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  1. Yeah, gun handling buff feels good I guess. Overall still plays like meh. Tried maxing it's mobility on the equipment sandbox. It can get a decent hp/ton ratio that would make it a decent "heavium" but the top speed is still to slow. And mediums you fight just abuse the cupola anyways so you don't really get any advantage of "extra" armor fighting mediums. And of course you sacrifice either vents, gun rammer, or vert stab.
  2. Sorry to go ff topic, but what is the population of Cantonese speakers in CHAI?
  3. So, I have about the same problem except it doesn't disconnect when I'm playing. It will do it to me when I'm looking at webpages or just browsing websites. Occasionally it does it to me when I do play and I start raging hard, but I can't do anything about it because the only other option is a lot more expensive and I can't afford it. If you can, I would just switch ISP's. I have ATT and I want them to go out of business so bad...
  4. I feel like the only reason I have the stats I do is because of XVM. I abuse red players so much, its become somewhat of a stat padding thing. When I play without XVM I feel blind. I make very big mistakes and my quality of play drops hard.
  5. I didn't think that you were right bout them being a little kid, but I just checked and the first wolf life room I entered, was a kid that sounded younger than 12 and he was the one who started the room...
  6. Well, LUIGI is a thing so I guess you can rule out RDDT5...
  7. Unless I really hate a tank, I never free xp it. Much more worth while spending it on modules so I don't have to grind out a stock tank which is never enjoyable.
  8. So far, I have played both sides once. The first time I was in a SU-122-44 coming from red spawn to the North. Absolutely annihilated the green north spawn and proceeded to go down into the trough. The 2 rocks in front of cap prevented me from stopping cap as i got decimated by 3-4 tanks hiding behind another rock and we lost by cap. Second game I spawned in on Southern Green team and proceeded up the hill to wreak havoc from above. Ended up only doing 1200 damage cause we capped before the 10 minute mark.
  9. Battles are to dynamic for us to just tell you, go here or there. Because you're new, most of us aren't gonna be able to help. You learn the game by reading up and just experiencing the game. Almost everyone here has said the same thing. Also pointing you in the right direction isn't going to do a whole lot if you don't have the knowledge to exploit the positions. Sure you can point and shoot, however I can't trust you to move to good specific places of cover and be useful. There is nothing wrong with this because everyone needs to learn but its not something we can just magically grant you wi
  10. That's interesting because post 8.6 I brought my KV-5 out the corner and have been getting really good games. I had to shelve it once converting premium shells could be purchased for creds. I feel like the KV-5 can actually bounce more as if less players were slinging gold... Of course my 37% win rate today isn't reflecting that
  11. Are you sure they aren't hitting your top hatches, those are really easy to pen in my experience. Even my KV-5 has no problem with them.
  12. Guess since I'm the only scrub in here to post I might as well throw my two cents in as well. 4%+ is always intimidating however 2%-3% just makes me play more focused than I usually do.
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