a perk, that each crew member MUST have at 100% to be effective, this is NOT worth in the slightest to train immediately. As a rule of thumb, BIA should come after 6th sense, and either camo or repairs. I personally train my crews in this manner:

    I start with 6th sense, and camo or repairs on everyone else. When I'm ready to train a second skill, I start training repairs on my commander and then camo or repairs on everyone else. Once I am able to train a 3rd skill, I will then reset my crew for BIA on everyone, 6th sense on commander, repairs or camo on everyone else, and then select either repairs or camo as the third skill. The reasoning behind this is simple, but makes the most sense: The longer you survive, the longer you can deal damage. The more damage you deal, the greater your chance at winning. Improving your survivability as fast as possible is the best chance you have making the most out of World of Tanks.
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    Perenthis reacted to Whole_Nutmeg in Two Thick Germans and a Jamaican touching barrels   
    Species report: Jagdpanzer E100
    Scientific Name: Werhmactus magnificus
    Common name: The "Mighty" Jagerü
    Habitat: Less than 100 meters from the allied cap circle
    Temperament and Behavior: Appears docile at first glance. magnificus have been known to enter a state of apparent "false death" for long periods of time, not moving one bit except to occasionally sniff the air with their long, prominent snout. Do not be fooled. When aroused from this slumber, they anger quickly without warning. Due to their poor eyesight, they cannot discern at whom they attack and will fire blindly at the nearest target. This researcher had the misfortune of observing a stunning 45% magnificus specimen during a chance encounter. However, the researcher abandoned caution and was fishtailed by the mighty beast while driving full speed. The creature proceeded to attack him in the rear with a High Explosive round (his first round of the match), setting him on fire. (Included: one requisition form for a new vehicle. Please don't cheap out and get a Chinese one again). Light vehicles take extreme caution--playing passively in the presence of the Jageru will tend to arouse its temper, regardless of the tactical situation.
    Intelligence: Minimal intelligence observed. Wild Jagerü seem to operate on pure animal instinct. They do possess a small capacity for communication, but our greatest minds have attempted to decipher the utterances to little avail. One of the few deciphered phrases (for which the scientist was featured in Nature) translates roughly to "LIGHT TANK GO SCOUT."
    Population: While there is no clear estimate of the total population, it appears to be healthy and stable. These are hardy creatures and will likely survive well into the future.
    Breeding: [REDACTED]
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    Perenthis got a reaction from Flaksmith in Improving My Aim   
    The best advice I can give you is to stop playing around with your settings. Find something you're comfortable with and stick with it (that's the only way you will build muscle memory). The g502 has a good sensor (avoid super high dpi still they tend to produce negative accel even tho like I said, the g502 has a good sensor). WoT is probably a terrible measure for aim as it requires none whatsoever, just gotta be decent at leading targets vs shell velocity and... that's about it. 
    Generally you wanna be able to do a 360 without running out of your mousepad, you don't have want a sensitivity too high that would cause you to overshoot stuff but you don't want one that's slow to the point that it cripples your movements and reaction time. 
    source: played fps at a fairly high level for years
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    Perenthis got a reaction from Tigeh in Improving My Aim   
    The best advice I can give you is to stop playing around with your settings. Find something you're comfortable with and stick with it (that's the only way you will build muscle memory). The g502 has a good sensor (avoid super high dpi still they tend to produce negative accel even tho like I said, the g502 has a good sensor). WoT is probably a terrible measure for aim as it requires none whatsoever, just gotta be decent at leading targets vs shell velocity and... that's about it. 
    Generally you wanna be able to do a 360 without running out of your mousepad, you don't have want a sensitivity too high that would cause you to overshoot stuff but you don't want one that's slow to the point that it cripples your movements and reaction time. 
    source: played fps at a fairly high level for years
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    Perenthis got a reaction from Tman450 in NA East Platoonmates   
    could use friends
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    Perenthis reacted to Shifty_101st in Universal Strongholds Recruitment Chat   
    I am actually a bit into my 5th drink right now after trying to forget the absolute travesties who were playing pub battles tonight..........and I had a thought.......
    NA IS DEAD.  And sometimes it is hard as fuckkkkk to get a tier 8 stronghold filled at certain times of the night/day.  Therefore, I am proposing what we used to do with Wotlabs
    An in game chat for the purpose of finding strongholds legionnaires.  We had it once before for the purpose of platooning till that died because we got tired of teaching lesser skilled players at the time..........BUT!!!! we don't give a shit about stronghold legionnaire skill level because I'm pretty sure we have all recruited from fucking general chat at one point or another.
    TL;DR: In Game Strongholds Recruitment Chat.  Make struggles easier to keep going, make it easier to keep NA alive during early evening and late nights when we just don't want to fucking pub it out. 
    EDIT EDIT: Make sure you get the correct spelling, I fucked up because I typed too fast and misspelled legionnaires and quickly without thinking made another so fuck me

