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    1m9j9s3 reacted to haglar in The 3-mark Thread   
    Boom baby the 430 (utter trash can tank) is done. I have now 3 marked all the RU meds.
    Replay: http://wotreplays.eu/site/3869502#arctic_region-haglar-object_430

    If there is anyone else who has all 4 let me know and we can make a club or something
    Difficulty ranking for getting 3 marks:
    #1 Obj. 907 (duh)
    #2 Obj. 430 - miss every shot, get set on fire every hit. I had a bad time..
    #3 Obj. 140 - Did it before buff it was pretty tough
    #4 T-62A - Was by far the easiest but I also had a killer session of 5.3k dpg for it

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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from OperatorError in The 3-mark Thread   
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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from igorCRO in The 3-mark Thread   
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Crossfader in Samsung Galaxy Note 8   
    run away, a Samsung phone

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    1m9j9s3 reacted to SchnitzelTruck in The 3-mark Thread   
    All from today

    Friggin bitch tanks are horrible for winning.
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to MagicalFlyingFox in Current recents up to 2100+ how much of a step up to 3000+   
    For me it ended up something like this
    2k is nailing most basic skills and knowing generally where to go and knowing that you can run away and push
    2.5k is knowing where to go in most matchmaking situations and knowing where you can run away or push. 
    3k is the above, but maximising those positions and being aware enough to run away or knowing when to push where and when to be aggressive. Then its incremental improvements in positioning and aggressiveness. 
    A bit oversimplified, but in general, being able to judge when to be passive, aggressive or to run as well as where to position yourself are the main differentials between the skill levels. 
    4k is when you're an even better judge of the above.
    My playstyle ended up more aggressive with the jump from 2k to 2.5k and onwards. My recents pretty much dropped when I spammed tier 8 prems for creds to maximise my credit income before my prem ran out. Don't play on tilt, that's bad. 
    Also, protip. Statpad in tier 9. Its the most fun you'll have in the game nowadays. 
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to TheQuagmire in Best game ever in my Type 4 Heavy   
    Just one of those nights when you feel so good after a loss. 
    Like you did a service to mankind.


    Life is gooooooooooooooooooooooddddddd.
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to _Violence_ in The 3-mark Thread   
    Ez, but the gun is still AIDS

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    1m9j9s3 reacted to _Juris in VILIN - Where Recruiting Is Always A Thing...   
    So, here you are, sitting around with a stable of Clan Wars (yes, they are still a thing) viable tier 10 tanks, with a dank 3k+ damage per game in them, and you're depressed because you don’t know what to do with them?  Are you tired of trying to use your unicum powers for the benefit of random pubbies who don’t appreciate your efforts when you drag them kicking and screaming to a win, and who probably rage-post about that one time you failed to carry them to a totally undeserved victory on the rare occasions when you lose?  Have you ever been listed on the “bust and report hackers” website or similar?  Are you able to not be a complete rage monkey while on Teamspeak?  Are your memes at least 8/8?  Would you like to get tier 10 reward tanks without having to spam 100+ battles per person during the campaign?

    You may be exactly the kind of tanker VILIN is looking for.  We are always recruiting active, skilled, and team-oriented players who, above all else, savor the opportunity for good fights on the Global Map and in other competitive settings.  We offer reasonable gold payouts (depending on activity), the opportunity to be on winning League and Tournament teams, constant opportunities to platoon with excellent players, and one of the best battles fought per tank acquired in recent Clan Wars Campaigns.

    Our Requirements
    8,000 Battles (of which a significant portion should be at tier 10) 2000 WN8 Overall 58% Winrate Overall 3000 WN8 Recent 62% Winrate Recent 4+ Clan Wars Viable Tanks with ~3k DPG Recent  
    These are a baseline, and exceptions can be made if you have a compelling case - skill-wise, we are more interested in your recent performance in tier 10 tanks than anything else.  If you are close to meeting our requirements, we strongly encourage you to talk to one of our Recruiters, Personnel Officers, or Executive Officers - even if we turn you down initially, you are not barred from re-applying (unless you really try), and we have many current VILIN members who were not accepted upon their initial application and evaluation.

    If you are interested in applying to VILIN and using your powers for delicious, delicious evil, please fill out our application form.  Once you have done so, stop by our Teamspeak ( and talk to any Recruiter or Officer.
    Generally, our recruitment process is to review your application between all our Recruiters and Officers, and then decide whether or not to accept you into our evaluation program.  If you are accepted for the evaluation program, we will have you platoon with our Evaluators, and likely also join us in some tier 8 (or tier 10, if you get lucky) Strongholds so that we can evaluate your skills in a competitive setting.  Although we try to be proactive about this, it is your responsibility as a recruit seek out opportunities to be evaluated, and to remind your Evaluators to fill out our evaluation form.  Think of it as a meta-evaluation - we want active and proactive players, so if you can’t be bothered to get people to evaluate you, you probably don’t want in badly enough.

