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    1m9j9s3 reacted to mereelskirata in Most depressing tank in the game?   
    Back when I was in a clan "BSOA" I saw one of the players in clan wars running the IS-4 with the stock gun. I pointed it out and he was like "I always just thought the IS-4 had bad pen"... The worst part is he had like 350 games in the damn tank and ran it stock the whole time.
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to GseriesARFCOM in A big GseriesARFCOM greetings to All.   
    It looks like there is lots of great information here. Can't wait to jump in with both feet.
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to ErectBanana in So you want to be a G̶o̶r̶i̶l̶l̶a̶ Xylophone...   
    Do you want to be part of one of the more elite zquadz and developed teamz on the zerver?   Fruztrated with other clanz cazual approachez to clan warz and the lack of zuccezz that generatez?   Do you think you have what it takez to become one of the top playerz on the NA zerver? Havok ZOUTH did not become the a clan with the mozt winz in clan warz by twiddling itz thumbz, we battle do a ton of zkirmizhez and train to be the bezt we can be to enzure our zuccezz.     Havok ZOUTH iz looking for zome new blood - you know who we are, we might know who you are    Hit BlackCompany DeadDotEd or Banana up in game or here on the forumz if you are interezted. (Only Banana goez on thiz forum)       What zhould you have in your garage that we require?   Havok ZOUTH vehicle requirementz   5x tier 10'z  Irrelevant zince we are a zkirmizh clan and campaign has no locking - Arty playerz will be conzidered zeparately ignored completely and mocked   58% win ratio Good efficiency (1600) and damage ratingz for your Clan War tankz  Overall blue WN8 & WR  OR Recent purple WN8 & WR (unlezz you are a recruiter) A good number of gamez played in your tier 10z and CW tankz (you know how to play them, and have developed effective crewz for them).   Ability to zhow up 3 or 4x a week for Clan warz (we battle and battle do zkirmizhez a lot)   Team play iz important - willingnezz to train and to better yourzelf are key to zuccezz.   Once we have a ztrong pool of playerz we will begin doing ztrongholdz az a meanz to practice for CW and will run zkirmizh teamz from the clan lizt (eazy way to diztribute gold)   Zigz to make uz look not-terrible
      PZ...Thoze are Z'z.

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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Paaranoja in SilentStalker sure does hate us   
    So in order to find out why my comment about cheating was erased i sent email directly to SS asking the reason why that happend
    here is the (part of) transcript:
    Of course there are people banned from comments, about a dozen or so,
    usually people who came throwing insults at me in an uncivilized
    manner. I have no idea who you are, a lots of posts end up in spam due
    to presence of insults (word filter) and such as well.
    Interesting.... i guess skill is an offensive word nowdays.
      My post was nothing but list of facts like:
      1. superuni streams 2. thousands of replays avaliable to download 3. pro league players who play LIVE on stage with bone stock clients and still achieve superuni stats 4. An entire forum that is dedicated to good play with many people directly showing how to do it (wotlabs)
      Not a single profanity was used.   My post had "awaiting moderation" once i pressed reply... that was 12 hours ago and after that not a single one of my comments apeared on the blog despite being more civil than 99% of other comments. I dont know if you employ any people to help you moderate but apparently someone is quiote but hurt about good/great players.
    Truth to be told, I don't give a crap about good players or bad
    players, I try to treat everyone equally. Some good players take
    offense that I don't take their word simply based on stats, but that's
    how it is. You did not even tell me the nickname, so I am going to (i didnt tell him my nickname right away just to see if he will try and be reasonable)
    finish this conversation now. Take care.
    You contradict your equality by banning comments that directly dispute the claims of cheats among superunicums. Not to mention there are multiple superunicums that use their teaching skills to show how they do it not just by presenting stats and telling "im good therefore you must believe me"
      the nickname is Paaranoja and you can now continue to ignore me and my comments
      You are so self absorbed in your false believes you wont even come to wotlabs to find proof of superunis cheating because there is a good chance that you wont find any.
      Stay ignorant, farm views
    Ah yes, yep, you are blacklisted exactly for this kind of crap. Please
    keep that for wotlabs.
    Yes, a denier is hosting the most influential blog about WOT, lets all rejoice in collective facepalm.
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to IputTheFunInFuneral in Recruiting for Skirmishes - LF Skilled Players   
    Skirmish HYPE
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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from spencer in The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread   
    Everyone just calls me 1m or m9 ( There is no spelling for my terrible name.. ) 
    It's basically 1993 + mjs ( shortcut for my full name).
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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from spencer in The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread   
    And here's me 
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to _Shrew in What makes you more mad?   
    What makes you more mad?
    When your team caps and there's still 3k damage to farm OR
    When you get ammo racked OR loader dies with no way to fix it half way through the game  