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    Perenthis reacted to TheMarine0341 in Rating the Premium Tanks (Tiers 5 through 8)   
    Updated as some more premiums are being buffed
    @sr360 worthwhile to make this a sticky?
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    Perenthis reacted to AkulaV in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    Wow, ok. And I was actually going to watch more of your matches when I had free time to try and help you. I was the only one in this entire thread who didn't just tell you that you're a shitlord who thinks he's the best player EU, while in reality being a shit teal padder. I was trying to help, but now I know you are clearly a little kid who thinks he knows everything.
    Before you open your mouth next time, maybe you should actually find out who you're talking shit about first. I have practiced and played against your top WGLEU teams (Ding, Kazna, GoHard, etc.). I have also played a lot of pubs on the EU server with 250 ping. You continuing to think that EU pubs are somehow harder than NA makes you look like a dumbass. Go find an account with an Obj 140 and play that for 100 games on NA East during primetime and come back to us with your amazing results. Until then STFU.
    Here is some top kek EU gameplay when the NA server was down a few weeks ago:
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    Perenthis reacted to AkulaV in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    @adztownstike so I'm watching the stream vod you posted. Not to be a dick, but I don't even need to watch past the first match on mines. You go to island, do nothing. You drive back mid, hide behind a rock, do nothing. Shoot and miss some random tanks driving through the open. 5 minutes into the match you've done nothing to help win, have 1500 damage. You then farm a couple tanks not paying attention at the end of the match when your team has taken the whole map. You end up with 3500 damage done, good job, you managed to hit the required damage for purple. What you don't seem to understand, is that you didn't really do a single thing to actually help your team win that match. This might be why you have the WR you do. Happy to help give you advice, but I doubt you'll want to hear it.
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    Perenthis reacted to Luna in Expected Values Updated to v29   
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    Perenthis reacted to dualmaster333 in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    R E K T

