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  1. What's the best way to counter smoke and IJN destroyers, especially if you're in a battleship? Is it basically keep your distance and wait until the smoke expires/go after other things?
  2. Does anyone happen to have any replays of the panther? Been playing it for the last few days and derping horribly in it.
  3. Anyone have any idea how tough the tiger's turret is now? It has 150mm spaced armor on it, but I'm not sure how effective against ap/apcr that translates to, considering how spaced armor is.
  4. So I've been running my 110 crew in the 112, and they don't have preventative maintenance or safe stowage. Considering the flammability of the 112, would it be worth getting those skills for my 110 crew, or the wz 111 crew I'll be eventually getting? More on topic, this thing does seem capable of soaking allot of damage, assuming it doesn't get hit in the sides or lfp. Wiggling seems to help too, though not too much as the sides are paper.
  5. Oh dang i did not know about that....XD. Im just surprised the pershing bothered to waste time getting up there
  6. So Here I was playing my amx 50 on airfield..and suddenly a pershing appears in the mountains in the north..how is this possible? https://www.dropbox.com/s/2uikc6v98i7g4yr/20130826_0033_france-AMX_50_100_31_airfield.wotreplay replay above ^
  7. mechabot25


    Top gun shoots so fast xD. Anyway, So just in case I've been doing it wrong, do I just keep playing this thing like an is-2/fast heavy style?
  8. So uh, Since I'm on SEA, i have the option atm of being able to get the KV-5 package that also comes with an m3 stuart. I understand that both have anemic pen unless shooting gold and in terms of prems that i already have I have a lowe and sp. I do kinda hate playing my lowe and sp thou. Which one of the Kv-5 or IS-6 is better? xD
  9. mechabot25


    pointing it dead on and hiding the lower glacis seems to work against t8 and below, though any slight angle and the upper glacis turns into wet tissue paper. rocking it back and forth helps too. Apparently the upper glacis can withstand up to 220-230 pen but havent tested properly yet
  10. mechabot25


    So about dat turret...apparently Is-8 can pen it...just on the left side of the mantlet, though im not sure if he was using gold herp
  11. thanks for replies bros, ill poke you in game when i get a chance
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I think i was swearing in voice comms after getting blapped by arty twice xD
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mv0jrr6kwwcfmei/20130716_0221_china-Ch11_110_45_north_america.wotreplay so uh, Aside from getting blapped by arty twice and perhaps holding back for longer (as a platoon) How else might've I averted this from a draw to a victory? Behold the glory of a base camping Conqueror.
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