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  1. Could just be... trolling you 40k plus games vs 4k games, 6000 hrs vs. 700 hrs hm why doesn't he git gud.
  2. Considering what it took to get things like indirect fire removed I'm curious what mail was saying behind the scenes in response to these types of changes. AW and MWO are case studies for devs to beware the dev/publisher divide. If you don't control the monetization scheme of the game you are developing then you'll be more likely to run into design issues. Do you have those 40+ pages of notes available?
  3. You are joking right? RU published games are terribly monetized relative to NA bucket. Why buy gold, premium, insignias, ect ect when I can go buy Smite, CSGO, Overwatch for a flat fee and not deal with the janky monetization meant to slow people down and buy stupid stuff. If any departing OE devs want to share the cryengine code now would be the time.
  4. TLDR: New reloading mechanics adds variability. Autoloader mag being discussed hotly on forums due to potential firepower. Ready rack (lap loading also considered) gives some number of rounds a bonus to load speed but then your reload speed is reduced until rack is full. Everyone gets smoke charges now. APS limitations implemented, no longer 360 degree coverage. Not sure what HE changes mean gameplay-wise. Ammo-rack changed to damage over time fire-effect. Hiding in bushes more powerful, light tanks get a big buff to camo overall based upon my reading.
  5. RAPID FIRE MECHANISM To introduce more diversity to high Tier gameplay, we have decided to add the Rapid Fire mechanism to several vehicles in Armored Warfare. Vehicles equipped with Rapid Fire will be able to fire several shots in quick succession but then will have to wait for a longer time for the crews to fill the magazine with shells again. There will be two types of Rapid Fire mechanism: Autoloader Magazine Ready Rack Autoloader Magazine is basically just a clip. The vehicle can fire the shells in the clip but then has to wait for them to reload for an e
  6. I didn't either when I was younger but as I became older it all just became a big time waste to get to "end game" content. The last game I played with my two friends who I game with was Neverwinter and we laughed at the content. Literally running through levels to get to end game content that was boring. I'd rather paid to skip to end content to find out it was garbage. My time is worth way more which is why i've mostly stayed away from multiplayer pve games. Aside if a dev could come up with an rpg somehow that involved dark souls type combat mechanics and hardcore permadeath/afflictions that
  7. I've seen you around I know you are not but it is just how it came across based upon my reading. I think belorussian game design just aligns too closely to asian markets (grind grind grind) when I'd rather just pay2play. Personally if i had capital i'd build a flat mostly tier-less vehicular shooter, like csgo with vehicles.
  8. As a general rule of thumb if your DMG based metric isn't around your WR a proportion of that dmg is not effective. If your WR isn't around your DMG based metric there's a few explanations (platoon effect, non-damage plays that turn the game such as tracking and spotting, sharing HPs). In general I lean toward WR metrics as the purpose is to win but when trying to do a deep analysis of a particular player's skill then you need to use other metrics to supplement.
  9. I think you have an unrealistic view of the iterative game dev process like most gamers. You come across as a bit of a WoT fanboy based upon you analysis of the changes and dismiss the arty change as minor when in fact it is huge when compared to WoT. Alpha/Beta WoT was garbage and it survived, though market was a lot less competitive then. T-50-2s pulling F1 car level Gs, 10 artillery per side, extremely unbalanced vehicles for their tier (KV1s, KV1, KV2) sitting that way for too long and no physics to the effect you could tip your tank off a sheer cliff like a seesaw and shoot through
  10. Coming from someone who for the most part wrote the game off I'll give them another shot especially if arty goes bye bye for good.
  11. Character-skill designed games (gear/vehicle) are garbage design for PvP compared to player-skill driven games. The more emphasis they put on collecting next tier the more people are driven to do just that instead of winning. This results in people derping to "farm" exp to get more powerful instead of getting gud. People play DOTA, Smite, CSGO, overwatch over and over and over not because they collect some useless piece of gear that makes them super powerful but because of the competitive design.Tier 5s won't fight tier 9s anyways so I don't get where you are going with this.
  12. It looks promising. Having played mostly smite for past year as my main competitive title I have wanted something more vehicular shooter that isn't WoT and hoped AW would be it. Cellphone companies regularly invoke their competitor's name to get people to switch. It isn't anything new. Who cares about "fails" at whatever tier, they'll get there either way and still probably fail if they after 45k games still are terrible. Go play any game out there and tomatoes are abound but that doesn't stop them nor should we want to because they are effectively better than average bots
  13. The reason is to increase playerbase. Reason why games like csgo, overwatch, smite are so popular is because it is so easy to pickup and play a few games without ever thinking about progression. How would they implement it? Depends on how generous they want to be. I'd do something simple such as linking each WoT national progression line to dealer. If you've reached a tier 10 russian direct fire vehicle give a set of tokens pertaining to that dealer from tier 1 to tier 10. Only allow it once though of course. I'd rather there just be a pay2play option ala overwatch / csgo / smite than for
  14. Given these changes I'll definitely give them another chance. My biggest remaining complaint is still the whole repeat of WoT grinding with no pay2play options. Allowing people to transfer progress from WoT accounts in some way by logging in and verifying the account would allow people to get into the game much easier.
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