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    Perenthis reacted to CraBeatOff in Wake of the Flood: Crab's replays   
    Since it appears people actually do watch these replay packs, I will try to keep remembers to organize and upload them. 
    Here is what amounts to a 3 mark session for the T49 using the 152mm. Many moons ago, I 3 marked my own T49 using the 90mm, frustrated that I could not manage to be consistent enough using the 152mm. However I've since 3 marked it on another account using the 152mm, and floated my own T49 above the 95% threshold more than a couple of times. But now I have documentation of what the kind of game-play looks like! I'll pull out a few memorable and interesting ones as I find the time this week, but for anyone who wants to get a jump-start on watching the GREATEST TANK IN THE GAME*, here you go
    *as measured by lulz per shell penetrated
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    Perenthis reacted to CraBeatOff in Wake of the Flood: Crab's replays   
    @Perenthis you've got it.  It's basically about refusing to play their game and sticking exclusively to your own.  That replay was a little weird because of the platoon of tier 9 who felt they owned all the terrain,  but overall it worked out ok.  The only thing you missed was that I waited for that IS-2 to give me a flat ass shot,  since his sides are a dicey pen with HEAT and bad accuracy. 
    Mid game I'd characterize it as opportunism rather than damage farming, but partially that's because Airfield is a super stagnant boring map that doesn't really allow for many dynamic plays until it opens up late. The T49 is a powerful game closer with all its advantages. 
    I've got a big T49 replay pack to post and will pull out a few games to discuss as well. I think I am almost qualified to write a guide/article on my waifu. Marks floated over 95% again today!  Been experimenting with optics over vents (maintaining vstab and gld ) - 496 view range plus 32% camo isn't a bad combo!  Camo might not be wholly dead? 
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    Perenthis got a reaction from CraBeatOff in Wake of the Flood: Crab's replays   
    Thanks again for doing this very appreciated.
    So for this replay you roll out to the usual E5 spot, using your speed to get there before their meds/lights  so you can bomb them while they cross... In this case the skoda t50 but he stop midway(and the amx30 kinda fucked it up for you). Them you saw the 112 pushing up and showing his side so you tried to get a good shot on him (this time the amx30 did fuck it up for you). It's unfortunate you could of had 1 maybe two good shots on the tiger but the amx was being a dick and you had the rush the shot. All the heavies being dead but the IS-2 (who was sniping in the back for some reason), you were free to push the choke while the vk and t54 were distracted in the middle to finish off the ravioli. After that you moved back to the E5 spot because the t54 was in the open so you I believe tried to get a top of the hull/engine deck shot as you were above him and had no chance of penning his turret or front hull (even with heat, correct me if im wrong). [T-55 being a dick] you come back around and see the ferd spotted in the back you use your camo to aim a shot because he cant spot you from that distance  but as you're aiming down the t-54 shows up. Being only had ~200hp and only seeing his turret you shot at the cheek hoping that it would be enough but no damage  
    You move up to mid because everything else is spotted up north except the skorp and the 8.8 who's camping base. Again the jgtg8.8 can't spot you so you move up and finish up the vk2801. You then moved on to try and spot/kill the jagtiger 8.8 while loading heat because his rear and his sides are > 80mm so you had no chance to pen with reg HE rounds. So you roll back towards the north from their spawn and you see the IS-2 in the open. Having HEAT loaded it's easy pen and you bomb him for 700dmg. That damage on the Skorpion G. Juicy. Then again you loaded HEAT for that 8.8 and bombed him for 650.
    Overall :
    Most of the early-mid game was damage  farming until the end where you went on a scout run and finished up people.
    Early game: You used your speed to get into a position to bomb their fast tanks 
    Early-mid game: You used your camo to aim shots at people that didn't expect you/couldn't spot you
    mid-game: You moved around and finished off people that didn't expect you. Using your speed and camo to move in and out of the fight between reloads
    end-game: used your speed/camo to scout the remaining tanks and kill them off.
    My analysis is far from perfect because I don't have as much experience in this game as most people on this board (I'm at roughly 8-8.5k battles) so feel free to correct me or to add in to things I might have missed. 
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    Perenthis reacted to CraBeatOff in Wake of the Flood: Crab's replays   
    @Perenthis PMed me asking about how to play the T49. The quote above being from him. And a whole other beast it is. I played a few games 2 days ago with him in mind, where I was trying to play optimally as possible (as opposed to zooming around for the lulz, although sometimes those two things overlap). The T49 is sometimes a LT, but always an ambusher. You want to use the things you have 1. Speed 2. Depression 3. Camo 4. Alpha! to make up for your horrifically long aim time. And you only really have Alpha! if you hit the right targets in the right places. The right targets are the ones who aren't looking at you. This is either because they're distracted, or because they can't see you, or because they don't expect you. The right places are the places where you pen if possible, or else splash for 400+. 

    With that in mind, here is a Karelia battle. http://wotreplays.com/site/3207122#karelia-crabeatoff-t49
    For my opening move you'll see that I rush to the south...but do not go on the hill. This is typical of T49 play. I simply can't contest the hill against 2 platooned Bat25tAPs. They will eat me alive. So I set up to ruin their approach, right at the edge of vision/camo. I have enough view range to maybe spot them, or not, but I have another LT on the hill. And the heavies will roll to the corner to spot for me also (with me still providing some value by giving preliminary spots). Even if nothing light rushes up to get smacked, I can lob a HT for 300-400 and possibly do it a few times if they stay exposed. You'll see that this choice of engagement checks all the boxes- speed, depression, camo, alpha against stuff that won't be looking at me (because they can't see me). I also use that little hill I'm on to help accelerate away after the shot. When engaging heavies in a protracted battle I'd probably back up, and then drive away forward after firing.