    The best ways to get into VILIN are to (1) be good at a variety of different tier 10 tanks, (2) be focused on winning matches, especially when in platoon and in competitive settings, and (3) be a reasonable communicator.  The best ways to be mocked behind your back after your eval platoons are done are to (1) ignore pub match wins to sit on the redline and farm the damages, (2) have a suitably cancerous personality that you can’t subdue to somewhat normal human levels, (3) only be in it for the golds/reward tanks, and/or (4) play like a pubstar idiot in competitive settings.  This isn’t a joke - these are all things people have done openly and deliberately during their evaluations, with predictable results for them.  If you avoid those kinds of things, the worst that will happen is that you’ll have some fun, and probably get some advice about what to improve in your gameplay before re-applying.

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    1m9j9s3 reacted to AkulaV in Expected Values Updated to v29   
    You post a replay as proof after saying how you are very aggressive. But alright, let's continue anyway.
    Maybe if you would stop sniping and snapping half your shots on the move in a BATCHAT. Yes, the BC has terrible accuracy, but if you don't play it right, then don't blame RNG for you missing every shot.
    I guess it takes you 5 minutes to figure out which flank your team is going. If I also remember correctly, you had more friendlies going field than the enemy. 
    You are right, I guess I have no situation awareness. But you use this FV183 excuse a lot. I don't think I've ever been shot by a 183 while playing field on highway.
    I've seen that replay. Two things. First x1ts is a much better player than you and probably actually looked at the minimap, he also spotted tanks going into city and shot them. Second and more important, he lost that match. So maybe you should try to win and not farm 10k damage losses.
    Ok, so what maps are actually good for BC? Never mind, don't respond because I'm not going to continue this discussion. Let me give you a tip about mines though: when you're the fastest medium and have a chance of taking hill, you should fucking take hill.
    Ok, so map good, but team bad this time? Were there any scary 183s? If I remember right, your team won that match while you pointlessly drove mid then back to base. Was that also the match where you shot and missed at an enemy BC with 3 shots while you were running from him? If you would grow a pair of balls, you could stopped running, shot him 2 times and killed him.
    At this point I'm not even sure you understand what aggressive play is. Paris you sat back and then minutes later drove to the mid courtyard to snipe tanks that had moved up. Ruin you spotted tanks mid (delta village) then sat there all game until your whole team died.
    Damn, we went full circle back to the RNG excuse.
    Well that just wraps things up for me. Don't even need to add anything to this. 10/10 aggressive gameplay mate!
    I was born in Russia. English is my second language. I don't think there is a single person in this world (except maybe your mums) that would agree with you on that.
    I'm done replying to you by the way. Maybe others can learn from your mistakes and improve their play. I know you aren't capable of actually listening.
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to wz111 in WZ-111 5A STRIKES BACK!!!!!!   
    I KNEW IT!!!
    i knew it'd come back some day ))))
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to PityFool in Something you have never seen before. ( 10 000 ' High Calibers ' )   
    A small, pathetic and rather annoying Nazi?
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Assassin7 in Something you have never seen before. ( 10 000 ' High Calibers ' )   
    why is he unbanned? @PityFool
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to yoyoya2 in Chivalry medieval Warfare Free On Steam Right now   
    It is free for everyone. Always nice to see game developers doing this on aging games
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to IanSanJR in Ian #IndoPlayerNA #NaughtyBoyz #FAQ   
    Thank Brother/Mate WotLabs for saying condolences.
    @PityFool , @CheekiBreeki_ , @1m9j9s3 , @ZXrage , @Va1heru , @DirtyACE7 , @MAJEST1C , @Medjed , @IgnobleDemise
    I dont know how to describe. He was born 1929 and pretty struggle his own past until now. Like ww2 under dutch and japan era and come out massacre/genocide civilization under Suharto Era. He may live happily in heaven. My grandma passed away since 2014 then my grandpa now 2017.

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    1m9j9s3 reacted to CenturionofRome72 in [NA] LF Advances   
    My clan would love to have you for advances.
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Statpad Tanks   
    This will go well
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to breeeze in The 3-mark Thread   
    Legit question; How does one triplemark these giant slow derp boxes? I tried to triple mark the O-I on my quest to triple mark all my low tiers because I'm bad and I couldn't even get it to 90% with tons of games ruined by arty or being too slow to do anything.
    Meanwhile, more pedomarks: Only needs 1350 combined to get, not surprising since the only "heavy tank" trait of the VK is the speed. (Still better than ARL and Churchill VII tho)

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    1m9j9s3 reacted to StranaMechty in F for G   
    Reposting my creation.

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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Fabunil in The 3-mark Thread   
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to SkittlesOfSteeI in The 3-mark Thread   
    yay me I guess, honestly this tank is super overrated. The gun is super cancer and you get penned through the turret all the time.
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to SaintLaurentius in What it feels like to win 83%   
    But you play on NA, everybody knows NA is trash

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