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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Fabunil in turns out measuring a curved dick is diff than measuring a straight dick i was always   
    The only people you should talk about your dick with are your girlfriend and your doctor, everyone else either doesn't care or doesn't want to know.
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Zepherex in "T-54 turret got buffed" >T34 pens my turret face with AP. 2 minutes later VK 1001   
    You haven't stopped complaining about the T-54 Changes since the patch
    1: Nobody cares
    2: The turret was buffed without a doubt sometimes even pubbies get pens on the t-62 turret you know.
    3: I am fine with the gun changes, one is more accurate than the original gun with less dpm, and the other one is less accurate with more dpm than the og gun. It's not even like dpm is something that game breaking anyways if you can't hit shots
    4: T-54 padding is dead when all other tier 9 meds have the same expected
    5: It's not even like you're an expert on it. You didn't even 3 mark yours. Someone did it for you!
    6: Lmao trash xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Marty in This guy: https://clips.twitch.tv/ConfidentGoodCookieDxCat   
    He's just the best meme and doesn't even realize it 
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to SkittlesOfSteeI in And in today's episode of "The Most Dissapointing 3 Mark Match Ever" Pretty sure I co   
    The real struggle is bringing yourself to press the battle button.
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Assassin7 in WTf is happening to bulba?   
    thats basically the best explanation. 
    basically they underestimated the hell out of Mahou, lost every battle in an advance to us, and that exposed all the underlying issues and broke the camels back, so to say.
    I mean, just listen to Exo himself. hes so elitist, hes the definition of whats wrong with bulba and why they're dying. 
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Assassin7 in #2 clan NA   
    >implying skirmishes have ever meant anything ever. 
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to saru_richard in So this BC blames me and my platoonmate for the loss and says "lets compare damage at   
    but did you had a nice sexual experience with your toonmate 
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to aaveq in Is it normal that the E50 expected dmg is almost 4600?   
    make a thread, ask @Kitten he fixes values on daily basis per user request
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to MacusFlash in Is it normal that the E50 expected dmg is almost 4600?   
    No, it's a bug made by Kitten. Normal value is IIRC about 7300. Don't worry, in v30 everything will be fixed.
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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from ZXrage in ayy lmao 1k rep pls dont downboat me   
    I don't see the 1k rep 
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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from PrinzEugen478 in ayy lmao 1k rep pls dont downboat me   
    I don't see the 1k rep 
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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from RC_Tank in ayy lmao 1k rep pls dont downboat me   
    I don't see the 1k rep 
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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from nabucodonsor in How do you get the password for the sandbox? When I hit create password it gives me 4   
    404 is the password 
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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from Stige in batchat is so fucking bad in randoms in current meta wtf playing tanks without armor   
    Joking? It's fantastic for solo pubs 
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Medjed in tfw you lose your phone after only 1 month of having it   
    shitter in real life just like in tanks
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Siimcy in Receipt Date: 25 Oct 2016 20:01:04 Vehicles added: T26E4 SuperPershing Slots added: 1   
    I don't know, when I found out I could use APCR and food at the same time without much of a lose I forgot it even had AP.   I must say it was by far my most favorite T8 prem that I own and I even got it for free from some event.  
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to ZXrage in actually trying to play this game again but none of my friends are online... anybody   
    All my friends are dead 
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to TAdoo87 in Ah fuck it, I'm going to play 10 matches on wot again after like almost a year.   
    Let us know how it went. 
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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from SkittlesOfSteeI in is there a working region changer for 9.16 or do I have to download the eu client?   
    Is this what you are looking for? I don't if it works or not though, I don't use it. 
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