    BUT the Bat APs don't go hill. So much for that idea. So you'll see I zoom off the hill. I note they really don't have many heavies on their team, and that the T32 is in the swamp. This makes me think there isn't much on the corner, and so I zoom zoom forward and try to spot the TD ledge, successfully and displace the ISU without even being spotted. Then I creep hill thinking I might get a T32 engine deck shot, which would be fabulous. Dangerous though with TD overwatch, so they are my first concern and I see a frisky T28p. He makes a predictable peek, I aim carefully for the 50mm side armor and he is deleted for 630. Next shot is an easy lob at the Type 64. Fails to pen because of range and the T32 in swamp dies. 

    At this point I analyze the map and decide that with only the St. Emil in potential overwatch (and a T-34-3 and T71 in support) and most of their team pretty far on the other side, but overloaded, I need to perform a key LT function, which is acting as a force multiplier to break a flank. LTs are good at helping break up engagements that are going too slow, like the one you see in this replay at 12:22 or so. We have an E-75, T30, Lowe, and T32 being held up by an IS-3, T29 and AT-15. Its an overmatch, but all those tanks can be a pain to eliminate. We have some forces in the west, but Rhm, 50 120 and Skorp G aren't exactly the best hold tanks vs ~7 enemies, which includes 3 top tier autoloaders. So I decide I need to take risks, get off the hill, and farm some butts. I see that the T29 is the furthest back, so I keep my HE reload going. 812 roll on the T29 is disappointing, but it turns him, turning our 4v3 into a 4v2 (Lanchester's Sq Law!) and with the T29 being very weak. He turns, so I back off, which proves to be an immediate mistake. One of the Bats is reloaded and flinging shells at me. I should have at that point gone forward around the corner, working to out maneuver the T29 and using the AT-15 as cover, but I am not Straik quality player :-(

    You'll see though that our team immediately capitalizes on the T29 being weak, kills him, I realize my mistake and go forward. I had already begun reloading HEAT in anticipation of the AT-15 or IS-3 both of which need HEAT for asspens. I also know the Bat prob can't spot me on his own (you'll see from the map he is over 400m away) so I'll go dark in 3-4 shots, which I do. I move up and dunk the AT-15 for a respectable 682 HEAT pen, during which time our team realizes their advantage, and just crushes the IS-3 and finishes the very low hp AT-15. So in 3 shots, I basically deleted a strong 7, deleted a strong 8 and weakened another well armored 8 to near uselessness. None of whom were looking at me, and none of whom could do much about it. This is where the T49 shines. I more or less play the rest of the match poorly, I should have hung back, realizing how badly that Bat25AP platoon wanted me. I also failed to pen the 1 Bat, which was disappointing, should have aimed longer, but whatever.  In the T49, you just use the things above to make the game happen for you or your team.

    Here is another http://wotreplays.com/site/3207189#airfield-crabeatoff-t49

    Homework assignment for anyone who wants, but especially Perenthis: Which shots/engagements use which of the T49's advantages. How do I avoid its weaknesses? Where do I go relative to the map flow and why? What detailed armor knowledge do I make use of? When do I choose to scout and when I do chose to be a damage farming whore?

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    Perenthis reacted to lavawing in KV-1: the godtank, everyone's tutorial tank   
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    Perenthis reacted to EchelonIII in My Pub Game Method   
    Stop dodging the fucking statement. You are not "a cook that presented with a dish nobody tasted but everybody ignored"; you are a cook who made a dish of bullshit, advertised it as gold, portrayed it as an exotic foreign delicacy so you could get away with it and say whatever shit you wanted to say about it, and hid its true nature so you could hide behind ignorance when you knew full well it was bullshit.
    People are only mildly annoyed at the dish, but they are fucking pissed with the deception. 
    In your initial post you said you had ideas for better names for the thread, yet you kept the "MATCHMAKING EXPLOITS" title in massive all-caps
    You even tagged your thread as "Exploits"

