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  1. Congratulations in joining the exclusive club
  2. Well i'm maybe unlucky, but I feel like I get recked from full health every 10 game or so
  3. Any1 wanna play domination?

  4. Very good teamplayer, I can confirm
  5. Reddit or QSF seem more along the lines of what you want
  6. I'm from the hipster hood in Copenhagen, Denmark
  7. Navi is not playing well

    1. xmenxmen2


      Wp hellraisers

  8. Got flamed by a green reroll that plays arty...

    1. shwedor


      I'd flame you too. Shitlord reroll playing nothing above tier 5. Yea, you're bad.

  9. Good to see some new metrics that can challenge WN on the best metric available
  10. http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/44/special-grand-finals-2015/ Tb's anyone
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