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  1. Campaign ebola is over for now :rabble1:

    1. nemlengyel


      we played t6 strongholds and farmed retards while stronk klanus were playing campaign :doge:

      O-I in A8 on Tundra tektik best tektik

  2. @ffox did you manage to convince that general chat fc? Would be nice with a fc for tomorrows mountain pass
  3. Stronk platoons is semi-active, but your best bet is to join the different clans ts and discord
  4. Not anime but... http://bato.to/comic/_/comics/yuusha-ga-shinda-murabito-no-ore-ga-hotta-otoshiana-ni-yuusha-ga-ochita-kekka-r14527
  5. xmenxmen2

    Skyrim SE

    Only if you got the legendary edition
  6. xmenxmen2

    Skyrim SE

    Why would you get this when ENBOOST provides a way better looking game for free and mods basically keep the game alive
  7. commander -> bia-sixth-recon-rep=joat? Seems fine gunner -> bia-snap-camo-rep=???? armorer? pretty shit, so firefighting?? when retrain, drop camo get deadeye???? I'd go with bia-snap-rep-deadeye-ff driver -> bia-smooth-clutch breaking-rep=off road?? bia-smooth-clutch-rep-ff loader -> bia-ss-camo-rep= sit awareness? drop camo for ff Also if you go for joat you can drop the medkit and run food or afe instead
  8. The 88mm basically only has the advantage of better rof and 223 ap pen over the 105mm, in all the other parameters the 105mm reigns supreme
  9. @MissNurki mr. Platin sends you his greetings http://i.imgur.com/y5PoAAN.jpg
  10. WN8 increasing, even though I've exclusively played the Skorpion G


  11. No game no life only excels in the art, log horizon is actually a really decent show(a better version of SAO)
  12. The turret only becomes butter when facing t8 and 9 guns, at which point the whole armor layout is also butter
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