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  1. Totally forgot about this place. Then again I don't play wot anymore so that might explain it.

    1. kolni


      the cool wotlabs chat kids have a discord, pm flavi about it

  2. WG is removing the BL-10 from the game... RIP Troll Canon.

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    2. leggasiini


      why the fuck didnt they just nerf pen of BL-10

      the gun has character :( 

    3. hall0


      704 will keep the BL10 and ISU will keep a 750 alpha gun but with "only" 260mm pen. Not much to cry about if you ask me

    4. skyf24


      Ah, keeping with the "similar gun, but spend more xp/free xp" that WG loves to use oh so much.

  3. did I miss something or the WN8 thingy is gone on the forum?

  4. MRW I come to work and learn that I'll be the only one today to support 410 customers.


  5. I'm easily getting 3K or even 4K damage games in my Type 4 since the new gun. Oh a hull down ST-I? Shoot an HE on the turret roof and do 600 dmg. Maus? Shoot under the turret cheeks to splash the top of the hull. The gold HE is too much. Nerf or remove.
  6. The new derp on Type 4/5 is just broken. Load gold and you're an arty with a shit load of HP, armor and accuracy.

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    2. Fulcrous


      1 hour ago, OperatorError said:

      It's like letting that one Down's syndrome kid in your class play on your Varsity football team...but giving him a taser just to make it 'fair'

      Can anyone explain what kind of Stonku engineering makes Japanese 150mm HE better than that of literally every other nation?

      More like giving him the body of a T-100 terminator to play football with

    3. Tman450


      2 hours ago, OperatorError said:


      Can anyone explain what kind of Stonku engineering makes Japanese 150mm HE better than that of literally every other nation?

      Rumor is Japanese HE shells are packed with depleted uranium scavenged from the Atomic Bombings.

    4. leggasiini



      Simply because WG wanted to give it higher alpha than O-I / O-Ni / O-Ho derp. The problem is that Japs never used calibers between 155 and 203mm. 203mm would be obv super overkill and would need decreased alpha, so WG just picked smaller gun and increased alpha than bigger gun and decreeased alpha.

      Tho 203mm naval gun would be sexy af...

  7. When you don't have to pay the 1k+$ repair bill for your car because the piece you need to change has had a recall. :sunbro:

    1. Assassin7


      Yep, ik that feel.

      Took my car for its WoF last month, had an issue with a wheel bearing.... That was replaced the last time It got its WoF in july. Replaced under warranty bois \o/

    2. UnusualMedic


      For me it's the Cross Member

  8. the amount of yolos and derps these days are incredible. Time for another hiatus.

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