    Feel free to answer and give a 'would you rather' of your own!~
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to mordante in Gashtato's mindset from 46% to 61%   
    What I learned is that when playing solo 98% of all battles it is much harder to become green or better.
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to TheMarine0341 in CHAI garage Mod!   
    From a reputable source, all CHAI players are required to have this garage mod as a constant reminder of their mission. Can Pity confirm/deny  ?
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Never in Happy Birthday WoTLabs!   

    Today marks WoTLabs' second birthday! WoTLabs was launched on December 8, 2012 on this thread on the official World of Tanks forum.
    To celebrate, I thought of looking back to a few points during the life of the website, along with some current statistics!
    First off, here is the website a few days after launch. Little over 30.000 players being tracked, the WN rating still wasn't anywhere to be seen in the wild.

    On January 27, 2013, the website went through its first major redesign, a bunch of things were added and the WN rating had begun its journey to overthrow efficiency. By now, the NA server alone was tracking over 70.000 players.

    On May 31, 2013, the WoTLabs Forum was officialy launched, and it grew to become quite simply the best community of World of Tanks players!

    As 2014 rolled in, WoTLabs went through its second major redesign, making things more modern and light. The WoTLabs TeamSpeak was introduced.

    Finally, on October 7, 2014, WoTLabs went through its third major redesign, making full use of the browser window and introducing the mobile version for smartphone users!

    And how is WoTLabs doing now? Well, I did some digging on Analytics and Webalizer, and this is some of the cool stuff behind the scenes:
    25,000 daily visitors
    160,000 daily page views
    1,100,000 daily hits
    35 GB of data is served to users every day
    14% of users browse on mobile devices
    34.37% of users are from the US
    There are users from 181 different countries
    Including 1 dude from Greenland
    Here's to another awesome year, and if you're the dude from Greenland, let me know!
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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from lazero1 in New to forums   
    Welcome to wotlabs! 
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to A_Chodeful in Best Damage Whore NA?   
    Fuck you all, I'm coming back and getting 5000 DPG on JPE100 just to shove it in your faces. 
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to ZXrage in [ON HIATUS] Giving your avatars santa hats! :)   
    I'm not great at Fotoshop and the like, so if you want quality, this isn't the right place.
    Hello friends,
    Since the holidays are near and I have a load of free time, I've decided to put santa hats on the avatars of people who requested it.
    -I don't do .gifs, sorry.
    -I'm gonna need the source photo, most preferably a .png. If one is not provided, I'm taking it from your avatar.
    Some examples:

