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  1. Don't forget rep bombs based on which clan is reading the post. A clan with 100 members doesn't need a lot to rep bomb someone. @Page 2 Out of curiosity, how much does the TS server cost to run?
  2. Having just researched my Is-4, do I want to go for the now easier to grind IS-7, or go for the German Heavies(which I want)? Would you consider the Failowe I will never get a CW tank? (I'm rather Curious) Is the IS-4 as bad as everyone says it is(It seemed good in beta when I played it and the IS-7)? (Or can they just not hide their lower glacis?) Why do pubs not know that the river on Erlenberg can be forded? Edit2: The two fords aren't good for slow tanks. Am I on track to being good@tanks? Edit: How does one kill an E-75 in a KV-5 without needing excessive gold?
  3. I don't remember the last time an E-75 beat my ST-I 1v1 Its a great tank; so long as you hide that LG, wiggle your turret, and don't take high tier arty shells to the driver viewport (That happened once... I died), and don't get exposed to TD fire from range. I learned the capabilities of the new TD line the hard way (Its most enjoyable hitting them with HE). I can, in a good position, easily take a tier ten out. I need to work on my potatoing though... Note: It is NOT a fun stock grind without having gone through the Is-7 line. Which I'll be starting... Whenever I get a nice crew together for it.
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