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  1. The Chieftain posted on Reddit yesterday that this is a postponement for more development, not a cancellation. They are simply pulling it from 9.17 and it will return after they work some more bugs out of the system.
  2. Ok, I thought this was the metagame forum where we discuss actual effects and not explosively whine. (not limited to wot labs but I'm a bit surprised to see it here) The Corollary to "Now some thin armor that was unrealistically penetrable will now not be" is "There are now previously unpenetrable plates that CAN be penetrated". Yes, fine the spots you've carefully learned and exploited for easy damage are going away. What are the new opportunities? Which Tanks had 51 MM armor at 70 degrees that would auto-bounce your shots before but now you'll pen with ease? There are a plethora
  3. Don't know what the name of it is. I went through years of testing as a child in the early 70's but if they had a name for it I don't remember. My hands do not do precisely what my brain tells them to. My handwriting is mostly illegible and I can type accurately at 12 WPM. That's with 30 years of practice, it was as low as 4. In Game chat or Instant messaging I don't even try to edit. My friends call it "Jenkaease". They had me in Honors English and History in High school and in special education as well because I couldn't write. The school admin wouldn't let me turn in documents gen
  4. This isn't a status update because I publicly called out Crab for doing something similar just last week. So this is a public apology.
  5. Sorry Crabeatoff, I have failed my own standards. I actually found my chat rage point last night. Three times in three separate games we had the game won. All that needed to happen was the folks already on the cap to stay there. It was impossible for the enemy team to get back to their cap and reset in time. I died defending my cap in all three games. All three times my teammates moved off the cap and would not move back. The last time got to 2 seconds and then the IS-3 drove off the cap for no discernible reason. At that point I lost it and in a frothing rage called him a Darned Fool (
  6. JenkaTamar

    AMX 50 120

    I'm actually starting to like this tank. Maybe it's Stockholm syndrome. I've been playing it a lot this last 2 weeks and a whole lot this last week. Yea vacation! When I started this push I was at 133 games and a 47% WR in it. Now I'm at 197 games and a 52%WR. Average damage per game is creeping up on 2k. Something seems to have clicked and I'm consistently having good games in it. What is the most important thing I've learned? Put in one word. FLEE! Running away when things are going south, Something I never do in my other heavies. Using the sluggish speed of the 50-120 to fall bac
  7. At core, I have a eye/hand coordination issue that keeps me from judging accurately. I had thought that suddenly my condition had become worse after several years of improvement. So I blamed myself, instead of checking my equipment, and tried to muddle through. I had also previously programed all three presets on the mouse to be the same at 600 CPI so I couldn't change it by accident, at some point those presets got reset to factory default. It wasn't until there was a different issue that I was troubleshooting that I discovered the mouse had been reset to factory defaults. I use a VER
  8. No, I find it disappointing when anybody rages in chat. You, I am vaguely acquainted with as a person of probity and authority. I like you, and I thought it was unfair snarking at the TD player who had a very good game. The rest of the team, including me? Yea, we did not rise to a good standard. I just believe you'll get better results with sugar than with vinegar.
  9. A particular Crab behaved poorly today when the team we were both on lost. Telling people to report the Top Tier TD that, while not in the position this crab would have preferred, did do top damage on the team and got 5 kills. Calling his team bad names in chat did not make his shell shine brighter nor leave much of a good image. Nor did it inspire the performance he desired. Was quite disappointed in him to be honest.
  10. Got to play with Crabeatoff! today on Sacred valley. He was a BIT cranky when we lost. Might need a bit less salt with his food
  11. You'd be surprised. I'd programmed the mouse originally to be 600 DPI on all settings. So the fact that it was not on the "Lowest" setting didn't clue me in. I was more willing to blame myself than look for a outside reason for the issue.
  12. Bit of a weird situation. I had been improving slowly over the last year or so. Was creeping up on being blue overall and pretty happy with my performance. Took a couple months off and then came back to the game and I was horrible. Play session after play session with sub 30% win rates and sub 1000 WN 8. Bots would be wining more, I would still have the occasional good game but I was just stinking on ice for hundreds of games. I finally discovered the root of the problem. Somehow my Gaming Mouse got reset to 6000 DPI from the 600 DPI that I used to play at, After switching to the "Co
  13. T54 1st prototype is no up for testing on the 9.7 Test server
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