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  1. Step 1: Create Communist Cat themed comedy clam. Step 2: Start teh revoluschun against those dastardly dogitalists. Step 3: ? Step 4: Become top tier clam wars A#1 best clam but quit tanks because it is bad game.
  2. Totally situational. If, for example, killing that scout saves your arty from being spotted/destroyed then it is absolutely necessary. I agree with your other comments.
  3. I see lots of talk, obsession really, about stats and efficency on this forum. Possibly too much obsession. Clearly stats are important and tell us something but it would seem in analyzing them we must discount "padded" tanks, platoons, tank companies and clan wars to get at the real stats. Why is this? Why are people so obsessed with stats, and more importantly, how much is enough? Are we all so OCD that we must constantly increase the purple numbers? Have you ever even played dwarf fortress or pierced your own genitalia? I propose we discuss here why stats are important to us
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