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    Perenthis reacted to rocketbrainsurgeon in Smashed my PT Cruiser with a tank   
    Finally, at least the article is up.  Video to come within the week of me driving various tanks.  Not kidding: I even drove arty into the water, just like in WoT.  Sadly it was too shallow to drown.
    Quick link to the money shot.
    Currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand, getting constantly propositioned for sex seeing the local sites.  If you want to read about life as I perpetually travel, come on over to my site: sharedwanderlust.com.  I write things like how White Castle's social network ruined my office career, disasters with Airbnb, and coming soon will be "America poops better than your country".  And we eat guinea pigs and whatnot (you can really taste the cuteness).  Whatever.  We'll be updating a couple times a week.
    Feel free to ask questions.
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    Perenthis got a reaction from Sheikh in FCM 50t love thread   
    Really fun tank to play, and it prints credits like mad. Paper armor but I still bounce shots from reds every game.
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    Perenthis reacted to Never in WoTLabs has been completely redesigned!   
    To start off 2014 on a high note, I have completely redesigned WoTLabs.
    - Light, cleaner layout.
    - Increased width, allowing for bigger charts.
    - Just prettier overall.
    Hope you guys like it!
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    Perenthis reacted to Garbad in Several questions regarding mechanics   
    The general principle you seem to be asking is this:  What do I do when the opponent is in a good defensive position and thus has an advantage?  There are a few solutions:
    1.  Fire on weak points, including repeated track shots until something works.
    2.  If your pubbies will follow, rush past them and side shot.
    3.  Bait them forward.  Refuse to peek at them, make them peek forward to get a shot.
    4.  If none of those work, simply disengage and go somewhere else.  Once locked into a good defensive position, they won't move and can be safely ignored as you mop up the rest of the map.
    > I've seen different ways to figure out the best angle but my question is how do you replicate that angle ingame?
    The rule of thumb is the ratio of your effective frontal armor at its weak point vs your side armor should be the ratio of the angle.  See my guide for an explanation of this.
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    Perenthis got a reaction from Salsaheaven in T-54 Grandmaster Lessons   
    I watch Straik and LuciqueII's stream/vods religiously in the hope to improve.They're quite impressive.
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    Perenthis reacted to Folterknecht in 0.9.8 Folterknecht's Modcorner - Icon; WN7/WG-Rating calculator, XVM Config incl WN8, Skill+Perk Descriptions improved   
    Improved Descriptions of Skills/Perks  (included in Locastans Session Stats/Messages for a while now)

     Icons - 0.9.3 CLEARCOLOR SCOUT  --- Pogs contour icon mod. This version is from me, other versions can be found here.

    I m keeping this version of Pogs contour icon mod alive - Oxmaster wasnt willing to do so because of low demand. In my opinion viewrange and speed are more important than a few mm of penetration and hitpoints are displayed by OTM.

    Here it is:
    Icons - 0.9.3 CLEARCOLOR SCOUT.zip
    If you find wrong values tell me.

    (speed - view range - hull armor front-side-rear)

    XVM config

    Source: http://www.modxvm.com/en/download-xvm/


    features: Server Ping in garage, WR, WN8, avg Tier, numbers of battles, hitlog, clanicons, minimap mod ...

    I recommend also to install this font, which enhances the minimap. Its from a guy in the korean random forum (xvm-devs) - sorry forgot his name.

    1 config file for XVM  -  for XVM 6.1.2 beta (WoT client 0.9.

    - download and install complete xvm from here: http://www.modxvm.com/en/
    - delete "configs" folder in "...\World_of_Tanks\res_mods"
    - paste configs folder from this archive to "...\World_of_Tanks\res_mods"




    This is an Excel-sheet I created for calculating the WN-Rating. Atm it will display WN4, WN6 and WN7 + WG's BS-Rating

    Team total HP counter for 0.9.7 - klick!


    J1mb0 lite + Serverside Cross  for 0.9.8 in spoiler


    No guarantee from my side - may cause problems with other mods - possible problems you have to figure out yourself.
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