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  1. I have experienced this a few times. Aside from the obvious RNGesus troll shots. It generally comes down to me rushing and then whiffing my shots. I don't do it on purpose, but rather get a little hyper and lose just a bit of patience and that's all it takes...
  2. Rammer, GLD, Vert Stab...
  3. It's not often I find someone more in need of shaming than myself, but the fellow I just encountered deserves a little spotlight. I honestly didn't even see how he played in the match or really any of the other players as I was way too busy not dying, unlike most of my team. This guy and a couple of other dead tanks started harping on me when we were down to our last three tanks. I ignored them and finished the battle and we won. Results... And this is what I got for it. This guy is truly a wordsmith. A master of debate, the likes of which I have not seen since G
  4. This, just unplug the device for 45 seconds and power it back on. if you have dynamic it will change the ip of the modem...
  5. eggraider


    I ran mine with rammer, vert-stab and optics with BIA. It's a great setup but I played that a couple of years ago. With the new(er) meta I'm sure dualmaster's setup is more viable, particularly if you don't have BIA yet.
  6. I loved my Grado's when I was in school, never had any issues with comfort.
  7. Grado SR60e series. My friends video production company uses them on their workstations. Decent price and great quality and hand made in the US...
  8. Thank you for this information! I've been meaning to run some different benchmark tests of my own but have been too lazy to work when I'm not at work. Aside from the game, It's really hard for me to think about anything computer related when I'm not cloistered in my cube 50-60 hours a week...
  9. Pointing the gun up is habit in my 50b when reloading but I had never considered it on my 32. Thanks for the info!
  10. So far I have found my WZ-120 and T-54 Mod 1 to be the best for me while soloing the KV-5 flood this weekend. I really thought my IS-3, IS-6 and 112 would shine for me, but in practice, the hard little mediums have ruled the day, particularly the Mod 1. I've been flamed more in the past 48 hours in that Mod 1 for hacking than I have in the past year in all tanks combined...
  11. Another method to enable/disable the on-board GPU is in the BIOS on most systems, you could take a look in those settings and see...
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