    People I've Done:
    -TheMostComfortableTanker (?)
    -Lemon Flavor
    -bitchnog ຈل͜ຈ
    -Stefal / Wenkel
    -Ollie Tabooger
    -OG Wrench
    -Ulick Megee
    Credit to Krontimus for taking over when I went to bed.
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to A_Chodeful in Quick'an Easy Opening Moves for Damage Farming & Replay Review Service   
    Notes before we begin. 
    1. This is a decision-making aid for semi-ideal games, so you'll still have to adjust for not-so-ideal situations on your own. 
    2. This is meant mainly for damage-dealing tanks with reasonable amounts of armor and speed (JPii and T44 are examples, along with E75/Tiger II, or even T29/T32. etc. etc. so, most tanks in the game)
    3. Updates will be irregular
    4. Donate credit packs to China_Is_Number_One (ain't got no time to grind credits and these things take an hour to write each - and I won't whore myself out to Neverwish's 1250 gold packs - fuckin travesty it is). Seriously though, I won't go through all the maps of the game for free. 
    5. I'm sort of forgoing the Kewei way here, but some basic advice never hurts, even if it can't substitute for real experience (think of this as offsetting the necessities of the Kewei way at the very beginning of a battle)
    6. I realize others have made map-guides, but this is just a way to simplify the interpretation of those guides - since knowing good spots is useless if you can't apply them at the right times.
    Opening Moves: 
    Ensk - North: 
    Arctic Region - North: 
    Cliff- South - Fast Tanks: 
    Damage Farming Thinking Process: 
    In an attempt to become more self-sufficient, I'm offering a service. 
    Replay Review Service 
    On average, every replay takes about 6-7 minutes to look through as I jot down notes. Explanation will take 2-3 minutes for each replay.
    So I'm offering a service here:
    I'll look through your replays and tell you what I would have done every step along the way, and I'm charging:
    20 dollars for a pack of 10 replays (10.00 an hour) w/jot notes and what I would have done 25 dollars for a pack of 10 replays (12.50 an hour) w/jot notes and what I would have done and why  I only have 2 requests, that you be OK with text replies, and that you send Tier 8 to 10 replays (I have no interest in lower tier replays, even though I can perform just as well) that were played consecutively (no cherry-picking).
    As for payment - we'll decide privately between either e-transfer or in-game gifts. 
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Marduk in The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread   
    NO NO NO ITS A TRAP!!!!!!
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Flametz in The T30 Challenge   
    Well, it does have *slightly* worse cheek armor, which allows guns from cent 1 to have a 50/50 chance of going through.
    Or a 704 simply slamming through it.

    or getting shot-trapped from the bottom of the gun mantlet into the hull...
    Its not the kind that can merrily aim the entire time with just the turret poking out, since i've used the cheek "weak"spot against it many times in my E-50M.
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to A_Chodeful in Why Kewei is a damage padding little bitch   
    So while things are going good, I'm gonna take this chance to cyberbeg.
    Who wants to see a T-34-3 challenge?
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to tom12126 in Tioga.moe Signature Support Thread and Q&A   
    Hey guys, since Tioga is banned from these forums (for no reason might I add), I've offered to serve as a way to help him communicate with his end users who would rather try to seek support here. He has seen a lot of the same questions and has not been able to answer people directly, so you can ask him questions here and I will talk to him and give you answers.

    You can create your own signatures here: http://www.tioga.moe/signatures/

    A few answers to common questions he's been seeing so far:
    There is no support for EU and it is not slated for the near future You can now upload your own custom .gifs Ribbons include 10k personal rating and Tier 10 3 MoEs The numbers below the name are games played and average tier The signatures are set to update every few hours when the wotlabs database is up. If your signature does not update in over a day please let me know so I can look into why that is happening. Requirements for a custom gif signature:
    The maximum filesize is 3 mb for gifs, and as always the signature size is 468x100. The maximum number of frames the gif can have is 300. Tioga would also like to thank Neverwish for providing him with access to the wotlabs API, which made this service possible.
    Here are some examples of the quality work happening over at tioga.moe

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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from veitileiN in Object 907, is it crap or crap?   
    Wouldn't say it's good.. meh but a good looking tank 
    btw <3 your stream 
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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from kunjuro in Finally 3rd Mark of Excellence on my E25 \o/   
    I've been trying for my 3rd mark on my E25 for a while now 
    Finally got it today but too bad it was a defeat 
    SU-122-44 had the cap points and couldn't reset him.. whatever 

    The marks:


    Replay if needed:
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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from MrsmilieyfaceC8 in Finally 3rd Mark of Excellence on my E25 \o/   
    I've been trying for my 3rd mark on my E25 for a while now 
    Finally got it today but too bad it was a defeat 
    SU-122-44 had the cap points and couldn't reset him.. whatever 

    The marks:


    Replay if needed:
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    1m9j9s3 reacted to Dwight_D_Eisenhower in Hello Everyone   
    You would be surprised at how much I get that lol. Thanks!
    Who doesn't?
    I definitely will, thanks
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    1m9j9s3 got a reaction from Dwight_D_Eisenhower in Hello Everyone   
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