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  1. You mean this one? Your first response? Yea, I can see what you mean. That has nothing to do with the "hacking". I totally get where you are coming from. In all seriousness tho, you should have talked to the person in question before mouthing off at pyro, If he( like you stated was bullied into doing team-damage) then that is a different matter. But instead you went of the offensive calling pyro hackers and a bunch of trolls. You should of asked for a replay of the battle examined what happened and then go on the offensive with information.
  2. Just putting it out there, Jordy and the rest of the clan (1AR ) only found out about the video when I posted it here. So try not to bash them for no reason. PS, joined 1AR because a few friends in the clan that invited a semi active baddie to play for fun. I like were this thread is going tho.
  3. Like I have said many many times. I'm more then happy with the response. And personally I am grateful for the effort you put in. I didn't know about the demotion thing, Hope you get your stripes back soon you deserve them mate. When I took a break from the game I didn't not even think about the game or anything that happened. I wasn't "holding on to it" I literately just found it in my hard drive after doing a long overdue clear of my files. And JOC offered me a invite to come post something on the forums, I miss alot of those guys in PYRO and still consider a lot of them my fri
  4. Nope. stopped moderating a good 9 months before that, haven't modded in 2 years.
  5. I'm just letting you know who I passed the replay on to at the time. As for the 12 months later, like I don't care. I just like the to point out the fact that every clan has a responsibility to uphold the rules. And this is an example of that. I have no doubt that the issue has been resolved but that doesn't mean I can still not laugh about it:P Full video has been given to JOC. I personally don't think its an issue anymore mate, but your welcome to do what you want with the year old info.
  6. Well that's where I completely disagree with you. As seen from my point of view, which I might add would be the person in questions POV as-well as we were both dead. I zoomed all the way out in the video. I would like you to show me how he knew the AMX 1390 was in city? You have fucking buildings in the way to be able to see anything being destroyed. And that's not even mentioning when you turn the volume up you can fucking hear the "pings" on the map as the player in question is playing with speakers and is being played through the Mic. Its black and white. As for hill
  7. When I recorded it was with shadow play, I have managed to find the file. But its from my perspective only. Also if you turn the audio up as load as it goes you will hear the guys in TS, and the caller, not only that but you can also hear the "pings" from the guy giving "hints" on where the hidden 1390 is going and where to point his tank. Its pretty obvious. After that game I took the information to Hilly and Space, and one of them told everyone that I was some dick going around reporting people. When all I wanted was the guy to remove the mod.So after that I just left the clan, wit
  8. Hey guys, been awhile. Just wanted to take JOC up on his offer about stopping by the forums. Noticed PYRO has gotten big much larger since I left I have a fair few old buddies in that clan. There were a few reasons why I took a year or so break from tanks. One of them is linked below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-rjjPAtnbo Since its been a year I'm sure you guys have sorted it all out right? Hope so. Good to catch up.
  9. AFAIK It was "above" our free pay grade, Someone else deleted that most that works for WG, Mods do not delete post's. If It was a mod he would be investigated and his mod powers would be under review. TBH i don't blame any single one. Its a combination of inconsistent moderating, Bad posting, Cheating players and all round but blood felt between the server as each campaign has brought out. I can not pin the blame nail on anyone. All I'm happy to say is that it could have been handled better. Sadly it wasn't and The forum as a whole should have keeped it in COAF chat and left it there and in
  10. Have to chime in after I feel to the floor laughing with that comment mate. You guys...I find it funny that you would say that to a moderator Poly, You and the PBKAC guys have slowly worked your way up to these level of sanctions, And now you complain that the sanctions are getting harder and harder and all you want is "Leeway". How about you follow the rules, Stop creating alts to bypass sanctions before something happens to your account that will make what you typed above seem ever so sweet. Don't consider this a threat, Just a friendly warning... Don't think that things that happen on the f
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