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  1. Siggy should be back to play again this week. Need to play this song in the background - Steal my Kill
  2. I have received the shards from the boxes that I purchased. There was no measage to say that I had received them. The price of the boxes should be reduced or replaced the decorations witj another item. The main issue is that WG ASIA had at least a week prior to the release to ensure that people knew that the boxes are missing decorations.
  3. Disappointed that we didn't play 'Ride of Valkyries' before the start of the last CW battle on Cliff last night!
  4. Purchased the AT 15 last night and can confirm that it is cancerous. Is the Tortoise any better?!?
  5. The player has been banned from Twitch, nothing from WG! The youtube video by TRUx Voodoo is funny is better!
  6. You can do that with anyone. There was a period of time when most of KAC had a bot as their stats.
  7. In the game with Nightlords, my main problem was that the scouts didn't scout correctly and I had to do it myself. I'm just a support tank! Was disappointed with my HE rolls that game. Reference: https://youtu.be/9fxJmPUnbZY
  8. I have five female crew looking for a home. I'm think about the British Heavy line.
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