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  1. Aslain @ Aslain.com keeps an archive of all his old modpacks with all the bells and whistles downloadable (XVM, over target markers, etc.) for all the patches. Go over there and ask him how to find the most up to date patch for whatever version you are looking for. You can also search google for Plasmakeks aslain modpack 9.13 (or whatever version you want). At Plasmakek's blog you will find the download link to Mediafire. Here's one I found for 9.13: https://pkwot.blogspot.com/2015/12/aslains-xvm-modpack-v91304-wpicture.html Use it at your own risk though. It would be be
  2. OP: Here's a link to Fyreon's M48 Patton replay pack with commentary from BatGurl:
  3. In my city there are many small businesses that will put together a rig and test it for less than $100 (~90€). Some big electronics retailers do the same thing if you buy all the parts from them and they do price match with online retailers like Newegg, Amazon, etc. I'm sure someone in your area offers the same deal if you look for it. If you have Craigslist or an equivalent for your city you should be able to find tons of people that will do it for as little as $50. Some of them will come to your home so you can watch and ask questions as well. On the reddit for my city there are "ga
  4. Arrgh! My 3 year old gaming PC died last night in the middle of the campaign while I was on-track to get the reward tank. I need help deciding if I should upgrade or start from scratch. Either way I'll need help with parts. The only reason I want to keep the bones of the system is because the footprint (16-in x 16-in x 4.5-in) is perfect for my desk area and to save money on parts. If I should upgrade, what parts do I need to replace to at minimum keep the current level of performance? The Graphics driver was crashing about once an hour on WoT only so I figured it was time to blow o
  5. Yeah, you spend two minutes winning your engagement and then look at the minimap to see all your team has died.
  6. You are spot on with your observations. Most of the good camping spots were removed from the maps, or the firing lanes broken up to prevent long distance TD sniping. Engagement ranges are shorter meaning vision and camo matter less. Super unicums regularly suggest putting repairs on mediums before camo these days and opting for improvements to gun handling over optics. Whole thread is here: http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/24762-florb-is-bad-but-triggers-insight-from-crab/&do=findComment&comment=676023 Richard Nixon explained in the thread that matc
  7. You're completing these faster than I can watch them. I'm half way through the IS-7 set and would appreciate seeing the MAUS battles. Thanks.
  8. What was it that you learned from his stream that made the difference?
  9. What about light tanks? It seems like there are usually more light tanks in queue than any other class by a huge margin since the missions started and with all the new light tanks in the tech trees.
  10. The replay that stood out to me was the E-100 battle on Sand River. Your team was balanced while the enemy had a lot of high-alpha TDs. You went north across C7-B7-A6 which I thought was really gutsy move. You then went south to around C4 into the buildings. At that point your team was winning but everything went downhill from there as the camping enemy TDs chewed up your team. So my questions would be: 1. How sure were you of going C7-B7-A6? Was it pure yolo or were you pretty sure you weren't going to get hit by TDs camping at E4? 2. Was the loss due to bad luck/bad RNG/cam
  11. Thank you for the replay packs! I finished watching *all* of them. I think you play better on 100 hp than full health like the last Lakeville and Fisherman's Bay battle in the E-100 pack. That was some nice brawling. I would ask you specific questions about the battles but I don't think you'd remember all of them. Thanks again!
  12. Are your replays available somewhere or are you teasing us with these 3 MOE posts?!?
  13. You don't really need platoon mates, but if you do use them, a Tier 10 arty might be more useful than a TD. Sometimes you'll get Malinovka with no other scout on your team (hooray!) but no arty either. (awww...).
  14. Hey Fulcrous, Great platooning with you yesterday. I was watching one of your earlier streams and I heard you say something that sounded Japanese. Are you Japanese or maybe a weaboo? On today's stream here you rushed across the courtyard in your FV215b when only 5 or 6 of the enemy was spotted. How did you know that was a safe/right play? Thanks!
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